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AKB48 2015 Senbatsu Sousenkyo: Aftermath

9 Jun

Sashihara on her most treasured member Sakura “I was the one who raised her.”

In the after concert of AKB48 Group 2015 Senbatsu Sousenkyo, Sashihara Rino declared that Miyawaki Sakura was the most important member to her.

Miyawaki Sakura is the 2nd member from HKT48 to rank in Kami7. Commenting on this, Sashihara said “It’s Kami7, right Sakura? I think i’m the one who raised you!” Sakura looked troubled by this comment and laughed bitterly.

After that, Miyawaki also revealed a tidbit about her 4 year old brother’s reaction to her ranking. “My brother has a girlfriend…Somehow she also congratulated me and he acted all cool about it.”


Background of SKE48’s rise in Sousenkyo

AKB48 41st single will see a huge influx of members from SKE48 participating due to their great performance in Sousenkyo this year. A total of 27 members including SNH48 Miyazawa Sae have ranked in. Behind this is the hidden story of  passionate SKE fans and their anger at SKE’s management.

Helmed by Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena, the group whose popularity is right behind AKB has the least media exposure in the entire 48Group. NMB48 and HKT48 have their own TV shows in their hometowns, but SKE48 has none. Even HKT48, the youngest group in the franchise, has regular shows in the Kantou area.

Other than their theater shows, fans also think SKE48 has too little live events in Nagoya. NMB48 and HKT48 have already gone on tours within 2 years of debut. But it took 7 years for Team KII of SKE48 to go on a concert tour. “Because SKE48 does not have live shows, the fans only have Sousenkyo to spend their money on,” said one fan.

SKE48 also has a rule whereby members are not allowed to take on solo activities. This is because the flagship group AKB48 takes priority. In AKB’s handshake events, the sister groups are all expected to take part so that their reputation of “CD million sellers” can be kept. Because SKE48 members are occupied with these, fans think its the reason why concerts can never happen.

These reasons have ignited the fire in fans’ hearts, leading to the their great showing in this year’s Sousenkyo. How will the management repay the fans?


Akimoto Yasushi scraps original plans for 41st single because of Sashihara’s win

According to the Akimoto Yasushi’s messages posted in SNS application 755, it was revealed that the song for AKB48 41st single will take on a different style because Sashihara had won.

“Yoshimasa, Sashihara is No.1 so the style will change. I need something that is different from the demo tapes i’ve received up till now,”said Akimoto in instructions to the music composer.

Sashihara herself has requested for version 2 of “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”.


Sashihara on Chinese fans

“When we talk about China votes it sounds bad. Not only me, other members have it too. It sounds bad, but i feel China’s favor.”

When asked if she sees China fans in her handshake events,she replied “They really exist, 20% of them are from China.”


Misc interviews from Oricon

Q:What will your next year be like?
Akimoto told me “Even if you are first you won’t be center for subsequent songs.” I will enjoy the next 3 months and use it for myself.

Q:Where would you like to shoot your MV?
Somewhere in Oita. My house is nearby so i can return home.

Q:When will you graduate?
I can’t confirm but if I’d stay for as long as possible.Like Kojiharu san..but my looks won’t allow me to do that.



Shinoda Mariko reveals she voted for Takamina

Shinoda Mariko had apparently voted for AKB48 Group Manager Takahashi Minami for this year’s elections, and had sent her a message over 755(mobile app) to inform her. In return, Takamina said “You are too kind, Mariko sama.”

Fellow graduated member Maeda Atsuko made a surprise appearance during the Sousenkyo to present her with flowers. Itano Tomomi and Akimoto Sayaka also sent her encouraging messages.



Miyazawa Sae says this is her last Sousenkyo?

This was supposed to be my “last” Sousenkyo. There’s no deep meaning to the word “last”, but no one knows what will happen after 1 year. The Sousenkyo is an annual event where fans come together to determine ranks and votes. I don’t want to hastily decline participation without warning, so i’ve already told everyone that this would be the “last”.

I made a clear aim this year — to get my highest ranking ever and Kami7. Even though i didn’t get into Kami7, i received my highest rank together with a personal best in votes. This is a beautiful end.


Rest is just words of gratitude


Who will win if Sousenkyo implements a 1 person 1 vote system?
According to Sashihara herself, 20% of fans come from China.

