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More updates on NMB48 Sutou Ririka’s marriage announcement

22 Jun

Bunshun released more info about her “fiance” below.

  • Mid Twenties, coined as “A”
  • Dated for >1 year
  • Met because of Ririka’s Mum who works at a eatery
  • “A” is a close friend and regular customer of Mum’s eatery
  • “A” and Ririka met at a party.
  • “A” has full acknowledgement from Ririka’s family.
  • “A” was an NMB48 fan and understands her job so they dated indoors at his home.
  • “A” is born in Ehime, studied psychology and was a band member in his school days.
  • Surou Ririka’s SNS has photos of Ehime’s mascot “Mikyan” and T-shirts from unknown bands, possibly thanks to “A” influence.


An ex-Bunshun reporter appeared in “Viking!” TV show and says that according to the reporter who interviewed “A”, he did not seem to have intentions to marry.

The guests went “OPS” and speculated that she was flustered about the Bunshun expose and didn’t know how to lie so she just turned what should be an “apology” into public proposal.

Nikkansports Q&A with Riripon

Q: Your feelings now?

When i announced it that day, I caused alot of chaos for many people..
Despite knowing the reactions, i wanted to say it and said it. As for how to face it, i discussed with different people. In the end, it’s still up to myself to think about it.

Q: Are you preparing to get married as per tabloid reports?
Yes. But the time is not fixed.

Q: The promise is made?

Q: Did you get a proposal?
It was at the start of this year. I can’t elaborate, but we will marry after i graduate.


Q: When did you start dating and how did you meet?
We met end of last year(another article says it’s last last year) via my mum.


Q: Is it wrong for some reports to say he’s a fan?

Q: How did he react after the announcement?
His feelings did not change. “Let’s definitely live a great life together ok?” he said.


Q: You told him that you’d announce it at the Sousenkyo?

Q: Why at that place?
I wanted to say it myself. I was really troubled about it, but i really wanted to say it with my own mouth. So i chose that place.


Q: You also have the NMB theater as an option, but you wanted more people to know so you chose the Sousenkyo?
Sousenkyo is a special event, an event created with the fans. Though it’s like pouring water on it considering my situation, i wanted to say it no matter what.

Q: You had no choice because Bunshun was going to report it. So you picked Sousenkyo?
They didn’t approach my agency and went straight for my partner. I was the one who discussed with the adults. I didn’t pick Sousenkyo to make an announcement because i wanted to stand out.


Q: Were there no other timings?
I could say it later too, but i didn’t want it to go ignored. I worked thus far with a serious attitude. If i ignored it the feelings i treasured would become lies. So i chose the Sousenkyo.

Q: Did you know that the reports were going to be published during the Sousenkyo?
I knew it was all over the Internet. I also knew they went looking for my partner. So i discussed it knowing it was me.

Q: Is it true that he is in the medical industry and mid-twenties?
I can’t say too much as he’s a commoner.

Q: What will you do from now?
Now i’m thinking about the graduation. I’ve also been offered the “no graduation” solution, but if possible i’d graduate.


Q: Did you think about graduation when you made the speech?
When i said it, “graduation” is still a thing meant to be discussed in the future. But because i promised to graduate first before marrying, so i thought about graduating.

Q: So you wanted to graduate because both of you had the promise of marrying after you graduate?


Q: So what about your variety shows after graduating?
There are things i want to do since i had dreams entering showbiz. I definitely don’t want to give up on it. Fans have supported me so far so i don’t want to give up.

Q: Will you become a philosopher?

Q: What kinda genre? Academic or talent?
There are different ways to become one. I can’t say it now. We don’t know what happens in future.

Q: Do you have plans for undergraduate studies?

Q: You haven’t dismissed your plans to continue as a talent?

Q: So you can realise your dreams as long as you are in showbiz?
Because so far i’ve managed to release a philosophy book.


Q: Do you have any regrets graduating AKB because of a proposal since you entered the group because you loved AKB?

