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[Updated]AKB48 Watanabe Mayu receives a love confession on UTAGE!

1 Sep

In this week’s UTAGE!, Pokota appeared as a surprise guest much to the shock of AKB48 Watanabe Mayu. Pokota has guested on UTAGE! in the past and his serenation of Mayuyu(and her aversion to him) is a running gag in the show.

At first, they were doing the opening talk. Pokota was hiding in the tent behind Mayu.

Pokota creeps up to Mayuyu without her knowledge.

Shocked at seeing Pokota next to her,Mayu ran away.

Pokota continues to torment her with his GACKT style serenades.

Pokota then tries to forge a bond with Mayu. “I was born in Saitama(Urawa) too,” he said.

Mayu was from Saitama Omiya and shudders to know that they actually lived close to each other.(On google map,it’s actually only 4 stations apart.)

Pokota: If it’s Saitama, then the distance between us makes us closer?

Mayu: It’s THE WORST!

Pokota attacks her with his serenades again and Mayu loses her shoe while running away.

After the trauma, she cleans her soiled feet. “I hate it. My life’s just been shortened by 5 years.”

During dinner, Sasshi reveals that Mayu actually seems excited whenever Pokota appears.
Sasshi: She’s been like that for a long time. Actually after meeting him for the 1st time, she’d send me videos of Pokota. When he’s scheduled to appear, she’d say ‘Sasshi, Pokota san is coming!’ like she’s very happy.

Mayu of course furiously denies.

Pokota is grinning from ear to ear and moves over to Mayu’s side.

He serenades Mayuyu again and gets his standard whack from Nakai.

After settling down again, Mayu comments “Definitely impossible, THAT”

Nakai: Can you guys (for the sake of UTAGE) get papp-ed for once?
Mayu: It’ll be easier for me to die.

Pokota: Actually i asked my agency if i could go directly to her handshake event.
Nakai: You already bought the CD?
Pokota:  Yes,  but they stopped me and said i’m already old enough so i shouldn’t make things difficult for her. On this occasion, let me express my thoughts.(He stands up and everyone goes into a state of disbelief.)

Mayu: This is my first time getting confessed to. I don’t want it to be him!

Pokota: It was partially an act at first, but when i realised it, i’d started entering “Watanabe Mayu” into my TV record settings…..I LIKE YOU!

Sasshi and Sayanee are either growing embarrassed or turning jelly.

Nakai: You love her?
Pokota: Well i’d have to know her better first.. (Everyone comments ‘he’s serious!’)

Mayu couldn’t believe what she’d heard.
Kisumai Senga: He’s probably serious.
Nakai to Mayu: If he’s not lying, are you happy?
Mayu: Ye….Ye…..s. Of cos to receive feelings like that, i’m happy.

Nakai to Pokota: You’ll be happy just to hear that she’s happy?
Pokota: Ye……ye….s.(He seems to be at a loss for words.)

Nakai to Sashihara: What is Watanabe thinking?
Sashihara: I think she doesn’t really care about it.

AKB48 Watanabe Mayu quotes from documentary show Jounetsu Tairiku

16 Jun

This program follows AKB48 Watanabe Mayu for 40 days as she goes through the busiest period of her life, filming for a drama, preparing for her 5th solo single whilst attending regular AKB48 events. Below are excerpts of the documentary which gives us an insight into her thoughts and personality.

On not crying in Sousenkyo: I’m not so weak. On the contrary if i’d gotten No.1 i’d have cried.

Taking a walk: I always thought that there’s nothing to film, if you were to document AKB48’s Mayuyu. In order not to let that happen, i’m always trying to show my true skills.

Recollection of her theater debut: It was so fun but it was over in a second.I couldn’t believe such a fun job exists. The theater is where i’m closest to the fans and their reactions come immediately.

The meaning of being an idol:I want to be an idol in my own way-Orthodox style.It’s not just about showing beautiful things like hopes and dreams. That is not what an idol is all about.As long as there are people who become energized by looking at idols, i want to continue this job. Idols can shine because they are needed.

