SNH48 16th EP “Princess’s Cloak”

6 Oct


The post sousenkyo single for SNH48 this year is piled with glamour as usual. This time the Top16 fly to Spain to film their new single “Princess’s Cloak”.

The song is a Spanish style EDM, composed by singer JJ Lin and produced by a U.S team who has worked with the likes of Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.

The full MV will be released Mid October.

Preview of MV:

Live Performance:

My thoughts: The skirt swirling is nice but it does not look that Spanish-like. I wonder if it’s a problem with their dancing. I love JJ Lin’s songs but EDM just doesn’t work for me. Either way,the concept itself is already 100 times better than what 48Group delivers nowadays!

I cannot resist adding these beautiful stills of Kiku. She looks stunning in blonde!


Image result for SNH48《公主披風

View photos of the other senbatsu here.


Kato Kazuki releases double A-side single “Natsu Koi/Aki Koi”

6 Oct

After switching record labels to Imperial Records, Kato Kazuki’s music project this year is to release 4 singles for each season.

Following previous release “Haru Koi” in Spring,  “Natsu Koi” and “Aki Koi” have been released for both Summer and Autumn at the same time. The MV continues with the story of a girl who restarts her life after a failed relationship.

Natsu Koi:

Aki Koi:

Check out the MV for “Haru Koi” here.

Purchase his single below:

Limited A

Limited B

Regular Edition


Shimazaki Haruka gets backlash for Ghibli ambitions then retracts her statement

6 Oct

Image result for 島崎遥香「ジブリ

Shimazaki Haruka who announced her dreams of being a seiyuu for Ghibli Studios during her graduation announcement has provoked criticisms from anime fans and antis.

This was due to her talking about not having the abilities to become an actress yet, then following it up with her dreams of being a seiyuu for Ghibli. This made it seem she could easily become a seiyuu even if acting doesn’t work out.

“Paruru please don’t become a seiyuu for Ghibli.”
“Is she dumb? Looking down on the seiyuus?”
“I liked her but i hope she didn’t speak of it so casually…this isn’t what anyone can do.”

On the 4th October, Shimazaki tweeted “I don’t remember talking about wanting to become a seiyuu. Also, it isn’t easy to become one if i say i will.”

She later deleted these tweets.

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Aragaki Yui gets into contract marriage for new Jdrama

4 Oct

Actress Aragaki Yui(28) and actor/singer Hoshino Gen(35) will be starring in new TBS drama “Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu” (translated as “Escaping is Embarrassing but Useful”) and it starts airing on 11th October 2016.

Adapted from a manga, Aragaki will be playing a jobless and boyfriend-less girl who gets into a contract marriage with Hoshino Gen, a serious employee who hasn’t dated in his life. Aragaki said of her role “She’s one who works hard, but in the midst of it she wants to be loved.” When asked about contract marriages, she said “It’s the freedom between 2 people. This structure exists too. It’s good i feel.”

This is Aragaki Yui’s first collaboration with Hoshino Gen. When asked about his impressions of Aragaki, Hoshino Gen said “It’s fun when we’re together. She’s a normal girl outside the studio, but a star infront of the camera.”

Aragaki got embarrassed and tried to stop him from speaking further.

It was also revealed that Hoshino Gen’s new song “Koi” will be the theme for this drama. “I wanted to make it a fun love song. It’s a song which will make you dance, so pls do!”

Other actors present were Otani Ryohei and Ishida Yuriko.



Hoshino Gen’s new song


Sexy Zone to release ballad “Yobisute”

4 Oct

Sexy Zone’s new single “Yobisute” will be the group’s first medium ballad. It talks about the feelings of calling a loved one by her Given Name for the first time.

Below is the short MV.


It will be released on 19th October 2016.


Preorder their new single below:

Image result for sexy zone よびすて

Limited A

Image result for sexy zone よびすて
Limited B

Image result for sexy zone よびすて
Regular Edition

Image result for sexy zone よびすて
5th Anniversary Limited Edition



Kawatani Enon to stop activities after another scandal

4 Oct

Gesu no Kiwami Otome vocalist Kawatani Enon(27) has sent a fax to the media announcing his hiatus. This comes after he admitted to drinking with underage talent Honoka Rin(19), his new girlfriend.

According to Bunshun, the 2 met each other at a bar “P” in Sangenjaya. They are said to be living together and were spotted going on a overnight trip with a group of friends to Tochigi, where they picked fruits and enjoyed the onsen.

Both their agencies confirmed their relationship, with Honoka’s side also admitting that she is currently living in Kawatani’s mansion.

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Now Becky seems like the pitiful one..

AKB48 Shimazaki Haruka announces graduation through CM

3 Oct


Shimazaki Haruka announced her graduation from AKB48 through a new advertisement for “Baitoru”, a job seeking website.

“I will be ending my activities with AKB within the year,” she reported. Her last handshake will be Christmas Eve, and last stage performance will be 2 days after.

Regarding her future she said “I can’t say i’m going to be an actress with my abilities now, but there’s the meaning of being positive about it. It has always been my dream to become a seiyuu for Ghibli.”


Even tho i could see it coming, i expected some news about Kojiharu to come around first. Anyway this tie-in with Baitoru is such a untrendy way of graduating.