*cries abit talking about her passion for NMB*
Talks about how she cannot forget someone saying “if you like someone just graduate” to her. Even though it’s the most natural thing to say she doesn’t want to give up her activities because of the memories with NMB and bonds with fans.

Q: Did you make the decision because your Mum is worried of you being in Osaka?
I made the decision on my own.

Q: Did you consult any of the members?
I didn’t speak to them directly.

Q: After the announcement?
On that day i spoke to all the NMB members. I also apologised to the senpais the next day. The members spoke their thoughts.

Q: What were the reactions?
They thought it was a joke. Because there were no audience in the event they thought they had to heat up the atmosphere. Seeing that i was really sorry to them. They didn’t blame me and listened.

Q: You talked to Sayanee?
I told her i’d take the responsibility and she replied “You came after thinking about it.”

Q: So everyone supports you?
I think they have various thoughts and don’t know what to do. The captain was also very worried. I want to talk to them again.

Q: There are lotsa fans who are shocked.
I really like my fans who love my non-idolish sides, even though i’ve hurt them. But i’ve never faked myself when i speak to them. From now, even if they criticise and hate me i will continue to face it and realise my dreams.

Q: I don’t know when you received a proposal but if you did, why didn’t you pull out of Sousenkyo?
I really wanted to work on it seriously either way, so i didn’t pull out. For the sake of making things exciting for the group, i chose to participate.

Q: You weren’t proposed to at that point in time.
We already had those feelings at that point in time.

Q: You received the proposal from the guy

Q: What about the ring?
I didn’t get it.

Q: So you decided to marry after the proposal?
Before that. I started to think about graduating after finding a person I like. But i wanted to participate in group activities. I couldn’t give up on it.  I was groomed by the group. I really like this group. But i worked hard on both sides.


Q: What do you like about him?
I don’t know. When we first met, i liked him. But i didn’t understand it at first. But i know it now.

Q: You aren’t pregnant?

Q: Were you thinking about the love ban rule?
It’s just my perspective, but the love ban rule is something you decide for yourself.

Q: Do you know there are 2 sides to the discussion of idols in love?
Are you asking about my views? When i didn’t know about love, i put in all my heart into the Group, without time to think about love. But when i started to like someone, i thought that someone who is restrained in love, isn’t in a relationship when considering the love ban rule.


Q: You’d be shocked by your senior’s criticisms in normal circumstances.
I’ve always liked this group so to have poured water on an event the senpais have built up, i’m really sorry about it.

Q: You didn’t think that they’d react like that?
I was already prepared for all the criticisms. Not that i didn’t think about it, it’s just that i wanted to say it more.


Q:You didn’t pull back despite what others were saying?
Yes. I wanted to say it myself.

Q: When did you finally decided to say it?
When i decided to say it in Sousenkyo, i spoke with many people until the last minute, and checked with many people. A portion of them.

Q: What about (marriage) greetings with his parents?
Nope. They know we had intentions to marry when we dated, but they didn’t know i was going to announce it at that time.

Q: Both families knew you were dating?

Q: When will be the official greetings?
Not official, but my partner has relayed the news.

Q: Engagement ceremony?
He promised it.

Q: What kind of family do you want to build?
A blissful one.

Q: What image do you have of a marriage?
I want to know about it. At first when i thought about it, this person is good. I wanted to be with him always so i wanted to get married.


Q: Does he want you to quit being an idol?
He respects my thoughts.

Q: It was a long distance relationship?

Q:Has he seen your performances?

Q:He’s said to be your Mum’s friend, but does he know you’re a celebrity?
I don’t know if i mentioned it to him when i first met him.

Q: How often did you meet since it’s a long distance relationship?
It was half and half. I had many schedules in Osaka, so we didn’t meet much. But we communicate.

Q: You met when you came to Tokyo for work?
He took care not to meet outside.

Q: About him being your Mum’s friend?
I don’t know. When we first met, it was my Mum’s birthday party.

Q: Have you thought that you’d be in love whilst in NMB, before meeting him?
Even if i wasn’t an idol, i don’t think i’d be in love or would get married.

Q: He’s your first boyfriend.

