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Netizens flare up over Sashihara Rino’s unscrupulous media play: “If i win the elections again next year….”

14 Jul


Sashihara Rino appeared in Tokyo, Akihabara, on the 9th July to attend the opening of family restaurant chain Gusto’s new branch. She expressed happiness and embarrassment for being the center of AKB48’s new song “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”.

“Recently, i’ve gotten more airtime because of the center position,” she said. “But i still got nervous when Tamori san was talking to me on Music Station.”

So has she gotten used to the center position yet?

“I think i will calm down when i return to the back rows in the next single,” she said, not forgetting to show her “hetare” character.

“I’ll work hard if there’s elections next year. If i win the elections again, i’ll say “Yeah!” with my arms in the air like Yuko chan,” she said, expressing her ambitions to be the first in AKB history to be the defending champion.


Compare this article to what i posted a few weeks back,where she was saying she will withdraw from the elections next year.

Yahoo JP reactions:
“If she continues to win the antis will go crazy.”
“She’s not glamorous at all.”
“Getting ahead of herself.”
“Isn’t this the opposite of what she said previously? So irritating!”
“I thought she said she’s tired of being the center?”
“When i look at her, i think AKB48 will be over.”
“When she said “Why am i standing at the sides even though i got No.1?” on Music Station, the atmosphere became cold amidst everyone’s shock.”
“She looks old and is so strongheaded..what’s so good about her?”
“Even the center from Nogizaka46 is of a higher level than her!”

“When i look at her, i get irritated.”
“The mayor of her birth town appeared in the elections right? I wouldn’t want to live in that fool’s city.”

“Time for 1-fan-1-vote system to be in place!”

Sashihara Rino serves revenge on Shunkan Bunshun and ex-boyfriend

3 Jul

HKT48’s Sashihara Rino, who is currently enjoying skyrocketing popularity with her recent win in AKB48 5th General Elections, appeared on NTV’s “Dancing Sanma Palace” today. When MC Sanma Akashiya suggested that her scandal probably helped her to win this year’s elections, she said “If not for the report(by Shunkan Bunshun), i probably wouldn’t have gotten where i am today. I would like to thank Shunkan Bunshun. Afterall, they are the ones who gave me all sorts of experience..

When asked on her ideal type, she replied “A guy who keeps secrets“.

Talk then moved on to the reactions on her win.

People around me couldn’t congratulate me sincerely.Up till now, there were 2 groups of people, those who wanted to defend No.1 and those who wanted to take down No.1 . But I won despite having nothing to do with them, so when i visited Akimoto san after the elections, he gave me a face like he didn’t like it.

MC Sanma Akashiya: “I can totally understand his feelings! He must be like ‘You’re the center?!!’ I will have to change my lyrics!!!


I can hear Shunkan Bunshun’s editors raiding in their archives and sharpening their pencils now…

Performances from Hey!Hey!Hey! Comeback Special

2 Jul

Fuji TV‘s music program hosted by comedy duo Downtown, “HEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMP“, ended its 18-year run last year, but a special comeback episode was aired on 1st July. Lasting 3 hrs, artistes including AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, Yamashita Tomohisa, Kis-My-Ft2, SMAP, E-Girls, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, EXILE’s Takahiro, Kahara Tomomi and Goriki Ayame showed up to perform their latest hits.

As the show was filmed right after AKB48 5th General Elections, a special interview was held to talk about their post-election feelings. A game of musical chairs was also played to determine the center for Heavy Rotation.

