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Golden Bomber’s Kyan hugs and kisses a guy during live performance

13 Jan


No one can ever predict what these guys will do.
They are known for doing crazy things like chopping up vegetables on the guitar in the middle of their performance, or even dipping their heads in black ink so they can do calligraphy upside down.
But kissing a guy for an awkwardly lengthy period of time….?
I wonder how the cameraman was able to do his job.

Below is a compilation new performances from Golden Bomber’s new single “101 Kaime no Noroi”.

Countdown TV: 12th Jan 2014

Countdown TV: New Year Special

Music Video


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Golden Bomber’s new single “101 Kaime no Noroi” tops Oricon

13 Jan

4-man visual-kei air band Golden Bomber released their new song “101-kai me no noroi” on the 1st day of the new year and sold 158,000 copies, debuting at #1 on the weekly singles ranking dated January 13. This is their follow-up to last year’s “Dance my Generation” (also released on new year’s day). Their first week sales are up by over 30,000 units from last year’s 125,000. The last indie label artist to rank 1st on Oricon was Mongol800 with “Yorokobi no uta” (2003, 12/22-12/29), and Golden Bomber are the first indie artists to have 2 consecutive singles rank 1st.

Singer, songwriter, and composer Sho Kiryuuin comments: “Thank you very much for purchasing our CD m(_ _)m I truly feel how lucky and blessed we are for having people reach out and buy our CD”.

Their song “Memeshikute” (released October 2009) which they performed at the 64th Kouhaku also broke into the top 100 once again since May 27 of last year (76th) as it ranked in at 58th for the week.

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