Q: Do you feel your heart pounding?
It did, even now.

Q: When did you first meet?
Before we started dating. We were acquaintances from before, but i don’t really remember it.

Q: When was the birthday party?
You might be thinking it’s just a politically correct answer, but we met some years ago.

Q: So it was a birthday party some years ago?
Erm…some years ago. Last last year’s November.

Q: So that whole year you were in love?
I respected him as a human.


Q: He asked you out?

Q: You liked his brains and not his looks?
It was his appearance….i can’t explain it, it’s like he doesn’t have ulterior motives. Or the color of his eyes.

Q: When is your graduation?
It’s not decided.


Q: Do you want to get married this year?
I’m not in a hurry, i just want to be together. Marriage is something that can be done anytime. I will discuss it and decide.

Q: What activities will you do from now?
I will work my hardest.

Q: What’s one thing you’ll want to do definitely?
Talk with all the members

Q: Will you be okay for this weekend’s handshake event? You’ll probably be criticised alot.
This is natural. I will speak properly with everyone.

Q: You wanted to aim for undergraduate studies, but why idol activities?
-Kinda just talked about her passion for NMB-

Q: Do you have any regrets for treasuring your own feelings?
Yes. It’s not like i have no regrets. I’m reflecting. I will take on all the reactions. It was good to say in my own words.


My thoughts:

My first impression of Riripon from years back was – she is someone who knows how to media play like Sashihara. She was not a yet that crafty, but someone whom i thought was desperate enough for success and recognition. I attributed that to her background (fallen princess of a rich family). 

The Sousenkyo announcement was yet another living proof of that hunger. Using her “philosophy” as a shield, she claims that a restrained love isn’t a relationship and therefore she didn’t break any rules. In order not to make herself look like a sinner, she re-packaged an apology into a marriage announcement forcing others to congratulate her instead. 

To cap it off, she still managed to give herself a glorious send-off(“oh they wanted me to stay but i promised to graduate”) plus retain her career as a talent, all the while donning a straight face. 

What a scary girl. She’s totally on another level.

I wonder how many fans believe in her “sincerity” and “philosophies”.


[AKB48 Sousenkyo]Reactions to Sutou Ririka’s marriage announcement

20 Jun


  • Oshima Yuko apologises for using vulgarities to express her anger at Ririka.
  • Takamina called it a risky move. She’s also angry about management not doing anything despite knowing very well what reactions would follow, assuming management knew about it beforehand. (Source)
  • Sayanee says she can’t comment much yet but considering the trust and what she knows of Riripon, she cannot entirely blame for her what she did.
  • Milky likes Riripon and would be worried if she’s not happy. (Source)
  • Sashihara first said she’d support Ririka but backtracks in another interview saying “idols should remain idols onstage“. Insiders call her out for being routinely superficial.
  • Riripon is questioned by media at the airport but she did not say anything. She wore a T-shirt emblazoned with “DAMN”. It is seen as a challenge to what Yuko thinks of her.
  • Nogizaka46 decided to walk the flowery path by commenting on Mayuyu’s impending graduation. (Source)

[AKB48 Sousenkyo]Captains Takahashi Juri and Okada Nana slam members inspired by scandal makers Sashihara & Minegishi

18 Jun

Takahashi Juri’s speech: I was 15th in last year’s Sousenkyo. In the year end Kouhaku elections, i wasn’t ranked in senbatsu. So to stand here again is really unexpected. From the audience i was watching the crying members of Future Girls. Surely the fans are equally happy or sad. When i look at the members in Under Girls who say they want to marry or will marry, when i think about the complicated feelings of the fans and members(Future Girls) who cried, i’m really pained.


Okada Nana’s speech: When i ranked in Senbatsu last year, i was able to be a fixed senbatsu for the rest of the year. Something in me changed. From now on, i am very conscious that our generation has to lead the Group. But now, i can tell that we can’t create a bright future. Now, i often see members who land themselves in scandals or cause trouble, then joke about it/create headlines and try to RISE from it. It’s all fine. If we’re all serious then it’s going to be boring. But i don’t think we should copy it. Instead, if we work seriously, I believe we can reach the top. I want to change the group as someone who can receive the rewards by working hard.

