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Itano Tomomi aims for No.1 with “Sayonara Crawl” single

15 May

On the latest episode of “Kayou Kyouku”, the girls were interviewed about their 31st single “Sayonara Crawl”, set to release on 22nd May.

MC Nakai: I thought Itano is quitting?!
Tomochin: It’s my last election, so i’ll take part in all the activities in the meantime.
MC Nakai: What are you aiming for in this election?
Tomochin: My target…is getting No.1! (Everyone claps)
Tomochin: I’m joking!!!

Full PV of AKB48 31st single “Sayonara Crawl”

15 May

Alright, i’ve been off for a few days trying to set up the blogger site for AllThingsJpop..sorry for the lack of activity here but i’m now back with the full PV of AKB48’s 31st single Sayonara Crawl!

Most jpop sites have not posted this yet so consider it a treat for all my loyal readers!

Shot in Okinawa this year,”Sayonara Crawl” includes 33 senbatsu girls from the various 48 groups, and Oshima Yuko, Watanabe Mayu, Itano Tomomi, Shimazaki Haruka as the 4 centers. In the opening scene, the girls are seen in an aquarium, enjoying the views of aqua-life beyond a floor-length tank. Here, the director starts to build a sisterly theme to the PV by pairing up the older-younger members, which is somewhat similar to the pairings in “Manatsu no Sounds Good“. The girls get very excited upon seeing certain fishes, and SCREAM. I understand if they get high on TV, but they didn’t need to scream in an aquarium right?

Scene transits to the beach, where the girls donned in flowery bikinis begin dancing, with colorful balloons and the blue sea as the background. It is a refreshing change to see so many colors since “Manatsu no Sounds Good!”,but the director might have overdone it because flowers are everywhere! From the flower rings on the girls’ heads to the flower petals in the swimming pool, i suspect this director is more interested in filming flowers rather than the girls. I mean, she even included solo shots of flowers in the PV!

Fortunately, we get some interesting shots of the pairs in Mayuyu-Yuko, Jurina-Mariko, Paruru-Tomochin, Rena-Rena, Kojiharu-Iriyama, Yokoyama-Kawaei, Kashiwagi-?, Sashihara-?. I really like these 2-shots because most of these pairings reflect a real bond that exists in private between these members. However, the bed scenes of Mayuyu-Yuko and Kojiharu-Iriyama are really…erm…questionable.

On to the screentime! Due to the large number of senbatsu members, it was really hard to find shots of members without a pairing. Akicha, Miyazawa Sae,  Kitahara Rie for example, only appeared in probably 1 frame of the entire PV. The HKT48 centers – Sakura, Meru, Kodama had much more exposure compared to last year, but the biggest winner probably goes to Shimazaki Haruka, who got lots of screentime as one of the 4 centers. What a far cry from “Manatsu no Sounds Good!” last year, cos i didn’t even know who she was back then!
If you are interested in purchasing the elections single “Sayonara Crawl”, click on the pics below to purchase!

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