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No3b members(including Minegishi Minami) make final appearance on Snack Kissa Eden

25 Mar

No3b members Takahashi Minami, Kojima Haruna and Minegishi Minami have apparently been filming this late night program for 5 episodes before Minegishi Minami’s scandal broke out. The original intent was to end the program at episode 6, and since there was only 1 episode left, Miichan was allowed to return and wrap up the show. Just like Kousagi Dojo, she appeared wearing a wig and a hat.

The last episode features each of the members singing a solo song.

Takamina chose a rock style song “Yume Miru Shoujo Jya Irarenai”  originally sung by Aikawa Nanase, which is rather similar to her “Jane Doe”.

Kojiharu sang Namie Amuro’s “Can You Celebrate?”. I love Kojiharu’s voice but i think her high pitch is too scratchy on the ears.

Miichan sang Hitoto Yo’s “Morai Naki”. Amongst the three, i thought her voice is the weakest but she did quite a decent job especially for such a difficult song.

This episode is a rare find since AKB48 members always perform as a group. I’m glad Kojiharu got a chance to sing solo because i want to see her debut as a solo singer!

Minegishi Minami gets into a scandal, demoted & shaves her head bald!

1 Feb

The spotlight these few days has been on Minegishi Minami, aka Miichan, the youngest from the 1st generation of AKB48. The year started off well for her with her coming-of-age ceremony, the release of No3b’s new single “Kirigirisu Jin” and a fortune teller on AKBingo declaring her the luckiest member in the entire AKB group in 2013.

Ironically, things quickly took a turn for the WORST when Shunkan Bunshun published photos of her allegedly spending the night at GENERATIONS’ Shirahama Alan’s place on the 17th Jan 2013. Source from here and here.

Miichan leaving the house of Shirahama Alan in the morning

Now if you’re not familiar with AKB rules, they have a strict no-dating ban. Crossing the line often means expulsion or self-declared resignation. But Miichan has been a key member of AKB48, often tasked with doing the MCs for their concerts due to her eloquence and variety sense. In fact, for this year’s Request Hour Setlist, she did the most number of MCs alongside Sashihara Rino. Personally i feel that she had the potential to replace Takamina as General Manager should Takamina decide to graduate. However, i guess this will never happen now as the management has decided to revert her to a research student.

Watch her tearful repent below, and don’t be too shocked by what she did to her hair!

Apparently, the first generation members including Maeda Atsuko have gathered around Miichan at this time of need to give her some support, as seen from a photo uploaded on Tomochin’s twitter here.

真夏のSounds Good! on Ichiban Song Show

17 Jan

I know this has been performed X number of times but here’s the latest version on Ichiban Song Show! My oshi Watanabe Mayu seems to have become the new face of the group as she has been replacing Acchan’s position in almost all the songs i’ve seen so far. No complains here as she’s been doing perfectly fine so far!

At the end, Shimazaki Haruka gets some airtime as the MC reminisced about the time when he gave Paruru an image makeover  previously. He mentioned he was cheering her on during her performance, and Paruru returned his favor by saying she was also looking at him to see if he would notice her. OMG the father-daughter love here!! ❤

My only complain about this performance – Watanabe Miruki. Will talk more about her next time, but just to let you know, I really DISLIKE this girl!

No3b Girigirisu Jin キリギリス人 on Domoto Kyoudai

16 Jan

No3b, a subunit of AKB48 made up of Kojima Haruna, Miichan and Takamina performs their latest single “キリギリス人” on Domoto Brothers.

In case you didn’t know, the song is composed by Kiryuuin Shou of Golden Bomber. *Yay* I have been listening to various songs composed by him and his tunes are always very catchy and meaningful!

So what do you guys think?
I really like the fact that they are singing live for all their performances. Takamina and KojiHaru, although not pitch perfect, are better than most solo debuts from AKB . But Miichan, omg, how i hope u can avoid attempting the high notes when you obviously have no control over your voice!