Elections Talk Part

New Kami7 were asked to talk about their feelings
Matsui Rena: I was a fan of AKB48 before i joined SKE48, so it felt special to enter Kami7 as a fan.
Matsui Jurina: Shinoda Mariko said something about surpassing the seniors last year. I think i did it.
Shinoda Mariko: When i announced my graduation and the 70,000 audience started a Mariko call, i wavered and felt like telling them i was joking.
Downtown MC: Have you thought of starting a solo career?
Shinoda Mariko: I can’t sing, so i never thought about it.
Kashiwagi Yuki: The Kami7 now includes younger ones who are stylish. I don’t want to be compared to them.
Watanabe Mayu: We are an idol group, so we want to sing something bright and cheerful! But …since Sasshi is now the center, I’m worried what song will come next.
Takamina: I agree wholeheartedly. Afterall, this is also Mariko sama’s last single..
Shinoda Mariko: This is my last single, but….(looks at Sasshi). I wouldn’t like it if the last song is something weird.
Sasshi: I will ask Akimoto san for a good song….(Sheepish)
Oshima Yuko: Actually i wore my lucky swimwear underneath my costume on elections day. It’s a festival and  it equates to wearing swimwear…so i was prepared to strip if i got too high!
Downtown MC: You really love to strip don’t you?!
Sasshi: I was really confused on being the center. After all i was transferred to HKT48.
Downtown MC: Ah so do you still have a boyfriend?
Sasshi screams: No!!! (Everyone laughs.)
Downstown MC: Well in future you might find your costume missing, or one half of your shoes gone..
Sasshi: Eh?! That’s scary!

Musical Chairs Portion + Heavy Rotation


Rest of Music Performances

AKB48 – Sayonara Crawl

NMB48 – Bokura No Eureka

SKE48 – Uzukushii Inazuma

HKT48 – Suki!Suki!Skip!

Yamashita Tomohisa – Summer Nude ’13

EXILE’s Takairo – Issen Ichibyou

SMAP – Joy!

Kis-my-Ft2 – Kisumai Kiss Your Mind & She!Her!Her!

E-girls – Follow Me

AKB48 post election talk: Member reactions and Mariko/Tomochin graduation dates

12 Jun

MC Nakai: I was overseas when the elections were going on. But i heard the news just now..about Shinoda, and Sashihara…
Sashihara: What is that kind of troubled expression?!
MC Nakai: Did Sashihara really get No.1? What do you guys think?
MC Makiko: I thought Mayuyu or Oshima were going to win…but i was shocked at the results.
-Recap of scenes from this year’s elections-
-Flashback to Oshima Yuko’s talk after last year’s elections:If Sashihara gets No.1, there will be a new AKB48. BUT,NO WAY!-
MC Nakai: What do you think Sashihara?
Sashihara: After the elections,i thought someone was pulling a prank on me.
Oshima: Even though i said “No way” last year, we have no choice this time.
Shinoda: This is like a present from the fans, so there must be some appeal about Sashihara.
MC Nakai: Do you think you can graduate happily like that?
Shinoda: But this is my last single so..
MC Nakai: Do you have anything to say to Sashihara?
Shinoda: I’m abit worried about the next single, but i think she’ll work hard.
MC Nakai: What about you Takamina?
Takamina: I was shocked. When Mayuyu’s ranked was announced, i was like “It can’t be…”. I thought Mayuyu or Oshima will be the last contenders.
Mayuyu: I had worked hard for the past year aiming for 1st, but when my rank was announced, i also thought “It can’t be Sashihara..”. I was thinking “What is this?”.
Oshima: When Mayuyu was announced to be 3rd, i was thinking “What’s this?”. But Sashihara’s win will making things interesting for AKB.
MC Nakai: It’s interesting that fans are the ones who create a drama for AKB. Sashihara, have you taken center position before?
Sashihara: Nope, only in photoshoots so far.
-MC Nakai asks them to arrange themselves in formation with Sasshi as center, and dance to Gingham Check-
Sashihara: Stop please! I think this scene looks untrendy!