Her favourite food: I love meat. I don’t eat vegetables although i’m told to. *Grabs another piece of meat after the handshake event.*

Rushing for work after vocal training: It’s as if i don’t need sleeping time. I wish i had a body that is ok without sleep.

Receiving a compliment from Yukirin before a solo stage:Thank you! I’m energized now!

Getting an IV drip: This is the busiest period of my life and i have to work the hardest. I have to manage my health properly. I can’t just abandon my work. There is no replacement for me.

Mayuyu in her audition days: She was someone who couldn’t look at the judges in the eye. She aimed to be perfect and fans came to call her the “idol cyborg”.

30mins shopping time in Omotesando: I love shopping but i feel sorry to ask someone to accompany me so usually i’m alone.

On animals and their healing power: Recently i’m looking for healing stuff, you must be thinking that i’m really tired.

Trying out different colors: Khaki doesn’t fit me! I’ll buy this.

On the chains of an idol: I can’t be in AKB forever. Someday i’ll graduate and enter the world alone. I want to shed the image of an idol but it’s difficult to do so quickly.

On her stoic style: Being serious and working hard is not right in the world of AKB48. It is also a place that destroys the serious girls. But i always believed that my hard work would be rewarded.

On being an idol in the next life: I won’t want to. I’m satisfied as it is. I want to live another life, like a cat. Free and relaxed.



AKB48 Watanabe Mayu talks about Matsui Rena,Graduation and Pompompurin

12 Jun


AKB48 Watanabe Mayu(21) appeared at the Tower Records Shibuya shop to promote her 5th single “Deai no Tsuzuki” and was given a surprise by Sanrio’s cartoon character Pompompurin.

As Pompompurin appeared on stage, Mayu couldn’t help squealing in happiness as she went to hug him. “Kya~~~!Is this a dream?This is not the time to be holding an event! I feel so happy to be born in Japan.” After hugging him several times, she calmed down and said “Surprisingly his fur is quite deep..”

Pompompurin was ranked 3rd in the preliminary rankings of the 30th Sanrio Character Award. Watanabe helped lobby for Pompompurin and said “If he gets first, he will become the official toy for Macdonald’s Happy Meal! Please vote for him.” After that she sang the coupling song from her 5th single “Onnanoko nara” with Pompompurin by her side. “Aren’t you busy since its the midst of Sousenkyo? Is your schedule alright?” she continued asking, showing care for Pompompurin.

During the event, Mayu also sent a message to soon-to-graduate SKE48 member Matsui Rena.

“I was shocked. Rena chan is my junior but she is also seriously aiming to be an actress. Since her dream is unveiled, this is a positive graduation and i’d like to give her a push from the back. I look forward to her activities after graduation,” said Mayu.

She also talked about her own graduation. “I can’t be in AKB forever. Someday i will have to graduate. I don’t know when it’ll happen but i’m thinking about it.”


AKB48 Watanabe Mayu guests as special lecturer for Skyrocket Company

11 Jun

*Skyrocket Company is a radio broadcasting company. I am not very sure what they do as a business but i’m guessing their objective is to promote enthusiasm for work.

Q: You’ve worked hard for Sousenkyo. What is your feelings achieving No.3?
This year i was aiming for a straight win. It feels regretful not being able to do that, but i stopped after accepting reality. *Laughs*

Q:Your comment was also very digified.
It was unbelievable but i felt refreshed.

Q:That’s maturity. Did the members work extra hard during this period?
We work hard everyday and the fans vote to decide, so we have no choice but to work hard.

Q: The teaser for Jounetsu Tairiku shows you falling asleep while setting your hair. How long do you get to sleep?
I was working on a drama recently, there were times when i didn’t sleep at all. It seems enough just to have 1 or 2hours of sleep.My body gets used to it. *Laughs*

Q: Do you feel moody not being able to sleep that much?
I feel thankful just to be able to get work. So i work with the feeling that work will stop coming in. You won’t know when this will really happen.