For both of these 19 year old captains to be touching on the topic at the same time, i suppose the situation must be really bad. It makes me wonder what Yokoyama is doing as the overall leader. 

[AKB48 Sousenkyo]Bunshun exposes Sutou Ririka’s relationship with a man and she digs her way out by announcing marriage

18 Jun


1 day before Sousenkyo: Bunshun teases on a major scoop involving NMB48 member.

Sousenkyo: While thanking her fans for putting her in 20th position, NMB48 Sutou Ririka said “I started to like someone for the first time. I, NMB48 Sutou Ririka,will marry. It sounds nonsensical, but i am serious. I have always received your support and realised many dreams. In the midst of it, i have found a person i really love. I have never lied as an idol, and like everyone as myself. My feelings to marry is real. Thank you.”

Whilst everyone thought she was joking, the MC pressed her for confirmations and asked about her partner. That was when things started to get serious. “You guys taught me about love. I really want to live seriously.”

Late night: Bunshun releases article detailing Sutou Ririka’s sleepover at a man’s house on the night of 8th May 2017. When confronted, she explained that it was a “friend”. No comments from agency. The man is in the medical/pharmaceutical industry.


Edit: Agency has confirmed her statements.

Past, present, future lords of AKB48 express their shock and anger

no title

“I don’t know what to say.” -Yamamoto Sayaka


“I always thought that someone would announce it one day, but to think that it’s Riripon. She’d been a center afterall.” – Kojima Haruna(in live commentary)

Oshima Yuko was doing an instagram live and expressed her feelings by showing  her cap.


Takamina says her feelings are the same as Yuko’s white cap.


Watanabe Mayu’s reaction says it all



My first reaction: This girl has the same media playing skills as Sashihara
Secondary reaction: That’s….a joke right?
Final reaction: Wells, this is how 48Group has degraded thanks to Sashihara and her fans. And that is why Okada Nana and Takahashi Juri are openly venting their frustrations in their speeches. 

Kawatani Enon to stop activities after another scandal

4 Oct

Gesu no Kiwami Otome vocalist Kawatani Enon(27) has sent a fax to the media announcing his hiatus. This comes after he admitted to drinking with underage talent Honoka Rin(19), his new girlfriend.

According to Bunshun, the 2 met each other at a bar “P” in Sangenjaya. They are said to be living together and were spotted going on a overnight trip with a group of friends to Tochigi, where they picked fruits and enjoyed the onsen.

Both their agencies confirmed their relationship, with Honoka’s side also admitting that she is currently living in Kawatani’s mansion.

Source, Source


Now Becky seems like the pitiful one..

Becky and Kawatani Enon finally admits to their affair and apologies

14 May

With Gesu no Kiwami Otome vocalist Kawatani Enon officially divorced and Becky’s return to TV, i will make a final post on them and move on. 

Becky made a return to TV on 13th May, appearing on Nakai Masahiro’s “Kin Sma”. MC Nakai and Becky had a heart to heart talk about her scandalous affair with Gesu no Kiwami Otome vocalist Kawatani Enon, which tabloid Bunshun exposed at the start of 2016.

Becky: Next week i got permission to apologize directly to his wife.
Nakai: What’s this? When did this happen?
Becky: After the news broke, we talked and I was told that it’d be good with just 3 of us around…
Nakai: Who said?
Becky: His wife.I intended to cut off all ties with the Guy, if possible i’d like it to be 1-on-1 with her, i said so selfishly. Even though i came from the stance of having to apologise.
Nakai: I also think that your way would be better..
Becky: Yes. After some time, i asked again and got permission. So it’d be next week. But that’s a place where i communicate my feelings to his wife. I have nothing to say to the Guy.

