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Staff version of “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” MV becomes popular, “Sashiko is unnecessary” theory arises

7 Aug

AKB48 is releasing their 32nd single “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” on the 21st Aug. Meanwhile, various staff across the 48 groups have come together to film their own MV for the song. Their MV was published on the official AKB48 YouTube account 2 weeks ago, and has since received almost 2.5 million views. What’s interesting is, the MV received raving reviews even when new Queen Sashihara Rino(HKT48) wasn’t there. Fans have started discussing her seemingly irrelevant role in this single.

In the official MV,  Sashihara Rino is featured as the center for having won this year’s AKB48 General Elections. For the staff version of the MV, group general manager Togasaki(39) takes over as the center.

On the internet, netizens are  raising doubts like:
“I think it’s ok if Sashiko is not the center?”
“Can the Sashihara’s MV surpass the staff version?”

It seems also that fans who voted for Sashihara in this year’s general elections are regretting their actions.
“I voted for her, but indeed she’s not suited for center position.”

As the fans’ voices continue to spread through various AKB sites, internal staff are also starting to lose their trust in new Queen Sashiko.

A spokesperson in the entertainment circle says “Even if you have no dance skills, this song can easily be followed by adults or children. That is why a staff version of the MV was made. But, this kind of overwhelming reception was unexpected. If i were to say it frankly, center Sashihara is not needed?”

After hearing various comments about the popularity of the staff version MV, Sashihara responded shortly “eh…..I’m not needed?If my MV loses to the staff version in views, then the netizens are going to write things like i lost to staff right? It’s all going to be my fault either way..”


Check out the official version of Sashiko’s PV here and let me know what you think!

Covers for AKB48 32nd single “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”

22 Jul

Today, the jacket covers for AKB48’s 32nd single “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” was revealed. The girls worked with controversial photographer Leslie Kee, who has photographed celebs from the likes of Lady Gaga to Ayumi Hamasaki.

As you can see below, the cover jackets feature not only the members, but also famous products of Fukuoka, such as Mentaiko, Tonkotsu Ramen, Amaou Strawberry, and more.





I don’t know about you, but these covers are so colorful and pretty! Loving WMatsui in the first picture where they are posing with colorful shawls. I hope they continue using Leslie Kee in future singles…

Also, if you’re looking to buy the version with Shinoda Mariko/Itano Tomomi’s graduation songs, please purchase Type B!


Click on the links below for tracklists and purchasing:

Compilation of AKB48 “Koisuru Fortune Cookies” performances

14 Jul

Yet another performance from ….


24hr TV

Music Dragon

Ichiban Song Show


Kayou Kyouku – Shinoda Mariko Graduation Special

With Miichan, Kitahara Rie, Renacchi, Kawaei, Muto Tomu

Music Station

Music Japan

Kayou Kyoku

The Music Day Ongaku no Chikara

Music Station Summer Special

Ongaku no Hi


Updating with the links to purchase:

AKB48 flaunts fruit fashion in new perf of “Koisuru Fortune Cookies”

6 Jul

Here’s the 2nd live of AKB48’s 32nd single “Koisuru Fortune Cookies”, this time with the full senbatsu from 5th General Elections!

Just when I thought their wardrobe can’t get more colorful than this, these girls came back with something more outlandish and bizarre. What’s with the fruits in their hair and the excessive flowery prints on their costumes? And the glitter..i’m not sure if the theme is Hawaiian or 80s disco fashion here. Not that i hate it,  i like how cute some turned out with their dango hairstyles.

Yuko with mangoes, Mariko with dragonfruits and Kojiharu with acorns.

Jurina joins in the dango look using coconuts.

Sasshi(middle) fails to look cute despite having a whole platter of fruits on her head.

Moving on, i have lots to say about this time’s cameraman. As much as Sasshi is the center, why did he focus so much on her? It was like:

Scene 1: Left Profile of Sasshi
Scene 2: Right Profile of Sasshi
Scene 3: Center Profile of Sasshi
Scene 4: Other member with Sasshi in the background
Scene 5: Another member with Sasshi in the background

After giving her ample screentime, he had to end the performance with a super closed up shot of Sasshi’s eyebags. I don’t know what’s the agenda for giving Sasshi so much airtime, but i certainly expected Music Station to be more professional than this.

A collation of netizen comments:
“Sasshi isn’t suited for center! Disgusting! Half of the airtime was hers. Getting angrier the more i watch.”
“Even Acchan didn’t get so much airtime when she was center.”
“The rest of the girls looks so pretty next to her.”
“The eyebags at the end..”
“This center really knows how to grab attention.”
“The cameraman is drunk?”

If you watch the performance several times over, you’ll also notice that Sasshi was the only one who kept pouting while others smiled or winked. I understand she was trying to be cute, but shouldn’t she try to blend in more with the others with a smile instead?

Now, lets talk about the member who stole the limelight this time:
“Paruru at 1:02 is so cute!”
“I want to see Mayuyu with dango hair!”
“Mayuyu is so cute when she’s turning around!”
“Mayuyu’s so cute and calm/stable!”

I had previously pointed out Yuko as the member who stole the limelight in the first performance of “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”. Looking at the comments this time, the winner is undoubtedly Mayuyu. Indeed, it seems like she was back in Center mode after a lacklustre performance previously. Watch the performance and let me know what you think!


If you’re interested in AKB48’s 32nd single, here are the links to purchase:

First perf of AKB48 32nd single “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”

30 Jun

So the first live performance of AKB48 32nd single “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” was revealed on Ongaku no Hi yesterday. This is the song which stars Sashihara Rino as the center after she won the AKB48 5th General Elections. To be frank, i was expecting something interesting since Oshima Yuko said she is curious about how comedic AKB48 will turn into. However, this song is quite the opposite. It is mainstream like Gingham Check – love song, bright and cheerful. However, the tune is rather retro and just plain boring. It doesn’t help that Sashihara is serving as center because she looks so awkward in that position. I give her credit for dancing harder and trying to look cute, but sometimes it’s the aura that makes a center. That said, Oshima Yuko is shining in the performance! Can anyone ever replace Oshima Yuko? I’m a Mayuyu fan but i think she’s not there yet.





Translated Lyrics:

I like you, but you’re not interested in me.
I’m prepared to fall out of love again…Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
There are alot of cute girls around you.
You’ll never notice a plain flower like me…Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

When i listen to the music playing in the cafeteria,
Unknowingly i start to move to the rhythm.
I can’t stop my feelings, come on come on come on baby!
Lets do some fortune telling!

I’m in love with fortune cookies.
The future is not so bad!
Hey Hey Hey…Hey Hey Hey…
My life isn’t over, miracles have yet to occur.
I have a feeling we will love each other someday.

Come on come on come on baby!
Lets do some fortune telling!

I’m in love with fortune cookies.
The future is not so bad!
Hey Hey Hey…(!@$@#$@???)
My dear fortune cookie,
Let me be lucky today.
Hey Hey Hey..Hey Hey Hey…
My life isn’t over, miracles have yet to occur.
I have a feeling we will love each other someday.


Updating with the links to purchase: