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Watanabe Miyuki talks about Sayanee and her hopes for a new NMB48

2 Jul

NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki talked about her wishes for a new NMB during a radio show on 21st June 2016.

Her new NMB48
“It’s difficult to imagine a new 2-top consisting Sayachan and someone. It’s better to create a new NMB,” she said. “On the contrary, it’s pitiful for Sayanee to continue as center. Sayachan is known for being the captain….it’d be better balanced if others were the double centers and Sayanee is in 2nd line center, like she’s supporting them.”

Her ideal formation
“If i think about all the members, Nagichan(Shibuya Nagisa) and Mirurun(Shiroma Miru) for double centers. Center for 2nd line would be Sayanee. On her side – Ririka(Sutou Ririka, Fuuchan(Yagura Fuuko). Riripon and Juri are good too.”

On Sayanee
On a previous occasion, Sayanee mentioned that they were formidable when standing next to each other, showing her utmost trust. In return, Watanabe said that Sayanee was the person she was destined to meet in her life.

On that, Milky said “That speech is true, but what i don’t want people to get confused about – SayaMiru are not dating(laugh), it wouldn’t be right if we are taken to be good friends. However, good or bad, we greatly influence each other in many ways. In that sense, i said we’re destined to meet.”

“I too think that i’m here because of Sayachan. If she weren’t around i would be living an entirely different life. It’s surreal.”


In related news, Milky’s graduation concert will be held on 3rd & 4th July 2016 at Kobe World Memorial Hall. NicoNico will stream her concert from 6pm Japan Time on 3rd July 2016.

Also, checkout her last single “Boku wa Inai” in recent music festivals.


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Watanabe Miyuki announces graduation from NMB48

14 Apr

渡辺美優紀、NMB48卒業を発表 これが意味深発言の答え
Credit Sponichi

NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki (22) has announced her graduation from the group on 13th April 2016, during a theater life in Osaka.

Speaking in tears “Compared to when i first joined NMB48, it took even more determination to graduate. The juniors are shining. From the bottom of my heart, I want to leave NMB48 to the next generation.”

To Yamamoto Sayaka who was also present on stage, she said “We’re the same age, about the same height, and belong to the same blood type. To the end, we’re not able to be friends, but you’re the person i’m most fated to meet. It’s really regretful that i’m not able to be honest, but more than anyone i know that you’re a great person and really respect you. I’ve never been able to relay this message, but i’ll pluck up the courage here and tell you now.”

Yamamoto was apparently the only one who knew about her graduation plans beforehand. She said “Being in NMB48 by itself is not an answer, nor is it the path to success. To Milky who has been with us all the way, we would like to believe in the road you choose.”

Watanabe Miyuki did not elaborate on the specific date or her future plans.

Finally, Yamamoto also revealed that she has discussed with Akimoto Yasushi to have her concurrency in AKB48 removed so she can concentrate on NMB48.


NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki hints at not participating in this year’s AKB48 General Elections

21 Feb

During the 20th Feb episode of  “AKB48 Show!”, she expressed uncertainty at participating in this year’s General Elections.

“Is this the place that i should really care about? It might not, so i’m uncertain. People have different dreams, and mine isn’t the elections.”

When Takamina asked her if she was considering graduation, Watanabe admitted and said “If there’s a timing. Indeed, graduating is also somewhat my aim, as it requires courage to graduate.”


She also talked about wanting to grasp happiness now instead of planning out her life step by step. Her segment of the show appears towards the end.

PV for Watanabe Miyuki’s debut solo single “Yasashiku Suru Yori Kiss Wo Shite”

14 Dec

Watanabe Miyuki’s debut solo single “Yasashiku suru yori kiss wo shite”MV has be released. The music video shows Miyuki acting as an aspiring idol in the 80s, and her sad relationship with the guy she likes.

“This is my first solo music video so i’m nervous but it was fun,” said Watanabe. “The MV is set in the 80s, about a girl who dreams of becoming an idol and finally gets to appear on TV after passing an audition. Everyone should feel their heart pounding after watching it.”

This MV showcases Watanabe in different costumes – idol/uniform/cafe maid/casual wear/seasonal dresses. It was also revealed that the number “71” used in her audition scene was also the actual number she held when she passed NMB48 auditions.


Another perf from Milky Show!


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Watanabe Miyuki makes her solo debut with “Yasashiku Suru Yori Kiss wo Shite”

4 Dec

Titled “Yasashiku Yori Kiss wo Shite” (“Instead of being kind to me, Kiss me”), the song marks NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki debut as a solo singer after she won the AKB48 5th Janken Tournament back in September . While the title is definitely suits Miyuki what with her flirty idol persona, the 80s tune makes one wonder if this is right for a solo debut.