“Rumors of the ‘chinese bombs’ started from long ago. This year, a picture of a China fan buying 10,000,000 Yen worth of CDs  to vote for Sashihara made its rounds on the Internet, causing a heated discussion. Amongst the fans, it is said that they are aware of ‘rich wotas’ who are willing to do that much for Sashihara. Her confidence is probably due to that.” said a writer for idol magazine.

In recent years, the Sousenkyo has become an event where rich wotas can influence the rankings, resulting in other fans being rather apathetic.

“These are Japan’s idols, but the results is being decided by the rich in China. The small votes are like trash. Honestly this is becoming stupid,” says a veteran fan in his 40s.

With this system, you can’t say that the rankings in Sousenkyo equates to popularity. What happens if a 1-person 1-vote system is implemented? The same writer makes his predictions.

“Many will nominate Watanabe Mayu but she received 35,000 votes from China as reported by Chinese media, so she’s also supported by rich wotas. Kashiwagi Yuki is known for her reputation as a Handshake Queen and in comparison has less China votes. With her ranking in 2nd this time, she’s most certain to win. Dark horse would be Yamamoto Sayaka. In the magazines which feature 48Groups on their covers, hers sell the best,followed by Kashiwagi and Shimazaki.As magazines are cheap, it is a good barometer to gauge popularity.”



AKB48 2015 Senbatsu Sousenkyo ~Unpredictable Rankings, The Tumultuous Night~: Final Results

6 Jun

The AKB48 2015 Senbatsu Sousenkyo was held on 6th June 2015 and the final results are below. I have translated speeches from the upper-ranked girls. If you are looking for the full sousenkyo streaming links, you may wish to check out this channel.



1.HKT48 Sashihara Rino (194,049 votes): I did not think that i’d be able to see this scene again. I am a special presence in AKB Group. I thought that i was a average cute girl when i was a schoolgirl in Oita. However in AKB, i couldn’t become a center and thought about how to become one like Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko.I couldn’t make it. I decided to be Sashihara Rino. I’m ugly and flat chested, nothing is good about me. I got No.1 for helming HKT after being in a scandal. Instead i wanted to be recognised as Sashihara Rino.

There are lots of cute girls in AKB Group. But i was able to win No.1 as a girl without confidence. Everyone in Japan who is like me, whether you are bullied, withdrawn, or caused your parents to worry, when your day doesn’t seem to be working out, please be reminded that a girl like me got No.1 again. It is not a miracle, it is the reward for working hard for the past year.

I am the outcast. I was not the chosen one. Those like me, please be inspired by my ranking and turn it into your confidence. I also want to become the power for everyone.

2. AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki (167,183 votes): This year is my first time aiming for No.1. Unfortunately, i was unable to see this come true. But from now on i will not shy away from things. Takamina’s graduation is coming soon and her absence will be felt. I will support every member in AKB48 Group and grow this group. I will be doing my concurrency with NGT this autumn. I will make it a success.Please support me!

3. AKB48 Watanabe Mayu (165,789 votes): Last year, i had almost 160k votes. This time round i surpassed 160k. I’m already very honoured and thankful. Compared to Takamina san and Maeda san’s touching scene, my appearance may seem very boring.*laughs from commentators*

Last year i got No.1 and received a warm Mayuyu call. Even up till now, i can’t forget that scene. It is my lifelong treasure. I was first last year so looking at the situation i was aiming for a higher position this time – straight win, but since no one has achieved that in the history of AKB, once again i feel the difficulties of realising it. Even though i feel regretful, i am also thankful to the people who have supported me. Even though i wanted a straight win, i had a feeling that it’d be difficult, so i can’t do anything about it. *laughs from commentators*

I’m 3rd, but i won’t be satisfied with things are. As i hate losing, i will work hard and aim higher. So..there’s no more time left? *looks to the MC* Thank you very much!

4. AKB48 Takahashi Minami(137,252 votes): This is my last Sousenkyo. I’ve sent off many members being a first generation myself.During the first year as a member of this group, i realised something. I’m most ill-fitted for this group. There was Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko. They were so popular and charismatic. I wanted to be a singer at first, took alot of auditions but the first group to accept me was AKB. I turned into an idol. I didn’t know how to be cute and gain popularity,but i grew to love this group and wanted to work hard. Gradually I became the General Manager. Then came Sousenkyo. I thought that i shouldn’t aim for No.1. as I was looking out for the future of AKB, thinking about who should be the next center. My aspirations took a backseat, but every member here should be thinking the same thing– to be No.1 . This year’s the first time i wanted to aim for No.1. Even though i didn’t realise this dream, i am very happy from the bottom of my heart.