-Main Segment-
Nakai: It’s been long since u ate with someone?
Becky:  Yes
Nakai: Were you alright?
Becky: …I wasn’t
Nakai: There is one thing i hope you’ll abide by today. I hope you don’t lie.
Becky: Yes.
Nakai: But if there’s something you can’t talk about, i hope you can be direct about it and just say “I can’t talk about it” without lying. I think that’d be better. I feel like there’s alot of things you can’t say.
Becky: I understand.
Nakai: What was tough for you?
Becky: I was the one who hurt others, so i’m not in the position to say, but it was the guilt from hurting another woman in this way, and the strict frank words which came my way. I caused confusion and sadness to alot of people, I couldn’t work, and the reality of my love not turning out the way i imagined.
Nakai: Becky’s feelings…only Becky will know. As for your fault, perhaps it’s only your fault. What did you do that was bad?
Becky: Falling in love with a guy with a wife, hurting his wife deeply. Hurting people related to my work, and my fans.
Nakai: Did you lie in that press conference?
Becky: Yes. Meeting that guy and liking him, going out with him… after that I came to know that he had a wife. But, because i knew both of us had feelings for each other, i told him “Then lets date after you get divorced”.
Nakai: You realised that you messed up the order in the midst of it.
Becky: Yes. It’d be great if i had braked at that point. Whilst agreeing to being just “friends”, we met time and again, my feelings also grew by the day. Honestly, it became really complicated. During the press conference, saying we’re not dating was half a lie, but saying we’re not dating is also somewhat true.
Nakai: But you liked him, and he liked you.
Becky: Yes
Nakai: Were you not in love?
Becky: It was love.
Nakai: You were in love, but not dating?
Becky: That sounds like a childish excuse.
Nakai: That’s it. That’s kind of….It’d be better if you were clearer about it. Going on trips, and still saying you’re not dating, that wouldn’t be accepted..
Becky: You’re right.
Nakai: You were dating right? In terms of feelings.
Becky: Yes. I think we were cheating at the point when our feelings were known to each other.
Nakai: So after your press conference, the LINE conversations were leaked? What came out?
Becky: The night before the press conference, i’d typed “Thank you Bunshun” etc. “With this we could probably go out officially” etc. At that time i was immersed in my feelings, i wanted to date. Sorry about that…
Nakai: Are you still seeing him now?
Becky: No. We stopped contacting from mid January.
Nakai: Was that because of the enviroment, or simply because you don’t want to?
Becky: The week after the reports came out, his wife’s interview was published. That was when i first came to know about her feelings. I realised how i hurt his wife..and how big my mistake was. I realised this love was wrong, so i stopped contacting him.
Nakai: Why is it wrong?
Becky: Because i realised i spoilt the relationship between a married couple. In time, we might break up, even though the order was wrong.  In the interview, his wife had feelings for him. She also looked forward to visiting his hometown in Nagasaki. I realised i’d done the worst thing.
Nakai: When was that? During New Year? You already knew he was married?
Becky: Yes. I really committed the worst mistake. I wasn’t able to think from her perspective. I was only thinking about myself.
Nakai: Why did you go to his hometown during the New Year? Were you prepared to offer your greetings somewhere?
Becky: He invited me to meet the kids of his relatives, so i went. It was a place that i couldn’t go in any case. My feelings grew so much that i couldn’t see what was around me. I didn’t have the courage to turn him down. If i did, i was worried that his feelings would also leave me…i’m really ashamed of myself. There were so many chances to put a brake to it, but i didn’t.
Nakai: You don’t love him anymore?
Becky: No..
Nakai: You don’t love him anymore?
Becky: After the news reports, i still loved him. Frankly, after everything died down months later, i had thoughts to meet him and start a relationship. I thought otherwise after learning of his wife’s feelings and seeing what a huge mistake i’ve made.
Nakai: So a love that can’t be pursued=not liking someone immediately?
Becky: It doesn’t happen in a second. Firstly, in my head i’d be thinking “i don’t love him, i don’t love him”,after that my heart might have followed.
Nakai: Now, do you love(him)?
Becky: No
Nakai: Right. Even though you loved him so much in the past.
Becky: Yes…i did.
Nakai: It was a huge 6 months. You had a very sincere image, but you were not decisive enough during the press conference. The betrayal is something that can’t be denied – to the people who watched it.
Becky: To the fans, and people of the world, sorry for causing so much trouble. There were alot of mistakes in that press conference in January. I’m in the industry where i communicate, but i didn’t tell the truth. I’m reflecting deeply. As a human, a professional, i committed the worst. I am reflecting for hurting so many people. I hope to earn your forgiveness but, i hope you’d also allow me to restart my TV work from zero.
Nakai: You didn’t lie today right?
Becky: There’s no lies. I won’t betray again, really sorry.
Nakai: I think you’ve really learnt your lesson this time so i think you’ll carry these feelings for awhile. You’ll get bashed too so ..lets work hard together!