Q: Do you feel like the stress has been lifted from your shoulders now that the Sousenkyo and drama is over?
Yes(laughs). I was very worried until the Sousenkyo. Now i’m relaxed now that everything’s over.

Q: Singing solo must be very different?
Yes. You don’t see anyone else, so the responsibility lies on myself.

Q: People with a sense of responsibility must feel rewarded in return?
Yes. There are seniors in AKB so i rely on them sometimes. For solo promotions, i have to do it all myself so there’s more responsibility at stake. I also enjoy it more.

Q: In other words, you are the fighter type.
People have told me that i’m stoic. I’m the type to be more enthusiastic if there’s a bigger obstacle.


AKB48 Watanabe Mayu talks about her beauty regime and fashion

11 Jun

Q:What do you do maintain your beauty?
I don’t do anything in particular…my eating habits and lifestyle is also bad. Girls my age will search for tips and fashion trends but i am bad with things like Acai Bowl and Juice Cleansing. I just try to be genki.

Q: What about skin care?
My skin is the kind that doesn’t break out, but I use cold water to tighten the skin after washing it. I also remove my makeup before I sleep. I don’t wear makeup on off days to let my skin rest. For my work, i put on as little makeup as possible for the natural look.

Q: Your black hair is one of your charms. We heard that you’ve never dyed it, do you want to?
Recently i wondered how it would be like to dye my hair. Sometimes it feels heavy to have black hair. I’d like to dye a color like Brown which can be seen when light shines on it. I like black but i’ve felt like it’s a waste not to have dyed my hair. In the meantime, i will keep it at black.

Q:What is the secret to your hair?
I go to the salon once a month for things like treatment and head spa. I try to dry my hair quickly after a bath.

Q: What is your summer fashion?
White is the trend now so i bought lots of white items and gaucho pants in different colors.I used to wear skirts more but recently i’ve moved into pants styles.


Watanabe Mayu’s portrait goes on display in AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo Museum

3 Jun

AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo Museum opened to the public on the 2nd June and members Takahashi Minami, Kashiwagi Yuki, Yokoyama Yui, Sashihara Rino and Miyawaki Sakura were present for the ceremony.

It is tradition for the museum to be open to public before the elections every year and this year the opening period is from 3 June to 21 June. Inside, you can see election posters, costumes and the portraits of winners from yester years. On this day, the portrait of Watanabe Mayu, who won the 2014 General Elections, was unveiled for the first time.


The members were unable to hide their excitement when they saw Mayu’s portrait, exclaiming that it looks exactly the same as her photo. “So cute! As expected, if you’re a beauty it turns out beautiful,” said Takamina. Sashihara retorted with “Who are you calling ugly?” (This is in reference to her portrait beside which supposedly comes from the same painter.)

During the opening ceremony, the members also wrote down their feelings about the upcoming elections.

Yukirin: I want to cry.
“I’m don’t get emotional whether it’s a happy or sad situation.This year i want to cry from the happiness of seeing good results.”

Yokoyama: I want to make a speech in the best condition.
“I’m aiming for Kami7, but during the preliminaries i was ranked 20. If i can improve my results, it’d be overwhelming so i hope to maintain my physical condition first.”

Sakura: Crush the Kami walls.
“I’m aiming for Kami7 this year, so it’d be good if i can get in.”

Sasshi: I won’t lose to Yukirin.
“Because this year she was ranked No.2 in the prelims. Actually we are so friendly recently that there’s no sense of rivalry at all.”

Takamina: I don’t know if I should say the words “Hard work will definitely be rewarded”
“I don’t know if i should say it during my graduation live or at the sousenkyo. Afterall the speech u leave during sousenkyo is important.”