I thought about what words i should leave in my last Sousenkyo. If you don’t work hard, there is no future. The fans are definitely watching, don’t give up. Hard work will definitely be rewarded, i will prove it to you in future.

-Maeda Atsuko to present her with a bouquet of flowers-

5. SKE48 Matsui Jurina (105,289 votes): Indeed i am still not good enough? *sobs* I wanted to protect this group after Maeda Atsuko, Oshima Yuko, Sashihara Rino and Watanabe Mayu. I entered SKE at the age of 11 and met alot of seniors. Now that I have gotten alot of juniors, so i wanted to stand out and show them there’s someone who they can depend on. I feel really regretful.

6. NMB48 Yamamoto Sayaka (97,866 votes): I got about 60k votes last year, my rank is the same but my votes have increased alot. I feel that the love from fans have deepened, thank you very much.My jobscope increased alot after last year. More people in the streets have recognized me. However, they call me AKB48’s Yamamoto, or NBA’s …i feel like NMB’s existence is not felt yet. That is very regretful. *Goes on to promote NMB*

7. HKT48 Miyawaki Sakura(81,422 votes): Last year i got 11th and was able to enter senbatsu. Thanks to that my dreams have increased. However the speed of my climb is so fast. Even though i caught up, seeing my seniors who are shining brightly all the time, i started to feel my own uselessness.I am troubled, but i don’t know what i’m worrying about. My trips to Tokyo have increased and i’m always by myself. But seeing the fans in this Sousenkyo, once again i feel that you are also with me. HKT48 has been walking on the path that AKB48 opened. It was very fun so far, but we have to stop relying on them.We would like to walk on the path that we create for ourselves.Next year, i want to sit on the throne, i want to show everyone a new AKB.It may be rude of me to say this, but i want to crush AKB! To start things afresh you have to demolish it first, from now i’ll think of my deficiencies and move forward slowly.

8. SNH48/SKE48 Miyazawa Sae (75,495 votes): For this year, i wished for a ranking that can surpass my previous results. This has come true today! I decided to go to Shanghai about 3 years ago. One of the reasons was because i couldn’t surpass the wall that i’d come to face in Sousenkyo. I’m very happy to have overcome it today. 2 years ago, i proudly said that i’d never lose to my juniors in performance. Recently, listening to my juniors, i feel their power. I will never say something like that again.I’m able to perform on stage and in Shanghai because of SKE. Thank you to everyone there.

9. AKB48 Shimazaki Haruka (73,803 votes): *cries* Everyone says i have bad attitude, but i feel thankful for the votes, even though i am not the sort meant to be an idol. I want to pay back everyone.I can’t continue like this, so i will lend the power of my seniors and work together with Yui to bring about the 2nd chapter of AKB. My ranking has dropped so saying this is somewhat…but everyone pls lend some power to members of my generation. I’ve talked way longer than last year, so i will end my speech now.

10. AKB48 Yokoyama Yui (63,414 votes): I was ranked 20th during the prelims. As the next General Manager of the group, i felt really useless. But again, i feel everyone’s support during Sousenkyo. *spends long time at a loss of words* I will work hard with everyone to continue AKB48’s legacy into the next 5,10, or even 100 years. *grows longwinded and Takamina shouts for her to stop*

11. NGT48 Kitahara Rie (61,566 votes): I returned after 2 years! This is my highest ranking in the history of Sousenkyo.I think i can hold my head high now and head towards Niigata. I hope my fans will follow me and i hope the people of Niigata will wait for me. I will not embarrass you with my future activities. Finally, please don’t cover my speech with CMs!

12. NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki (55,750 votes): Seeing my rival Sayanee moving on all the time, i wondered if i can no longer keep up. But my fans are always here for me. Last year, I won Janken and was able to move forward bit by bit. There are lots more NMB members worth watching. To all the fans, i will shoulder NMB and fight. In a change of topic, my grandmother and mother are here watching today. Today i will treat my family to dinner. Thanks to my family and fans for always supporting me.