Gesu no Kiwami Otome vocalist Kawatani Enon blogs after”KinSma” broadcast

To everyone

After watching today’s broadcast, i feel like i have to write this no matter what so i posted this without informing my agency.

Firstly, the contents in LINE which Bunshun Shukan published was all real.

Initially, the fax from me telling everyone i was only friends with Becky – that was a lie. We were in a relationship. I am really sorry about lying. I told her we would be friends until i got divorced. I didn’t see what was around and didn’t consider the feelings of those around me. I caused 2 people to be unhappy.

Threading on my wife’s feelings, bringing Becky to my hometown – that was my decision. To both my wife and Becky, i’m really sorry for that.

As to the question of “Who should i apologise to?”
This is not limited to my wife, Becky, the fans and relatied personnel.

I said something to Netizens who bashed with thoughtless comments. There were people who lined up and posted violent words like “Die”,”Dissappear” on Becky’s and my SNS. I couldn’t take it anymore. (Probably refers to last article in this.)

I shouldn’t have said it in public, i also did not have the rights to say it. In the end, more misunderstandings followed. I was too childish and i’m reflecting.

Also, as to why I’m not on hiatus while Becky is already doing so.
There is no other reason other than the fans who have waited for me. I can’t betray the fans who are willing to listen to my music. It may sound all pretty, but i just wanted to sing the songs that i’ve created with the members. I may sound selfish, but that’s the reason.

You may be thinking “You released Ryoseibai album so what are you talking about?”, but that’s the only thing i could do. I have not changed my mindset, that is, the most important thing is for fans to enjoy. (Ryoseibai translates to ‘Both sides are at fault’ – fans have drawn links between the lyrics and his affair with Becky. In other words, he is riding on the hype surrounding his affair?!)

I did have an affair with Becky, gave my wife distress and cheated on her. I caused alot of confusion to my members, the staff, related personnel, my fans and Becky’s fans. Really sorry.

I’m sorry for releasing this post at this timing.

From now, i will face fans properly with our music, and work hard in both indigo la End and Gesu no Kiwami Otome. Please take care of me.



Full article of Becky and Kawatani Enon in Bunshun plus aftermath

8 Jan

ベッキー出演CMの打ち切り決定 “不倫騒動”の代償は大きく…

Background info

Full article was published in Bunshun yesterday and it came with photos of Becky and Kawatani spending Christmas Eve in a hotel room, as well as snapshots of their LINE conversation.

Apparently, Kawatani stayed at Hotel New Otani Makuhari as Gesu no Kiwami Otome was scheduled to perform at Music Station Super Live at Makuhari Messe on Christmas Day last year. Becky showed up on Christmas Eve and they went for a date at nearby DisneySea. They returned to the hotel at night and Becky stayed until the next morning. After the gig in Music Station, Kawatani sent a message to Becky reminiscing their day before and Becky replied “Yup, i wanna tell the Hills Tribe* that true happiness does not require money.”

LINE conversation about Christmas(Right Photo)
Becky: Kenchan, thanks for the great eve and Christmas. Taking me to Sea, treating me, giving me such a nice present, i’m really really thankful. It was really blissful. Just being together is happiness.

*Refers to the rich living in Roppongi Hills.

As they were getting closer, Kawatani’s relationship with his wife was breaking down. He had confessed to his wife about the presence of an important person in his life. A followup conversation between Becky and Kawatani went like this.