MV and coupling track from Watanabe Mayu’s new solo single “Deai no Tsuzuki”

2 Jun

Watanabe Mayu Deai No Tsuzuki from Wrenn Einzbern on Vimeo.

In the music video, Watanabe Mayu runs through the streets of Yokohama trying to get away from “bad guys” intent on stealing a piece of diamond from her. This is quite similar to the AKB48 music video for “Kibouteki Refrain”.

And here’s a live performance from Music Fair! Mayu’s vocals are spot on here.

This is the coupling track from her single titled “Yokogao Romance”. Like “Deai no Tsuzuki”, this is a refreshing and bright love song. She needs to release more songs like these in future!

Details for Watanabe Mayu’s new solo single “Deai no Tsuzuki”

20 May

Watanabe Mayu has revealed the jacket covers for her new single “Deai no Tsuzuki” that’s scheduled to hit stores on June 10.

The theme of the jacket covers is “an encounter that happens among passing people”. In the jacket covers, Watanabe encounters just one person among the crowd at an intersection in Shibuya and stares back at him.

The single will be released in 4 different types: Limited Edition A (CD+DVD), Limited Edition B (CD+DVD), Regular Edition (CD-Only), and Complete Production Edition (CD+DVD+Fashion Book). The jacket cover for the Complete Production Edition gives you a sneak peek of the fashion book.


For the music video, it was revealed that it’s going to be filled with Mayu’s running scenes. While it took 12 hours to film the entire music video in Yokohama, 7hours of it was spent entirely on running scenes. The storyline is about her being chased by some evil gang.

Pre-order her solo single here:

Limited Type A

Limited Type B

Limited Type C

Limited Type D

Watanabe Mayu and SOLIDEMO sing for drama “Tatakau!Shoten Girl”

24 Apr

Now if you have watched “Tatakau!Shoten Girl”, you would have heard the clear crisp voice of Watanabe Mayu singing the theme song for this drama. Titled “Deai no Tsuzuki” (Continuation of our Meeting), it is a mature love song that differs from the idol pop Watanabe used to sing.

As the release date for this song is unknown, fans will just have to listen to the rip for now.

Also, checkout the insert song by SOLIDEMO, titled “Girlfriend”. The song was first aired in Episode 1 of “Tatakau!Shoten Girl” and has been receiving good responses since.

The song will be released as the group’s 4th single on 17th June.

Order SOLIDEMO’s 4th single here:




Daito Shunsuke on Watanabe Mayu: “It doesn’t take acting to fall for her”

24 Apr


Fuji TV’s Tuesday drama “Tatakau! Shoten Girl” held its press conference on 6th April and main casts Watanabe Mayu, Daito Shunsuke, Izumi Iamori, Seiichi Tanabe etc turned up to promote the drama.

Daito Shunsuke talked about his first scene with Watanabe Mayu, which was a “fall in love at first sight” setting. “It didn’t take acting, i fell for her straightaway” he said with a smile while Watanabe got embarrassed beside. Daito continued “I entered the studio at 2am on the first day, by the time i left it was already morning. If not for the ‘love at first sight’ scene i might have complained!”

Daito, who professes to be the type of guy who draws sunshine, revealed another episode with Watanabe who is known as the type who draws rain. “I was outside filming with Watanabe san.  In the midst of a battle between sun and rain, suddenly the wind came and blew everything away. At first the equipment was knocked down, then my pocket handkerchief flew off…the filming was stopped that day and somehow without doing anything I went home drenched in the wind,” he laughed. He looks forward to future episodes with ‘rain girl’ Watanabe.


Daito seems like such a perfect guy for Mayuyu….
In another related news, it was revealed that Daito was the one who invented that dokidoki “deko-don” move between Chiba Yudai and Inamori Izumi in Episode 2. This is the move where Chiba Yudai touches his forehead against Inamori Izumi in a bid to check her temperature. A spin-off from the hugely popular “kabe-don” move from last year which saw actors in almost every drama pinning their love interests against walls.