13. SKE48 Matsumura Kaori(53,667 votes): I’ve finally entered senbatsu! I’ve been balding all these time! I went through treatment and now i’ve recovered. I have a cap on so you can’t see it. Thank you very much! (*commentators are like @#$@%!) As Takamina said, hard work will be rewarded.Even though she’s always teased for it, i believe in this phrase. As the oldest member in SKE, i want to work harder.

14. SKE48 Takayanagi Akane(52,609 votes): I’ve been in SKE48’s senbatsu for a long time, but my position in formation is dropping all the time. I understand i have to support the younger generations, but i’ve always felt regretful. Fans are worried i will graduate, but i can say with a smile now that i’ve entered senbatsu? My mum was always worried about my camera time on music shows. This time can i’m glad that i’ve offered some sort of filial piety?

15. SKE48 Shibata Aya(49,199 votes): The SKE48 i’m in is the best idol group. As long as i’m around, i will work hard to help you discover SKE members.This year, i will work hard to reduce my stare when the camera points at me.

16. AKB48 Muto Tomu(44,637 votes): I’m very happy. People thought i’d quit first among my generation. But i climbed my way slowly into Senbatsu. The Sousenkyo is a chance for my name to be remembered once a year.This position is very special to me. I still feel uncomfortable in this position, but i feel relieved knowing fans will follow me.

[Under Girls]

17. HKT48 Kodama Haruka(43,985 votes):I wanted to rank in senbatsu and sing alongside Sakura and Sasshi. But my rank has gone up from last year, so i am very thankful. When i first entered HKT, i was chosen as the center. By the time it came to our debut single, another member was chosen as center. I thought i didn’t have it in me to support the group. I worked with the name of ex-center in my heart. Last year i was chosen as center for the 4th single. I was so happy, and wanted to lead the group next with my head held high. I love my hometown Fukuoka, so my love for Hakata will never lose to others. I want to aim higher so i can enter senbatsu next time.

18. SKE48 Suda Akari(43,665 votes): I looked forward to this day.I couldn’t protect my position this year. For sure, I thought, fans would put me in senbatsu, would continue to look at me wherever i go, but apparently I didn’t put in enough hard work. I had always worked my hardest, though there has been times when i had reached my limits. I wanted to see your smiles and i didn’t want to disappoint. But in the midst of it i must have forgotten how to enjoy myself. I knew that is most important for an idol, but because i didn’t do it, my rank dropped. From now on, as long as there are fans who follow me, i will change everything into smiles.Thank you very much.

19. AKB48 Minegishi Minami (35,506 votes):I have entered AKB for the 10th year now and received many chances. I have missed many chances as well and my fault resulted in me dropping out of Senbatsu. The cost – my fans’ happiness and lesser chances to work with Takamina who is graduating this year and Kojiharu whose graduation decision is unclear. Actually, i wanted to work in the frontline of AKB for even 1 second longer. This time i couldn’t reach my goal of Senbatsu, but i will work harder.

20. SKE48 Oya Masana 30,021 votes

21. HKT48 Tomonaga Mio 28,197 votes

22. AKB48 Kizaki Yuria 26,994 votes

23. SKE48 Tani Marika 26,051 votes

24. SKE48 Furuhata Nao 25,650 votes

25.AKB48 Takahashi Juri 25,421 votes

26. AKB48 Kojima Mako 25,110 votes

27. SKE48 Oba Mina 24,708 votes

28. AKB48 Kato Rena 24,569 votes

29. AKB48 Okada Nana 23,237 votes

30. AKB48 Takajo Aki  22,502 votes

31. HKT48 Fuchigami Mai 22,487 votes

32. HKT48 Tashima Meru 22,191  votes

[Next Girls] 

33. HKT48 Anai Chihiro

34. NMB48 Shiroma Miru

35. NMB48 Fujie Reina

36. NMB48 Jonishi Kei

37. HKT48 Sakaguchi Riko

38. SKE48 Futamura Haruka

39. AKB48 Uchiyama Natsuki

40. NMB48 Yagura Fuuko

41. HKT48 Ota Aika

42. HKT48 Okada Kanna

43. HKT48 Moriyasu Madoka

44. AKB48 Mukaichi Mion

45. SKE48 Miyamae Ami

46. HKT48 Kojina Yui

47. AKB48 Tano Yuuka

48. SKE48 Kimoto Kanon

[Future Girls] 

49. SKE48 Sato Sumire: I hope my ranking will give the mid generation members some hope. I may be transferred again, but no matter where go, i’ll work hard!

