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Golden Bomber x AKB48 on Japanese talkshow: Darvish Kenji wants to date Mayuyu

1 Aug

This is one variety show which both AKB48 and Golden Bomber guested on awhile back.  I’ve been meaning to translate it for sometime and have finally gotten around to doing it..but i’ll only be translating the interesting parts.

-MC started off by gushing about the appearance of Yuko and Mayuyu. He intentionally ignores Sasshi even though she desparately wanted attention. MC even went to the extend of praising Mayuyu’s agency for picking the right talent. It turns out that MC and Mayuyu are from the same agency.

-MC heard about the graduation of Shinoda Mariko at Fukuoka Dome, and suggested that Sasshi announce her graduation there too since she’s based there now.

-Kyan explained the origins of his stage name. He took the name from Okinawan people because it was rare, and the MC commented that he does look like them. However, Kyan said that when he was younger,people thought he was from Iran.

-Darvish Kenji introduced his name and was laughed at. He explained he named himself after Darvish Yu (famous baseball player) to get popular.

-Kiryuin Sho revealed his standards for measuring the deliciousness of food – Cheap=good. Kyan said Kiryuin is weird cos while others say “Delicious!” when they have good food, Kiryuin will say “Cheap!”.

-MC revealed that when Kiryuin sings ballads, the rest of Golden Bomber members will stand behind and do nothing. He asks them if they really don’t know any instruments, which they confirmed. Utahiroba Jun even hopes that those ballad performances can be finished quickly since he finds them boring. Darvish Kenji chimed in and agrees, leaving Kiryuin at a loss of words.

-MC commented about the tight security around AKB48. He mentioned stepping into a lift with Kojiharu and Shinoda Mariko once. Even though he didn’t know those girls were in the same lift as him, he noticed a plump manager scrutinizing him up and down like he’s a bad guy.

-MC then touched on Sasshi’s scandal. He asked “Why couldn’t you restrain yourself?” Sasshi defended herself and explained that she was still young then. MC asked her what kind of man she’s looking out for next, which she humorously replied “Someone who keeps secrets well”.

-Kiryuin Sho talked about how bad Kyan’s guitar skills were when they first formed the band. A friend was asked to review their performance, but even though they’ve finished their stage, the friend thought they haven’t started and was just practising.

-Kyan dislikes going to high end restaurants for sushi because he’d be disappointed if expensive sushi doesn’t taste good. He frequents Sushi Ondo, a restaurant chain in Japan that sells sushi at 100Yen per plate.

-Mayuyu steps forward to start eating her dish. The MCs go crazy over how cute she is when she introduced herself. MC wanted to keep the chopsticks which she used, but she said no. Mayuyu also said she likes kind guys. Oshima Yuko explained that Mayuyu has no real life guys whom she likes, because she prefers anime characters.

-Yuko and Sasshi say that there are no rules for juniors to follow when treating their seniors, and generally seniors are very kind. MCs probe further and they revealed that some members do buy their own bentos instead of eating catered food like everyone else.

-Darvish Kenji said he’d like to go on dates with Mayuyu at Yokohama’s playgrounds. He had earned 10,000,000yen earlier from royalties of his book “Best of Obama Blog” and thought about buying a car. MCs egged him to buy a Mercedes Benz, and when Mayuyu expressed interest in riding it, he got scared and said “I think i said something out of line.”. He also said he’d like to bring Mayuyu to a love hotel, which caused Yuko to scold him for being a lousy man.

-Sasshi said her constant flying between Fukuoka and Tokyo has allowed her to earn plenty of mileage points in 1 year, which she happily used to fly back to hometown Oita.