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AKB48 performs “Sayonara Crawl” on 火曜曲!

1 May


This is their first TV performance after revealing the full choreography in their Budoukan concert a few days back. I wish they had better costumes because i thought the neon outfit they wore in Budoukan was meant to complement the stage lights only. Nevertheless, the girls showed off alot of charms in solo camera shots.

Dokidoki moments:

– Kojiharu turning around to face the camera at 2:38

– Yukirin winking at  1:38

– Paruru making her signature sad face and changing it into a smile at 2:38. I think she’s the most expressive out of all the girls in AKB…i’m starting to like her more than Mayuyu!


If you are interested in purchasing the “Sayonara Crawl”, click on the pics below to purchase!

Sayonara Crawl / AKB48 (Type A, CD+DVD, Voting Ticket)

Sayonara Crawl / AKB48 (Type K, CD+DVD. Voting Ticket)

Sayonara Crawl / AKB48 (Type B, CD+DVD, Voting Ticket)

SMAP performs classic hit “Lion Heart” on 火曜曲!

27 Jan

This was performed live during last year’s Christmas, slightly outdated now, but a classic song’s always worth the replay!

There was a short period in my teenage life when i was quite crazy over “Lion Heart”. I remember video taping their performance from Music Station and playing it over and over again. In recent years, i believe SMAP has never performed this song on TV. The closest i could get was a cover by Tohoshinki, which was breathtaking.

Compare the 2 versions here and lemme know what you think!

Golden Bomber again with “Dance My Generation” 火曜曲!

23 Jan

Golden Bomber seems to be earning their regular place on 火曜曲, as they are back once again with “Dance My Generation”!

Not that i’m getting sick of them, because they always bring on a fresh stage to entertain everyone! Makes me feel like attending one of their concerts, but i guess they’d never come to Singapore!

Check out their hilarious simulation of singing to Dance My Generation in a karaoke box!