50. AKB48 Sasaki Yukari

51. HKT48 Matsuoka Natsumi

52. SKE48 Goto Risako

53. SKE48 Isohara Kyoka

54. NMB48 Kotani Riho

55. SKE48 Souda Sarina

56. NMB48 Umeda Ayaka

57. AKB48 Mogi Shinobu

58. NMB48 Shibuya Nagisa

59. NMB48 Kato Yuuka

60. NMB48 Yabushita Shu

61. SKE48 Azuma Rion

62. SKE48 Kato Rumi

63. SKE48 Yamaguchi Suzuran

64. NMB48 Yoshida Akari

[Upcoming Girls]

65. SKE48 Saito Makiko

66. SKE48 Kitagawa Ryoha

67. AKB48 Omori Miyu

68. SKE48 Umemoto Madoka

69. AKB48 Nagao Mariya

70. SKE48 Kamata Natsuki

71. AKB48 Ishida Haruka

72. HKT48 Ueki Nao

73. SKE48 Kumazaki Haruka

74. NMB48 Tanigawa Airi

75. AKB48 Owada Nana

76. SKE48 Takeuchi Mai

77. SKE48 Ishida Anna

78. AKB48 Shinozaki Ayana

79. NMB48 Ichikawa Miori

80. HKT48 Motomura Aoi


Watanabe Mayu’s portrait goes on display in AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo Museum

3 Jun

AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo Museum opened to the public on the 2nd June and members Takahashi Minami, Kashiwagi Yuki, Yokoyama Yui, Sashihara Rino and Miyawaki Sakura were present for the ceremony.

It is tradition for the museum to be open to public before the elections every year and this year the opening period is from 3 June to 21 June. Inside, you can see election posters, costumes and the portraits of winners from yester years. On this day, the portrait of Watanabe Mayu, who won the 2014 General Elections, was unveiled for the first time.


The members were unable to hide their excitement when they saw Mayu’s portrait, exclaiming that it looks exactly the same as her photo. “So cute! As expected, if you’re a beauty it turns out beautiful,” said Takamina. Sashihara retorted with “Who are you calling ugly?” (This is in reference to her portrait beside which supposedly comes from the same painter.)

During the opening ceremony, the members also wrote down their feelings about the upcoming elections.

Yukirin: I want to cry.
“I’m don’t get emotional whether it’s a happy or sad situation.This year i want to cry from the happiness of seeing good results.”

Yokoyama: I want to make a speech in the best condition.
“I’m aiming for Kami7, but during the preliminaries i was ranked 20. If i can improve my results, it’d be overwhelming so i hope to maintain my physical condition first.”

Sakura: Crush the Kami walls.
“I’m aiming for Kami7 this year, so it’d be good if i can get in.”

Sasshi: I won’t lose to Yukirin.
“Because this year she was ranked No.2 in the prelims. Actually we are so friendly recently that there’s no sense of rivalry at all.”

Takamina: I don’t know if I should say the words “Hard work will definitely be rewarded”
“I don’t know if i should say it during my graduation live or at the sousenkyo. Afterall the speech u leave during sousenkyo is important.”

AKB48 General Elections 2015: Final look at China fans’ campaigns

29 May

Final Edit – Final votes reported for all except Jurina. (Don’t read if you think it’s gonna be spoilers.)

I thought i’d give the international fans a deeper understanding on how the Chinese campaigns work, since last year it was widely reported that the Chinese fans had a hand in pushing Watanabe Mayu to the throne. This suggests that the elections are no longer a domestic affair, but how much support will the Chinese fans give this time?

Below is a list of Group48 members who have got significant campaigning going on in the Baidu Tieba threads(fyi that is where the activities are concentrated). I have ranked them based on how much funds their fans have contributed so far. *Note that these funds is not all-inclusive since there may be other campaigns who don’t report their earnings, and there will be fans who choose to vote directly instead of participating in crowd-funding. Fan clubs will announce the number of votes they’ve contributed before final results.