Watch the performances so far.

Music Station – Half Song

Music Japan – Full Song

Staying true to the retro style, even the jacket artwork is done up to look like showa idol Matsuda Seiko.

In an interview, Watanabe Miyuki said her dream was to become a solo idol singer like Matsuura Aya. Now that her dream has been realised, she hopes to appeal to everyone. Will you be “fished” by her too?

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Live performance of Yukirin x Milky duet “Heart no Dokusen Ken”

2 Nov

This is a duet between AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki and NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki. The song titled “Heart no Dokusen Ken” was released as a coupling track in NMB48’s 2nd album “Sekai no Chuushin wa Osaka ya 〜 Namba Jichiku 〜“, and performed live during a NMB48 tour recently.

I personally really like this song because of the playful lyrics. Basically Yukirin and Milky are fighting over the same boyfriend so each tried to win the boyfriend over by singing about how well they know him!

Translation of lyrics (Pink is Milky, Purple is Yukirin):

When it comes to my boyfriend, i know the most about him.
He likes Hayashi Rice and Hanshin Tigers, but hates jet coasters.

But really I am the one who knows most about him.
He’s a fan of Ayanami Rei and Mutou Keiji, but he hates hot baths.
He adds ketchup on Tamagoyaki~
He adds soy sauce to Tonkatsu~
He prefers electric shavers when it comes to his beard~
Rather than briefs, he prefers trunks!

I’ll have you make a choice now
Who will you choose between us
When it comes to his true love
Is it me?
Is it me?
You can only love one person right?
Heart’s Monopoly.

When i first started dating him, it was a long time ago.
He was my classmate in middle school, we had our first kiss on a graduation trip.

So he’s definitely tired of you now,
Whereas I’m still fresh and young.
Whether its lettuce or stocking or girlfriends,
It’s better for them to be new.

I have alot of memories with him~
I have alot of future with him~
I am really close to his mother~
I drink alot with his father~

I won’t lose to you when it comes to the depth of love.
Who will be the one to receive his love?
Lets do away with the hate for one another.
Is it me?
Is it me?

Love is all about winning and losing,
There’s only one winner.

He adds ketchup on Tamagoyaki~
He adds soy sauce to Tonkatsu~
He prefers electric shavers when it comes to his beard~
Rather than briefs, he prefers trunks!

I’ll have you make a choice now
Who will you choose between us
When it comes to his true love
Is it me?
Is it me?
You can only love one person right?
Heart’s Monopoly.

So….who is it?
Make up your mind!




NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki finally attempts to explain her scandal using E-Girls’ song

24 May

In March this year, NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki(nickname Milky) was caught in a scandal with male model(and medical student) Fujita Tom(21).Watanabe had not officially commented on this issue, but a message to her fans have become a hot topic of discussion.

On the 22nd May, Watanabe sent a mobile mail to fans, asking them to listen to E-Girls’ song “Gomenasai no Kissing You” in full, saying it is a song that fits herself perfectly. This song was released in October 2013, and has lyrics saying “We were only having a meal. He’s just a friend, please believe me!” Other parts of the song has lyrics saying “I am reflecting anyway” and “Sorry, one more chance please”. To her fans, it seemed like she was trying to explain her scandal instead.

During last year’s AKB48 General Elections, Watanabe had placed 15th. With her “little devil” personality, she is one of the most popular members alongside captain Yamamoto Sayaka in NMB48. However, in the preliminary rankings for AKB48 General Elections this year, her position dropped to 25th and her total votes amassed was only two-thirds of last year’s.

“She had been keeping mum about the scandal up till now. But the sudden apology now means that she is panicking about 25th position. A portion of fans may think that it is already too late to apologise, but there are also many who are still supportive, even praising her unique style of apology.”

On her google+, fans have left messages telling her that her “message” is well understood and they will not disappoint her in remaining campaign period.

However, as the mobile mail can only be read by subscribers, other fans believe she should apologize to all if she was truly sincere, including fellow members who have worked hard thus far.


In another press event, Milky was asked about her feelings placing 25th in the preliminaries of this year’s AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo.

“Placing 25th, it’s a ‘HELP ME’ situation, but no matter what i wish to enter senbatsu. I will trust my fans and upload more kawaii pictures of myself on my google+,” she said.


