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Kato Kazuki releases double A-side single “Natsu Koi/Aki Koi”

6 Oct

After switching record labels to Imperial Records, Kato Kazuki’s music project this year is to release 4 singles for each season.

Following previous release “Haru Koi” in Spring,  “Natsu Koi” and “Aki Koi” have been released for both Summer and Autumn at the same time. The MV continues with the story of a girl who restarts her life after a failed relationship.

Natsu Koi:

Aki Koi:

Check out the MV for “Haru Koi” here.

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Kato Kazuki releases new single “Haru Koi”

9 Apr

This is for the Kato Kazuki fan who followed me in my absence…

After switching record labels to Imperial Records, Kato Kazuki will be releasing 4 singles this year to celebrate his 10th year anniversary.

Starting with this single “Haru Koi” which is being released in Spring(20th April), the rest will be released in summer, autumn and winter. The MV of “Haru Koi” tells the story of a girl who restarts her life after a failed relationship. Fans can look forward to how her story develops as Kato’s subsequent songs are released.

As a special treat for his 10th year anniversary, Kato Kazuki will call up 100 lucky fans who purchase his CD.


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Kato Kazuki confesses to having a dumb personality

28 Apr

Actor and singer Kato Kazuki appeared at a press event for his DVD documentary “Hadaka no Jikan” and talked about his surprising personality.As an actor/singer with a dark aura and a height of 181cm, it seems like he’s the perfect guy but he confessed to being “dumb”.

“Even though i look like this, there is a child in me. I like silly things and Hideharu Egashira(comedian). But i think being able to let go of yourself and just be dumb makes you strong. You don’t have to be ashamed of it,” Kato said.

As he is approaching his 30s, he commented “Life for men starts in their 30s. Even though physically there’s not much changes, but as an actor the job opportunities expands. As a singer, I want to perform songs demonstrating the charisma of a mature guy.” That said, he also expressed the desire to see the world, showing some interest in Europe, musicals in Korea and Broadway.

The documentary about him features his hometown Nagoya, his private trips and clips of him working as a musical actor.


Also preview his latest mini album “Exciting Box”, to be released 29th April 2015.

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