Kawatani: I told her i have someone i wanted to treasure 
Becky: Yes..
Kawatani: She said “that means it’s an out?”
Becky: Oh…
Kawatani: But i don’t know if this is a positive or negative. For now, it’s until here.
Becky: It’s positive! It’ll be alright.

LINE conversation about Kawatani’s divorce(Left Photo)
Kenchan: We talked. It might be better to wait it out without talking. It’ll just get emotional otherwise. It might take time but i’ll finish the graduation thesis**, wait for me. It’s really tough on you, but i hope you’ll wait.

Becky: Kenchan good morning. It’s fine! I’ll wait. So pls wait for me too. It’s fine! I’ll make you listen to my complaints after you submit the graduation thesis! (Laugh)

**Refers to divorce papers.

Another snippet tells about Kawatani showing up as a surprise while Becky was in Osaka working on 19th December. She was very touched and wrote “Kenchan, thanks for coming to Osaka. How much will does that take? I’m already very touched when i see people holding hands in the streets. I was really happy, thank you.”

Source, Source

Status of Becky’s CM Contracts

Becky currently has contracts with 10 CM companies and 1 of them has decided to pull their ads.
Convenience chain “Lawson” has pulled their ad featuring Becky.
Insurance company “Himawari Life” is considering changing out Becky as their image character.


Becky and Kawatani have reportedly broken up

They decided to stop seeing each other on 5th Jan, after being caught by paparazzi in Nagasaki. This was also before news articles of them were published.


Kawatani Enon living apart from his wife

Gesu no Kiwami Otome’s vocalist Kawatani Enon is living in a hotel after reports of his affair with Becky broke. His wife reportedly did not agree to a divorce.

A related personnel says “He does not know what to say infront of the mass media.He is also avoiding going out except for work, in a bid to reduce inconvenience to Becky’s side.”


Bunshun speaks to Kawatani Enon’s wife

They dated from 2012 and married in July 2015, but their marriage was hidden from the world, with Kawatani even describing her as a “friend” when Bunshun first caught him with Becky in Nagasaki. He later acknowledged her status as his spouse through a fax to the media.

“It was most shocking to learn that he went back to his hometown with her over the New Year without telling me. What kind of feelings did he have introducing Becky to his family? What intentions did Becky have meeting his parents? Honestly, i can’t think and don’t want to,” she said.

Apparently, after Becky held a emergency press conference to apologise, the wife received mails and calls from Kawatani, urging her to submit the divorce papers.

A music industry insider says “Even though the 2 decided to not meetup again, it’s not the case. Both their agencies agreed that they should not meet until the divorce papers are submitted. Beneath the surface, the 2 are still communicating, saying it’s fine not to meet until the divorce papers are served.”

Currently, the wife has difficulty ingesting food and is just lying down.


Becky was discouraged by actress friends from continuing the affair

Becky confessed to actress friends about falling for Kawatani Enon towards end of November 2015. She also told them that he’s married but would seek divorce immediately. Her friends tried to stop her and advised her to end the relationship.

Amongst the actress friends are a female lead from NHK’s morning drama, and others with roots in comedy and modelling.

A related insider says “She was troubled since she didn’t have many relationships. She was struggling between the words of Kawatani and her friends.” Becky took the advice of her friends at first but her relationship with Kawatani got closer with the visit to his hometown Nagasaki.


Becky continued to appear in her regular variety “Nijiiro Jean” after the scandal, however protests from sponsers of the show forced production team to drop her. Seeing that other shows will do the same, her agency decided to let her go into “hiatus”.
It seems like Becky is insistent on being with Enon “all the way to the end”, even expressing intentions of quitting the industry despite persuasion from staff to end the relationship.

Becky writes handwritten letter of apology to co-workers
It is said that she’d written 100 letters in 1 month to co-workers, apologising for the trouble caused by her scandal. However, she maintains in her letters that she and Enon are only friends.
Previous source claims that in another LINE expose, Becky and Enon had decided to tell the outside world they are merely “friends”.

