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[Admin] Hello Yuna is back!

24 May

To all readers of AllThingsJpop,

Sorry for the lack of updates the past week. I believe many have been looking forward to news about AKB48, especially sousenkyo and such, but i was actually travelling in Japan so was out of touch for some time.

During this trip, one of my aims was to walk through Akihabara and perhaps feel the atmosphere of sousenkyo.I was there on a Saturday but unfortunately, there wasn’t any action in that area. No election posters, no fanclub gatherings, and the theater was closed so i couldn’t even access the portraits area to take pictures. I had seen pics of the election posters circulating around the internet so i thought i’d at least find them in the streets of Akihabara. Am i expecting too much? If AKB48 is the national girl group of Japan, it certainly doesn’t seem that way to me.

Anyways, the only interesting moment was when I stepped into AKB48 Cafe & Official Shop outside the Akihabara station.

The customers range from salaryman to otakus to housewives. I think i spotted some fans from Indonesia too. Most of them are there for the cafe and movie theater, which has a giant screen streaming AKB48 performances. I didn’t go in but looking  from outside, it was fully packed and more people were waiting to go in. Well, at least i know AKB48 is popular in that confined space. (A few years back, there was a AKB48 cafe and official shop in Singapore but business was so bad it eventually closed down.)

The fan goods they were selling were like mousepads, keychains, cookies,clear folders, pens, which i find pricey and useless. I prefer magazines etc. which i did come across in a convenience store later (the elections handbook?), but because i was hesitating to buy it, the next time i returned to that store, it was sold out already! Alright so the only thing i could get my hands on was the monthly AKB48 newspaper which had a Team B poster(Mayuyu center) in it. Luckily i got it because the plane ride home was so long it helped me to pass time. More importantly, i now have a Mayuyu poster on my wall!

I’ll update this post with translations of that newspaper when i have time!Meanwhile,please enjoy the new posts i’ve put up today..






[Admin] Happy New Year!AllThingsJpop is back!

9 Jan


Apologies to those of you who have been hungry for updates on AKB48 or simply jpop in general. I was away for the year-end holidays(as you may have guessed) so AllThingsJpop is way behind on the latest news. Nevertheless, traffic to this site has been booming due to Oshima Yuko’s graduation announcement so i feel i at least come out to update everyone first.

Honestly, this site was started 1 year ago with the intentions of being an alternative source for jpop news. But i realised that some artistes i cover don’t garner attention at all, so to save the effort I only write about popular artistes or groups. This really limits the content i can put out, so i’ve been thinking about whether there’s any point in continuing this site at all. I would really like your opinion on this…What do you think i can do to improve the site?Coverage on more artistes? Drop me a comment please!

I don’t know if i have any regular readers here, but i really feel grateful when i see constant traffic on days when i’m not posting at all. I’d like to thank “Anonymous” who regularly comments on my AKB-related articles, Kate from UK who shared her love for Golden Bomber with me, and most recently “Love93” for alerting me to Oshima Yuko’s retirement. It is moments like these that make me feel like i didn’t start this site in vain. At least, there are now people who know me and are kind enough to share news with me!

Cheers to everyone in 2014! I really hope I can continue to maintain this site. Lets get to know each other better!

Yuna =)

[Admin]Thinking of going to Blogger

11 May

Hello guys,

It has been 4 months long since this site was started.
These days, i’ve been thinking of shifting my site to Blogger.
Wordpress has its merits but Blogger seems to offer much more flexibility in terms of customization.
However, there are some regular readers here whom i don’t want to lose, so i just want to hear your opinions before i make the next move….

What do you think??


[Admin]Updates to AllThingsJpop

3 Apr

Hello guys,

With news of the upcoming AKB48 elections, more fans have been visiting my site and so a discussion corner has been set up on the right hand column. You’re welcome to leave a message/feedback/enquiry anytime!

As some of you may have noticed, the posts that i make is largely limited to AKB48 and their sister groups. I’m trying to post news on other artistes as well, so i’d like to invite you to make your requests about artistes you want to see here. Pls reply below or simply leave a message in the discussion corner!



Hello 2013~!

7 Jan

Hello world! 

This blog is a personal project I’ve always wanted to embark on ever since a few months back. The trigger is my love for ♥akb48♥. I’ve been into them since 3 years back and think i now know them well enough to review their performances. I won’t consider myself a wota but i’m looking forward to chatting with other fans around the globe!

Of course, this blog will not be all about akb, because as the title suggests, there will be posts on other jpop stars from time to time. To be honest, i have been into jpop for a LONG time, know enough Japanese to supplement my interest, and have been to Japan several times just to immerse myself in the culture of a country i love. 

It will be interesting to see how long this blog can be sustained, but I think will continue writing as long as i’m still into jpop and there is a readership base, so pls show me some support! Don’t forget to drop me a comment to introduce yourself!



From the Singapore blogosphere,