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Oshima Yuko’s last stage on Music Station

22 Mar

In today’s 3-hour special on Music Station, Oshima Yuko performed on stage for the last time. As per previous graduation stages, she sang a medley of songs which she had centered for (“Mae Shika Mukanee” and “Heavy Rotation”), as well as a solo song “Ima Made no Melody” which was specially written for her by Akimoto sensei.

In the solo song, Yuko basically reflects on the journey with her members and concludes that she has done everything under AKB48, with no further regrets. Her last performance stays true to her personality, full of energy and positivity.

Now if you’re asking whether Yuko will continue singing (either as a solo artiste or as part of Not Yet), i can tell you the answer’s a NO, cause she addressed the question in the interview segment.

“I won’t be singing or doing a solo debut. Compared to expressing myself through singing, i want to express myself through acting. I have already done alot of singing through AKB.”

She also talked about when she first thought about graduating.

“When i was 19. I filmed alot of music videos in AKB and found it interesting. So i thought about furthering myself in acting then.”

The MC then commented that she’d have alot of time after she graduates, so Yuko asked the MC what she should learn/experience. The MC said he’d be very free too(as one of the regular programme he hosts is getting cancelled) so Yuko invited him to do something together.

For starters, Yuko revealed that she’d be interested in picking up Japanese traditional dancing/sparring, which would help her in action scenes later. She wants to do something which makes use of the body.

At the end of the show, Fukuyama Masaharu congratulated her and said “Can i call you the phoenix of AKB?”, making everyone laugh. Yuko is well-loved by everyone!

Yuko’s official last day as a member of AKB48 will be on 2nd June, which is the day when a special performance will be held in Akiharaba’s AKB Theater. Till then, she’ll continue to attend handshake events. Her graduation ceremony will be held end of March during the group’s concert in the National Olympic Stadium.

Fans in favor of Yamamoto Sayaka being Oshima Yuko’s successor

9 Mar

It seems fans of Oshima Yuko have already decided that the person who should takeover Oshima Yuko after she graduates should be Yamamoto Sayaka, captain of NMB48 and newly appointed AKB48 Team K member.

Appearing at a PR event on the 5th March, Yamamoto Sayaka said “It’s a pity i had to enter Team K when Yuko is not there.She taught me alot. I will work hard and not cause their spirits to drop.”

It seems like she has inherited the Yuko spirit, but many fans also agree that Yamamoto is the successor to Yuko.

A publisher said “As the center of ‘Mae Shika Mukanee’ single, Oshima Yuko is of course the highlight of the jacket covers, but if you look inside, the center is Yamamoto. Also, there is significance looking at how Yamamoto’s been appointed to concurrent in Oshima’s team. Fans are wondering if this is a conspiracy by the management.”

In addition, the first singer in “Mae Shika Mukanee” is Oshima Yuko, followed by Yamamoto Sayaka. Is Yamamoto really the successor to Yuko?

Shimazaki Haruka was said to be the successor to Maeda Atsuko, as to how Yokohama Yui is to Takahashi Minami. There is certainly no end to the guesses on the topic of successors.



Update: In another article, it is mentioned that Yuko was surprised when she saw Yamamoto taking the center position for the inner pages of the jacket cover. Even though she had a clear idea of who should succeed her(Muto Tomu i guess), it seems that management decided to choose Yamamoto instead since Yuko had also praised her as a good leader.


Yamamoto Sayaka indeed has a similar vibe to Yuko, but I always thought Jurina was the one since they’ve always been paired together. And how did Paruru become successor to Acchan?? Isn’t it Mayuyu? O_O

Oshima Yuko explains decision to announce graduation on Kouhaku

9 Jan
Yuko Oshima (25) has updated her blog on the 4th and talked about her reasons for graduating from AKB48 and for announcing it at the Kouhaku.

This is Oshima’s first update in the new year. Along with her new year’s message to her fans, she also proceeded to apologize by saying, “I think I surprised everyone after suddenly announcing my graduation at the very end of the year 2013.”

The reason why she chose to announce her graduation at the Kouhaku and not the AKB Theater is: “The Kouhaku has always been a dream and an aspiration for me, even during the time when we were not yet called AKB48 but Akihabara 48. It is a very special and memorable place for me. And because I wanted to properly bid farewell to that special place from that special place, I decided to announce my graduation at the Kouhaku Uta Gassen“.

Oshima’s goal now is “to be an actress who could represent Japan”. “I don’t think I’ll be able to get any more chances to participate in the Kouhaku after I leave AKB”. “If I do get that chance, then that would be the time when I have properly accomplished my goals and dreams after graduating. I am hopeful that I’ll be able to join the show someday, as ‘Yuko Oshima, the actress’–as a judge…”. She also did not clarify when she will officially graduate and said, “It’s not clearly decided yet, but I will immediately announce it once it’s finalized”.

About the reason for her graduation: “I have strongly felt the urge to take on the next step. I’m not saying that there are no more possibilities with AKB, it’s that this is the last step that I could take as a member of AKB, and it is also my duty to make way for the members who will be taking over the next generation”. She also revealed that producer Yasushi Akimoto’s (55) words of advice helped push her towards making this decision, which was: “If it’s a choice between taking the easy way and the hard way, then take the hard way. Choose the path of thorns”.

“For everyone of us who has stayed as a group, going solo is the path of thorns. I now have the same resolve that the previous members have had.” “Even when the circumstances change, my beliefs and my feelings will never change as I proceed towards a new stage in my life.”


Oshima Yuko announces graduation from AKB48

9 Jan

AKB48 Team K’s Oshima Yuko has announced her graduation from the group.