MC Nakai: Pls give some advice to Sashihara as the next center.
Oshima: It’s best to enjoy it.
Mayuyu: There’s alot of responsibility to live up to, but the best thing to do is just to enjoy it with everyone.
Paruru: Do it in a cute manner!
-Talk about Shinoda Mariko’s graduation-
MC Nakai: When did you decide?
Shinoda: On that day itself. I had discussed with Akimoto san since a year ago and he said i could do it anytime, but there’s a timing. He said it’s best to do it when everyone is around. Actually i think about graduating every year during the elections, but this time i think it’s the right time.
MC Makiko: So you didn’t inform the rest of the members?
Shinoda: Not everyone. I discussed with Takamina 1 year ago. Kojima is my good friend and i told her i could be graduating on that day.
MC Nakai: So everyone is surprised? When are you graduating?
Shinoda: Fukuoka concert on 21st July.
MC Nakai: So what are you going to do about the next single?
Shinoda: We’ll be shooting the PV this month, so i will take part in all the promotions prior to 21st July.
MC Nakai: So you won’t be appearing on TV after the 21st?
Shinoda: Not for singing related activities.
MC Nakai: What are you going to do in future?
Shinoda: I have been in AKB for 8 years, and my ambitions have changed along the way. Even thought i love AKB, i want to pursue my interests. I like fashion and have had opportunities to model. I’m still a newbie in that field, so it’d be good to go further in that area.
MC Nakai: So you’re not going to sing anymore?
Shinoda: Nope….laughs. Nakai san would probably tell me not to sing too.
MC Nakai: You really understand me. What about Itano? When are you going to graduate?
Itano: For me, around August.

For more details on Itano/Shinoda’s graduation dates, pls visit this link.

Aftermath of AKB48 5th General Elections: Reactions to Sashihara’s win

11 Jun

Reactions 1 Reactions 2 Reactions 3

” The secret to Sashihara’s 150,000 votes: Not due to crazy wotas but casual fans”
Sashihara Rino comes from Japan’s Oita prefecture and was appointed as its tourism ambassador last year. Prior to the elections, mayor Kugimiya Ban openly expressed his support for Sashihara on the city’s homepage. Him and the Oita residents’ votes for Sashihara could be the differentiating factor needed for her win, although he denied giving her the extra push in an interview later. He was seen celebrating with other locals on TV after the results were announced.

Author of “AKB48 History ~ A Research Student Guidebook” Shinomoto Musashi thinks that this isn’t due to a crazy fan’s power voting, but a result of cumulative votes from many casual fans. These fans probably discovered her when she got into a scandal last year, esp when she also appears as a regular on many TV programs. In their eyes, they probably think that she’s more of a popular TV talent rather than idol, so they voted her in thinking she’d make an interesting No.1.

Also, her win could be due to the fans of HKT48,  who wanted to thank her for earning HKT48 a successful debut over the past year. To them, Sashihara is like the Takamina of AKB, or the Yamamoto Sayaka of NMB. If each of them had 5 votes for their oshimen, they would probably set aside 1 for Sashihara.”

Yahoo Japan

“I might withdraw from next year’s elections” Sashihara Rino
Qn: Your thoughts now?
Ans: I haven’t had the chance to be in the center position yet, so i haven’t felt the weight of it.

Qn: What do you hope to achieve with AKB next?
Ans: I want to pave the way for my juniors, and make HKT48 a national group.

Qn: What are your thoughts about this year’s elections?
Ans: Mariko sama and Miyazawa Sae voiced their decisions in a positive manner. I can’t say the same about my win.

Qn: What are your ambitions for the next year?
Ans: This is my 5th elections, and i’ve improved each time. What should i do next year? Maybe i’ll withdraw from the elections.

Yahoo Japan

“The moment when Sashiko won – ratings shot up to 32.7%”
The live broadcast on Fuji TV garnered average ratings of 20.3%. The peak was during Sashihara’s win at 9pm.

Last year, the average ratings was 18.7%, and the peak was also during Sashihara’s 4th place ranking(28%).

Yahoo Japan

“Fans left in the midst of the event in shock”

Oshima Yuko fan: “I thought Sashihara would be 2nd or 3rd at beast, but getting No.1 was out of my expectations. I was shocked. On top of that, i couldn’t believe the difference in votes was as much as 20,000!

Man in his 40s: ” The people who left after Oshima’s rank was announced really stood out. This action reflects the real sentiments of some fans who cannot accept Sashihara’s rank. Afterall, we all want Mayuyu or Oshima to become No.1″

Check out 9:00min onwards below.