7. Yamamoto Sayaka

Amassed funds: 125,000RMB
Reported Votes: 2500  4647
Sayanee entered Kami7 last year and is now the handshake queen of 48G. However, her explosion of popularity in Japan is in stark contrast to the growth in her chinese fanbase. Much like the fans from her hometown of Osaka, her chinese fans seem apathetic and not at all interested in pushing her to the top.

6. Takahashi Minami

Amassed funds: 228,817 283,476 RMB
Reported Votes: 4576  5957
Takamina wants to aim for No.1 this year before she resigns in December. Her fans are reportedly quite happy now that they have amassed funds equivalent to last year, but they are equally aware that this amount will at best keep her in 9th place, not any higher. Lets just say that the Japanese fans will have much work to do if they want Takamina to see her wish being granted.

5. Shimazaki Haruka

Amassed funds: 462,601 RMB
Reported Votes: 9252 12,675
Paruru’s fans are the most creative when it comes to running campaigns. One of them is so fun that i’d find it hard not to participate. Basically they’ve created this imaginary restaurant called “Paruru Cafe” and the menu only has 2 items – the Salty combo or Sweet combo. The Salty combo consists of Shio Ramen,French Onion Soup, Croissant, Salty Popcorn and Salt Soda Drink while the Sweet combo consists of Borscht,Sukiyaki,Melon Buns,Almond Sweets and Juice. Each combo costs 111 RMB, and whilst you don’t really get to eat anything, you can see eventually which combo is more popular amongst fans – guesses anyone?

4. Miyawaki Sakura

Amassed funds: 400,000 RMB
Reported Votes: 8000 12,591
I previously posted that Sakura had only 10,000RMB worth of amassed funds. It turns out that she had more than that. The entire Sakura camp(including Japanese fans) are working hard to land her at Kami5 this year. It is said that her vote count will reach 80,000.

3. Sashihara Rino

Amassed funds: 661,345 674,898 RMB
Reported Votes: 13,226 14,046
Sashihara has the smallest fanbase amongst all the other Kami level members in 48 Group. According to her site, the 35,000 number of followers is only about 1/7 of Takamina’s followers. However, it seems like they are the ones proving that action(and perhaps wealth) is what matters, since they’ve easily surpassed Takamina’s funds more than 3 times.

Sashihara has promised to do a swimsuit concert this year if she wins the elections.

2. Matsui Jurina 

Amassed funds: 760,000 RMB
Vote Equivalent: 15,200 (*No final report.)
Much of the lobbying this year is centered around talk of Jurina turning 18, how they don’t want to make her cry, and how after this year she’ll have no more excuse to use her age as the reason for aiming No.1. There is not much fanfare about her campaigns, simply pleas asking fans to help fulfill the target.

Meanwhile, Jurina herself has promised to take on the “punishment” of riding on what may be the world’s scariest roller coaster – ACROBAT, if she does not take the crown this year.

1. Kashiwagi Yuki

Amassed funds: 1,200,000 RMB
Reported Votes: 24,000  38,000
If we were to talk about the fanbase who will go all out for their idol this year, it would probably be Yukirin’s. Ahead of the sousenkyo preliminary results announcement, her chinese fanbase have already surpassed last year’s standards and are even making Mayu fans panic.

According to Yukirin’s interview in the Sousenkyo Guidebook, it was mentioned that she has never specifically asked for a position as she wanted to “leave an exit route for herself”, in case she fell. Now that she’s one of the older members and probably wouldn’t have much chances to participate in Sousenkyo anymore, she wants to “push herself to the edge” and aim for the top. Yukirin has promised to challenge an event worthy of Sashihara’s swimsuit concert if she wins the elections.

0. Watanabe Mayu

Amassed funds: ~930,000 RMB in May 2015
Vote Equivalent:18,600 (*No final report.) 34,000 (Updated as of June 2016)

I didn’t give Watanabe Mayu a ranking because her campaign results is quite a mystery! What i listed here is the funds accumulated in May 2015. How much they’ve accumulated in the dark is unknown.

If you ask me how Mayuyu’s campaign is faring so far, i’d say that the enthusiasm is still there, judging by the variety of campaigns which started in the New Year. My favorite campaign is one where fans donate private items(cosmetics,anime collectibles etc) to those who participated in the crowdfunding.

However, there are lots of complaints about sabotaging going on, or journalists harassing the big voters, fans withdrawing their votes etc. Their team has decided to keep the results private this year.