I kinda belong to the camp who thinks she should have explained herself from the start.  Even if there’s something going on between the 2 of them, how hard is it to deny it? Her fans will probably believe whatever she says anyway, so keeping mum actually makes it worse. What’s more, the guy in this scandal is keeping a “no comment” stance as well. Now that the damage is done, coming out to explain things just looks like a desparate struggle to piece things together.

Watanaba Miyuki’s alleged boyfriend makes singer debut, gets grilled about his scandal with Milky

8 Apr

Popular reader model group “Collection” which comprises Fujita Tom(21), Takazumi Hikiti(24), Marcos Toma(20) appeared at a press event to promote their debut single “We can make our Dream! ~Niji no mukou e~”.

The Fujita here is the medical school undergraduate/model who got “popular” thanks to his sleepover scandal with NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki, reported here.

When questioned about his scandal, he looked perplexed for a second before answering “I have nothing to say.”

Reporter pressed on by asking if his girls are troubled by his good looks, but he claims there’s “no such thing”.

The idea of this boy unit was derived from fashion event Tokyo Boys Collection. The members made their stage debut last month.

Their song will be unveiled on 31st May at T2 Shibuya during the 1st anniversary of Tokyo Boys Collection.

Watanabe Miyuki gets into a scandal for the 2nd time, this time it’s a sleepover with male model

14 Mar

Saw this on Yahoo Japan and had to write a post about it.

Watanabe Miyuki, 2nd center of NMB48 and a favourite amongst fans of the 48 groups due to her ‘fishing’ skills, was caught sleeping over with an ikemen model Fujita Tom. This was exposed in an article from Bunshun Shunkan, published 13 March 2014.

Although there are no concise photos showing both of them together, the 2 were clearly captured leaving the house which Miyuki stays in when she comes to Tokyo for work. Picture below.

Fans are shocked at this turn of events as Watanabe Miyuki  had once said that she would not betray her fans. Some have taken to Fujita Tom’s twitter to leave angry messages such as “Do you know what you have done?” and “We will not forgive you if you make a move on her again!”. Fujita Tom chose to ignore these comments, continuing to tweet as per usual. Watanabe Miyuki is also choosing to maintain her silence, as her Google+ site continues to be updated with her daily schedules.

This is not the first time Watanabe Miyuki has been embroiled in a scandal. In 2011, she was dropped from the senbatsu lineup of NMB48 2nd single “Oh my god!”. It was speculated that she was given a penalty due to meeting up with male fans in private. If this is true, what will be the consequences this time?



 “I hope you can think more about the fans who support you…..”

Mangaka Yoshirin, who is a Miyuki fan and the representative of all fans when it comes to talking about the 48 groups, left a post on his blog expressing disappointment in Miyuki.

“I can’t help but think about the fans who spend lots of money buying CDs to meet Miyuki in handshake sessions. As most of them are civilised and serious males, somehow they are pitiful and i feel like crying.”

The post was titled “I hope you can think more about the fans who support you with no strings attached.”

However, in a later post, he also acknowledged that the article may in fact be false since the AKB management have yet to give an official reply to this scandal. He promised to apologise if it turns out that the article was written to defame Miyuki.



More snippets taken from other sites about the guy.

– He is young, good-looking and really smart, because he’s a 2nd year student in Tokyo University’s Medicine Faculty(Dentistry).
– Models exclusively for Samurai Elo magazine.
– Judging by the limited returns from Google search, he is not that popular/recognised yet.
– He may already have a girlfriend, a violinist by the name of Machi Okabe.
– Sashihara Rino was following his twitter account. She quickly unfollowed him in light of the scandal.
– Details of his fling with Milky from his alleged private twitter was leaked here.

Forgot where i read these, but it is said Miyuki fell for him at a drinking party and pursued him aggressively over LINE.  Fans are disappointed but totally see why she would like him, given his excellent credentials.

What’s left now is her official reply to this matter.

NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki to antis: “You’ll never be happy!”

18 Oct

NMB48’s Watanabe Miyuki called out to antis on a radio show recently, creating a buzz with her statement “Antis will never be happy!”.

“I don’t think that antis should speak ill of other people. I don’t think that artistes should accept criticisms just because they are artistes. God is looking down at the actions of antis.”

Her statement has sinced drawn mixed reactions from netizens. What do you think?


I don’t really like this girl…unlike other orthodox idols who work their way up through sweat and tears, this girl has taken a different route from the start, appealing to fans through what i blatantly call seduction techniques. In fact, she’s somewhat like Sashihara Rino, carving a path for herself by creating buzz to make people talk about her. It’s a pity cos with her looks, she could have easily succeeded without stooping down to these scheming techniques.