This was announced on December 31st during the broadcast of the ‘64th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen‘. After performing “Koisuru Fortune Cookie“, Oshima suddenly announced her graduation, “This will be my last time appearing on Kohaku like this. I will sing wholeheartedly.” The group then performed her center song “Heavy Rotation“.

Oshima hadn’t told the other members about her graduation before the announcement. Details on her graduation is still undecided.

Oshima made her theater debut as a member of Team K in April of 2006. She took the number one spot in the group’s 2nd (2010) and 4th (2012) Senbatsu General Elections. She has expanded her activities by starring in various movies, tv shows, and dramas.


Oshima Yuko to graduate within the year?

30 Oct

Fans are speculating that AKB48’s definite ace Oshima Yuko might be announcing her graduation within the year.

What sparked this off was probably a documentary featuring Oshima Yuko, aired on 20th October 2013 earlier this month. In the documentary, Oshima Yuko confessed to feeling lonely after core members like Shinoda Mariko, Itano Tomomi and Akimoto Sayaka graduated. “I have nothing left to challenge in AKB. There’s nothing to fuel my passion,” she said.

In September, Oshima Yuko wrote on her blog “I can’t keep up with the changes in my environment.”

Is her graduation coming? An insider from the entertainment industry said that chances of it is very high.

“Akimoto Yasushi told Oshima Yuko to announce her graduation at her own timing, meaning he’s given her an approval to leave. Oshima Yuko also talked to her confidante, ex-Team K member Akimoto Sayaka about her graduation time.  Akimoto Sayaka is getting a big break by appearing in a stage play next year. Indeed there’s limited time to train as an actress if she continues to stay in AKB.”

Actually, during a reflections session for the dome concerts this year, Oshima Yuko told the juniors “You guys have to think about what you want to do! Don’t think that the everything will be fine even if the seniors are no longer around!”. Seems like her graduation is drawing near..


Documentary mentioned in the article below:

AKB48’s Oshima Yuko & Kojima Haruna featured in Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ parody PV

28 Sep


AKB48 members Oshima Yuko and Kojima Haruna have collaborated with singer Robin Thicke for the parody PV of his song “Blurred Lines“.

“Blurred Lines” is a hit number that has held the number 1 spot in Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for 12 consecutive weeks. Its PV has gathered over 200 million views on YouTube.

Regarding the collaboration, Oshima commented, “Robin did a really good job leading us, so we were able to enjoy it in high spirits.” Kojima added, “It was so fun that I wondered if it was reality.

Meanwhile, Robin said, “They are beautiful, their personalities are wonderful, and they are very good at dancing, so I really enjoyed myself.


You can see Yuko and Kojima being goofy and teaching Robin Thicke dance moves from Koisuru Fortune Cookie….they look very cute next to Robin…but excuse me, who is Robin Thicke?!

Mayuyu, the center who pulled out from “UZA”

27 Feb

There was a brief period of time when i was thinking why Matsui Jurina and Oshima Yuko were the double centers for AKB48’s 28th single “UZA”. Based on the rankings of General Elections 2012, Watanabe Mayu, who placed 2nd after Oshima Yuko, should be rightfully pushed alongside Yuko. But looking at the style of “UZA” which requires strong dancing skills and a fierce aura, Jurina seems like a better fit instead.

Yesterday,Yahoo Japan posted an article which revealed that the real center of “UZA” was supposed to be Watanabe Mayu. I’ve translated it with my limited Japanese…so pls don’t mind if you find my translation awkward.

[Interviewer] I’ve interviewed you for so many times. Recently, your face seems to have changed?
[Mayuyu] Really?

[Interviewer] Seems like you’re showing the face of someone who has been entrusted with the responsibilities of a center. Did you even notice that you’ve changed?
[Mayuyu] I’ve changed. I’m from the 3rd generation so i’ve always relied on the 1st and 2nd generation seniors. But now i have to think deeper about the group as compared to the past. My time spent thinking about the group has really increased.

[Interviewer] Is it tough? Thinking about the group?
[Mayuyu] Yes

[Interviewer] The first time when you knew that you’d be the center for “So Long” was in November last year when you were shooting for the PV?
[Mayuyu] Yes

[Interviewer] What were you feeling at that time?
[Mayuyu] I was abit nervous, but i looked forward and told myself to work hard.

[Interviewer] Your dreams of becoming the center of AKB48 has finally come true!
[Mayuyu] Really…i’ve worked hard all these while so i’m happy that everything has turned out well. Just like what Takamina-san said (“If you work hard, your efforts will be rewarded.”), i truly feel the meaning of her words.

[Interviewer] Actually, you were entrusted with the center position of “UZA” last year, but as you were unable to perform the difficult dance, it ended with Oshima Yuko and Matsui Jurina taking over as double center right?
[Mayuyu] Yes

[Interviewer] Do you regret that moment?
[Mayuyu] Yes, i thought that i have to work harder than ever at that moment. It became a great experience actually.

[Interviewer] At the backstage after last year’s General Elections, Oshima Yuko said that she wanted to entrust you with the title “Next Generation Ace”. Have you thought about carrying the burden of leading AKB48 after that?
[Mayuyu] Yes, having placed 2nd in the General Elections, i’ve in fact thought much more about that.

[Interviewer] You made an impression when you were crying at last year’s Japan Record Award?
[Mayuyu] I took over Maeda Atsuko san’s center position for “Manatsu no Sounds Good!” after she graduated, so i thought i had to do a good job and was pressured by that. It was the first time we “challenged” the Japan Record Award after Acchan graduated, so when i heard we won, my nervousness and happiness just spilled out in the form of tears.