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Compilation of AKB48 38th single “Kibouteki Refrain” performances

21 Nov

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Best Hits Song Festival 2014

MVs of AKB48 38th Single “Kibouteki Refrain”

13 Nov

This is kinda old as i was busy for some time, but must still make a point to post this!

Love this MV! The return of Acchan, Yuko, Mariko and Tomochin is like a big bonus to old fans. In this MV, they take on the role of guardians to the 48-group, preventing the masked men from stealing the golden microphones, which has to be kept in the hands of centers Mayu and Sakura. I especially love Yuko’s cool action scenes, and the way she turned her back on the masked men when they stole the bag from her. You can add 100 fresh girls to this senbatsu but i’d still prefer scenes of the golden girls!


And this is the performance version of the PV.


Type D Kojizaka46 – Kaze No Razen
This seems like another drama PV, focusing on Kojima Haruna’s influence in the unit “Kojizaka46”. In the PV, the Nogizaka girls walk into an office requesting to do a live, but staff aren’t interested until they mentioned that Kojiharu will be joining them for the live. However, they won’t be getting any logistical support since this is an unofficial unit. When they mentioned these difficulties to Kojiharu, she seemed not the least concerned and asked them what they were worrying about. What will the ending be like?


Type B Yuri Gumi – Ambulance
I have no idea how this group came about, but this is a bizarre PV where the girls dress up as nurses, alas in sexy outfits. The group is made up of largely sister group members, and front girls are Sato Sumire, Fujie Reina, who were originally from AKB48 but transferred out in the grand shuffle this year.


Type A Bara Gumi – Ima, Happy
This is very obviously the young, fresh group, with representatives from the various sister groups. A quick glance and you can make out the NakoMiku twins from HKT48, Kitagawa Ryoha from SKE48, and the really popular girls from Team 4 this year. As for the song, it is just a typical bubble pop song not even worth listening to.


Type C Katorea Gumi – Utaitai
This is also a very interesting PV, as the concept is like a musical. The key members seem to be made up of the older girls like Kitahara Rie, Umeda Ayaka, Kuramochi Asuka, Takajo Aki, while center is Shibata Aya. The song is a nice ballad so overall the girls will get to show off their acting/vocal skills. Seems like an attempt to help these girls graduate and move on with their future careers!

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[Updated]Golden girls of AKB48 return in 38th single “Kibouteki Refrain” Music Video

13 Nov

AKB48 38th Single [Kibouteki Refrain] (FULL MV.) from Valen S. on Vimeo.

In what may be a very shocking but pleasant surprise, AKB48’s graduated golden girls Maeda Atsuko, Shinoda Mariko, Itano Tomomi and Oshima Yuko were featured in the music video of AKB48 38th single “Kibouteki Refrain”, set to release 26th November.
Starting with Takahashi Minami, the centers in the history of AKB48 showed up one after another, running a relay race to pass on 2 golden microphones. This action signifies the passing on of the center position. Watanabe Mayu and Miyawaki Sakura eventually receive the microphones and perform live with the rest of the senbatsu members.
There are lots of running scenes in this music video, which is also the theme for the jacket covers.
The single comes in 4 types in both regular and limited editions. Kojizaka46(centered by Kojima Haruna) will also have their first original song “Kaze no Razen” plus MV included in Type D.
Still Cuts
Jacket Covers

Kojizaka46 makes a debut with original song “Kaze no Razen”

18 Oct

Kojima Haruna, who earned herself much spotlight with self-created subunit Kojizaka46 during the recent AKB48 5th Janken Tournament, made an official debut with her group during a Nogizaka46 concert on 15th October.

Making a surprise appearance onstage together with 5 other members whom she initially recruited for the Jankan Tournament, she first introduced the group before announcing the rest of the senbatsu members.

After that, they performed Kojizaka46’s original song “Kaze no Razen”.

“Even though i didn’t request for it, somehow only my choreography was made easy,” Kojima revealed, drawing laughter from the audience.

Kojizaka46 was initially meant to disband after the Janken Tournament, whether Kojima won or lost. However, with support from the Nogizaka46 members, including Ikoma Rina who was recruited during the Janken event, Kojima was able to progress to the final rounds. “I was able to come thus far with the support of you, so I won’t disband even if I win,” she said.

The song will be included as a coupling track in AKB48’s 38th single “Kibouteki Refrain”, to be released 26th November.


Firstly, i love that Nogizaka style flowing skirt. It looks so elegant and the pastel blue is so pleasing on the eyes!The dance looks very graceful too and i’m glad they made it simple for Kojiharu because i can’t imagine her juggling Center of Kojizaka, Center of Janken Coupling Song, and Senbatsu of Kibouteki Refrain all at the same time. I can’t wait to hear the full song….read elsewhere the lyrics actually make the song sound like a graduation song?

Purchase the AKB48 38th Single “Kibouteki Refrain” here:
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First performance of AKB48 38th single “Kibouteki Refrain”

5 Oct

Centers Miyawaki Sakura and Watanabe Mayu

AKB48 performed their new single “Kibouteki Refrain” during TBS “All Star Thanksgiving Festival” show yesterday.

As reported earlier, the senbatsu for this single consisted 32 members, with many younger generations being included for the first time. According to fan accounts on the Internet, this huge senbatsu was divided into 2 groups during the filming of their music video. The regular faces formed Group A(aka media senbatsu), whilst the rest formed Group B. It was therefore quite a surprise when a mixture of members from Group A and B showed up for the first TV performance.

Netizens were rather excited about the new song since it proved to be worthy of the “kami”(legendary) status which producer Akimoto Yasushi had promised. With a catchy and energetic tune, the audience(actors/actresses/talents/comedians) also joined in by waving their penlights.

What do you guys think about the last AKB48 song of 2014?

Lyric Translation:

When i turn around this corner
Why do i know that you’ll be here?
Across the rays of sunlight,
I can tell that you’re coming near.
If this is true love, there’s something incredulous about it.
If this coincidence continues, isn’t it a hint of fate?

I like you too much(I like you too much) x2
I like you too much(Wow wow wow..)
My heart(my heart) feels sad(feels sad)
Its painful (Wow wow wow..)
Even if i give up, i will still like you again
Wishful Refrain

I like you too much x3
I can’t see anyone other than you
No matter how much i wish for it, i know this love won’t come true

Only you(only you) x2
Only you( wow wow wow…)
Don’t notice(don’t notice) Be my only(be my only) flower(wow wow wow..)
The moment when i breathe, i will like you again
Endless Refrain

I will like you
Wishful Refrain

After listening to it a few times, i can say i definitely like the tune. Lyrics wise, it is pretty much like the one-sided love songs that AkiP likes to write. Only this time, it’s much more plain. I found myself getting hooked from the first couple of sentences, but as we approach the chorus, the lyrics are like any other love song out there.

Costumes-wise,the wardrobe department is obviously running out of ideas cos these checked uniforms were last seen in Mae Shika Mukanee and Fly Get and the list goes on. The hat accessories are probably recycled from Paruru’s Eien Pressure. I have started to hate uniforms from a long time back and it’s starting to impede my judgement on a song!

And finally the dance – those pointy fingers are way overused and sadly they appear quite frequently throughout the song. Luckily the formation is kinda fresh and there’s even a cute running action that continues even after the song ends.