50 lucky ladies learn about Kojima Haruna’s fashion tips at photobook event

22 May

Following the “Kojima Haruna and 50 Bridegrooms” event previously, another event “Kojima Haruna and 50 ‘What to do?’ Ladies” was held specially for the ladies to celebrate 150,000 copies of Kojima’s photobook being sold.

On this day, 50 lucky female fans wore a black one piece dress (like that worn by Kojima on the cover of her photobook) and learnt hair and makeup tricks to look like Kojima. They were also able to ask Kojima personal questions like what she does in her private time.

“When i get home i switch on the TV and just lie there without doing anything. I don’t do glamorous stuff,” she laughed.

She also gifted some lucky fans with personal items like earrings, wallets and clothes, moving some to tears.


In the same event she was asked about fellow members’ preliminary sousenkyo rankings.

Q: Did you talk to fellow No Sleeves members Takahashi Minami and Minegishi Minami?
Takamina had work to do so i didn’t talk to her about it. As for Minegishi, i sent her a LINE message.

Q: Do you want to participate ?
No. If Takamina were to rank first and center the next single, i’d be sad not being able to participate. That’s why even though i want her to win, i also don’t want her to become No.1. It’s complicated.

Q:What other members are you looking out for?
Shiichan who is in 80th place. The event is taking place in her hometown of Fukuoka and she said her parents are coming. Even though 80th place is on the edge, i wish that she can rank in the finals. Also, Shinozaki Ayana. I was so happy she ranked at 43rd that i sent her a LINE message. This girl really likes me and feels like the fan closes to me.


Kashiwagi Yuki promises something for the fans if she gets No.1 in upcoming Sousenkyo

22 May

AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki(23), who was revealed to be in the 2nd position in the preliminary results of the AKB48 General Elections 2015 has promised something for the fans if she does manage to win it.

“I find it hard to tell people to vote for me because it’s the last time. I don’t know if it’ll be the last time, but i’m most serious this time,” she said.

When asked to bet on something like HKT48 Sashihara Rino, who has promised to hold a swimsuit concert if she wins, Kashiwagi showed some precaution and said “I know Tokyo Sports’ battles with Kojima san! Sasshi’s swimsuit concert has really got me. I’ll think of something that is worthy of Sasshi’s challenge. I will announce it when i win!”

Somewhat worried, she ended with “I think what i said here will grow into something big…”


Preliminary Results for AKB48 General Elections 2015

21 May

AKB48 reactions

SKE48 reactions

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Preliminary voting results were announced after a stage show at the Akihabara theater yesterday. These results only show the standings of members based on first day of voting. Fans will have until 5th June 2015 3pm JPT to vote.

Top 16 members

  1. Sashihara Rino (38,151 votes) Growth: 101.5%
  2. Kashiwagi Yuki (33,426 votes) Growth: 193.6%
  3. Watanabe Mayu (29,924 votes) Growth: 118.4%
  4. Matsui Jurina (26,901 votes) Growth: 116.9%
  5. Yamamoto Sayaka (22,532 votes)  Growth: 152.3%
  6. Takahashi Minami (21,900 votes) Growth: 243.2%
  7. Shimazaki Haruka (17,921 votes) Growth: 115.5%
  8. Kodama Haruka (15,722 votes) Growth: 159.1%
  9. Shibata Aya (15,667 votes) Growth: 127.0%
  10. Kitahara Rie (14,476 votes) Growth: 168.6%
  11. Tani Marika (14,324 votes)
  12. Miyawaki Sakura (13,169 votes)
  13. Miyazawa Sae (12,225 votes)
  14. Matsumura Kaori (11,746 votes)
  15. Fuchigami Mai (11,637 votes)
  16. Takayanagi Akane (11,382 votes)


The fight between the top 3 girls is so close! While Sashihara’s votes does not seem to have grown at all, Yukirin’s fans are clearly fighting to push her to the top. Takamina’s fans are working the hardest this time so she may end up back in Kami7 instead of the new hype Sakura. 

Regular faces aside, it’s shocking to see SKE48 Tani Marika and HKT48 Fuchigami Mai in the Top 16. I can understand why variety talent Tani might be in, but who is this Fuchigami Mai? I also love the fact that SKE48’s Takayanai Akane is in this list. She’s as much of a SKE48 face as WMatsui and should have entered senbatsu a long time ago. Hope her fans keep up this momentum!

50 fans experience getting married with Kojima Haruna

20 May

AKB48 Kojima Haruna(27) marked sales of 150,000 for her photobook “Dousuru?” with a special event for fans on the 18th May 2015. This event is titled “Kojima Haruna and 50 Bridegrooms”.

As suggested, 50 lucky fans who bought Kojima’s photobook were chosen to attend a reception where they would experience getting married to Kojima Haruna. Kojima turned up in complete wedding dress and took a photo with all 50 bridegrooms. Pictures of her growing up were played on a screen and she even cut the wedding cake to make the whole experience more realistic. “I’m happy to be surrounded by men dressed in such a beautiful dress,” she said.

Having just turned 27 on the 19th April, Kojima confessed to feeling worried since it is said that wearing a wedding dress before getting married would jinx her chances in future. “I feel the crisis. Once i graduate, when i think about meeting people, there’s not much time.”

Kojima also expressed excitement when talking about blind meetings. “I want to do them! My ideal type is someone kind, funny, and calm.Someone who doesn’t expect anything of me.”

When Tokyo Sports offered to help her source for the ideal partner, she said “Your choices can’t be reliable. No way!” When asked if she found the ideal partner in any of the 50 fans who attended her event today, she also denied.

On this day figure skater Asada Mao announced her return to competitive skating. When asked if she had decided to graduate yet, Kojima said “Hmm….For me, it’s also half half!” (She’s actually mimicking Asada Mao who once said her chances of continuing skating is 50-50.

On the upcoming Sousenkyo which will take place on 6th June at Fukuoka’s Yafuoku Dome, Kojima said that she’d probably not be able to see anything from outside. “I will go to the event location but I’m not sure,” she laughed.

Kojima also said that she hopes fellow first generation member Takahashi Minami(24) would place first, and also showed her support for Minegishi Minami.

Official cover of AKB48 Sousenkyo Guide Book 2015

1 May

This year’s Sousenkyo Guide Book features General Manager Takahashi Minami(24) as the center.

The positioning of members on this cover reflects predictions from the editiorial team and Watanabe Mayu(21) is expected to rank 2nd, followed by Sashihara Rino(22) in 3rd. The editiorial staff talked about how they came to this conclusion.

“She is challenging No.1 for the first time and her graduation this December has fans voicing their regret and support. This will be the most beautiful ending for her.”



Well if you’re planning to purchase the 2015 Sousenkyo Guide Book then remember to act fast, because i remember this was sold out everywhere last year!

CDJapan: AKB48 Sousenkyo Official Guide Book 2015


[Updated]AKB48 40th single music video is an action packed blockbuster

28 Apr

[Updated with Full Music Video!!!]

[PV] AKB48 40th Single – Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai [M-ON! HD] [Full Ver.]

The director behind this MV is none other than Ohtomo Keishi, the same director behind the “Rurouni Kenshin” live action movies. To create this MV, he had gathered 100 over staff from the “Rurouni Kenshin” production team. It was the first time for AKB to unveil their MV at a cinema,and member Shimazaki Haruka expressed her happiness at being appointed center for this song.

To welcome the 10th anniversary and 40th single, it was revealed that a budget comparable to a movie was set aside for this 12-minute long masterpiece. The members start off by strutting on a runway in glamorous fashion, but the director wants everyone to lookout for the actions scenes, which show the members getting up despite receiving multiple blows. To prepare the members for these scenes, he had them undergo days of intensive training.

“Idols change as you film,it is their unique quality, so i got interested in seeing what will happen if I assembled a team to attack them for real. As i wanted to see their most desperate expressions, i went for it without crossing the limits,” said Director Ohtomo.

As the members were kicked or punched at, the hurt on their faces were filmed. Kashiwagi Yuki said “I didn’t notice it, but was the girl in the screaming scene me? I’m happy that the unseen side of me was shown.”

Shimazaki Haruka added “Even though the dance choreography was difficult to remember, the action and killing scenes this time was tough.I practiced during my free time. I thought i was going to watch an MV, but it turned out to be a movie. I was dumbfounded. When i realised it, tears had started flowing.”

Talking about the changes from previous years, where the pre-elections single always stuck to the themes of sea/beach/swimwear, Director Ohtomo said “I want to show something different, like the girls’ seriousness. Their appeal is not only in swimsuits.”