Enon lashes out at fans during live in 2nd March live

“I’m telling you i’m keeping silent not because i like it! On the Internet people are telling me to apologise but to whom should i apologise to? Honestly this is a private matter so it’s nothing to do with all!”

His comment is troubling Becky’s agency, who only wants the matter to die down and was supposedly planning her comeback for July.


Enon officiates divorce on 9th May 

As announced on his blog.


Becky to return to TV on 13th May (Nakai Masahiro’s “Kin Sma”)

The condition for her return,was for her to apologise to Kawatani Enon’s wife first, and the wife has given the green light.


Final update here:

Becky in an affair with Gesu no Kiwami Otome’s vocalist?

7 Jan

This scandal erupted last night and it is huge…

ベッキーに初スキャンダル! 紅白初出場歌手との“禁断愛”

Talent Becky(31) and Kawatani Enon(27) were reported to be in an affair by Bunshun on 6th Jan 2016.

Kawatani Enon is the vocalist of band Gesu no Kiwami Otome, who were invited to perform in Kouhaku for the first time last year. He just got married last summer.

Becky has always maintained a clean image and therefore a favorite amongst advertising companies.

The 2 met in October last year. As Kawatani kept his marriage a secret,Becky did not know until he confessed to her at the end of November.

Bunshun obtained LINE records of their conversation, where Kawatani expressed intentions of divorce to marry Becky.

They spent Christmas Eve together and during the New Year, Becky accompanied Kawatani back to his hometown Nagasaki and met his parents.

That is where they were photographed, and when asked about their relationship, Becky denied and directed Bunshun to her agency. Kawatani was also asked about his marriage,to which he denied. When Bunshun highlighted the name of his wife, he said she is just a friend.


Becky appears in emergency press conference and apologizes

In the press con, she explained that as a fan of Kawatani’s music, she attended his live shows, eventually got his contacts, and they went out for meals. She also admitted to visiting Kawatani’s hometown over the New Year. However, they are not dating and merely friends.

Later, in a written note to the press, Kawatani confessed to being married last summer, and maintains the common stance of being “friends” with Becky.


Followup post here:

Arashi Ohno responds to scandal, will never meet his “friend” again

20 Sep

Ohno Satoshi officially responds to his scandal with ex-actress ‘A’, during an interview before the Arashi Blast in Miyagi Stadium.

“She’s one of my friends.We are not in a relationship. I’m reflecting over my actions which has caused fans to be sad. I’m really sorry,” he said with a weird expression.

He added a final line “We will never meet again,sorry for causing such a disturbance” before heading off for the concert.

It is said that Ohno shed tears at the end of the concert. Miyagi Stadium was where he’d watched a World Cup match in 2002(with Aiba and Sho). Feeling overwhelmed at returning to the stadium, he said “I want to treasure this space more than anything. Please follow Arashi from now on.”


I feel sad for Ohno…he could just ignore it like Okada but he gave a proper reply and went as far as to say that he’d stop meeting the girl. Are Arashi fans that scary?

Anyway for those interested, SNS leaks showing the 2 of them on a fishing trip.


And very quickly Arashi’s Ohno decides to breakup with girlfriend?

20 Sep

In essence….

“After all Arashi is Johnny’s cash cow. Even if Ohno reaches a marriageable age, it’s not easy for him to get married,” says showbiz professional. Reports are floating about that this relationship is nearing its end.

“It’s true that the agency is making him breakup with his girlfriend. It is also said that Ohno himself has decided to breakup.”


On GirlsChannel:

[+1740] Ohno is 34, pls let him do what he wants
[+1605] He’s 34, it’s not cool to breakup just because he was pressed into it.Even the fans would be disgusted.
[+1267] He’s old enough..even if he dates it’s fine
[+1339] Be gracious like TOKIO fans! Well it could be because they’re of an older generation. Those who stop being a fan just because their idol gets married aren’t fans.
[+1040] A guy who can’t get married by 40 is odd in Japan. Foreigners will laugh at us again.

For initial story, pls check this article