Business Journal

Mixed reactions to Sashihara as a center….Supporters: “Change is needed”

Results of a poll showed that among 1218 people, 709(58%) were supportive of Sashihara being the new center of AKB48, whilst 509 (42%) were not.

Reasons for supporting her include “she showed strength in her speech, which is needed for a center,” and ” the time for change is here”.

Reasons for opposing her include “i feel unsettled for many reasons” and “for a trump card, her presence is a shocker”.



Selected quotes from 2ch (Japanese netizens’ favourite forum) 

5: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/06/08(土) 21:01:09.99 ID:d7lP4LMH0

Surpassed Oshima via a scandal LOLOLOLOLOL
The times have now changed wherein the Western Bi+ch style of doing things can reign supreme LOLOLOLOL
9: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/06/08(土) 21:01:47.43 ID:OkJhJ7+t0
Our National Idol group’s center is an ugly girl who’s full of scandals LOLOLOLOLOL
56: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/06/08(土) 21:03:14.47 ID:C5sxot1c0
That Chinese dude really did his best

中国人 頑張ったな
62: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/06/08(土) 21:03:25.53 ID:4EJMSfOJ0
Nice going by Akimoto. This sort of development is pretty fresh.
72: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/06/08(土) 21:03:40.90 ID:0ap4VF7U0
Well, AKB’s popularity = power of money after all
79: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/06/08(土) 21:03:51.64 ID:9y2tZ7B20
Oshima, why don’t you graduate too?
91: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/06/08(土) 21:04:08.58 ID:WZLtu31F0
This girl who got first looks like a granny though
94: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/06/08(土) 21:04:10.63 ID:3jVB81q90
A comedian getting 1st LOLOLOL
209: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/06/08(土) 21:06:30.25 ID:Y5pVni800
An explosive death for the majority of the wotas LOLOLOL
234: 名無しさん@恐縮です 2013/06/08(土) 21:07:09.13 ID:74pDU4ml0
I see the plot, letting Akimoto’s favorite Sashihara take 1st and make her return to AKB, eh ( ゚∀゚)Ahahahahaha 

Full list of quotes here: Majide2ch@blogspot

AKB48 5th General Elections Results: Sashihara makes the unthinkable come true

9 Jun

This year’s elections is full of shockers. From Sashihara’s undeniable win to Shinoda Mariko’s graduation announcement, i just don’t know what to think about AKB48’s future.

But first, lets look at the election results.

1. Sashihara Rino (150,570)
2. Oshima Yuko (136,503)
3. Watanabe Mayu (101,201)
4. Kashiwagi Yuki
5. Shinoda Mariko
6. Matsui Jurina
7. Matsui Rena
8. Takahashi Minami
9. Kojima Haruna
10. Miyazawa Sae
11. Itano Tomomi
12. Shimazaki Haruka
13. Yokoyama Yui
14. Yamamoto Sayaka
15. Watanabe Miyuki
16. Suda Akari

[Under Girls] 

17. Shibata Aya
18. Minegishi Minami
19. Umeda Ayaka
20. Takajo Aki
21. Kitahara Rie
22. Kizaki Yuria
23. Takayanagi Akane
24. Matsumura Kaori
25. Kawaei Rina
26. Miyawaki Sakura
27. Furukawa Airi
28. Yamada Nana
29. Oya Masana
30. Iriyama Anna
31. Kimoto Kanon
32. Fujie Reina

[Next Girls] 

33. Sato Amina
34. Katayama Haruka
35. Nagao Mariya
36. Kuramochi Asuka
37. Kodama Haruka
38. Tano Yuuka
39. Umemoto Madoka
40. Jonishi Kei
41. Matsumoto Rina
42. Saito Makiko
43. Ota Aika
44. Yagura Fuuko
45. Muto Tomu
46. Ishida Haruka
47. Kobayashi Ami
48. Oba Mina

[Future Girls] 

49. Yabushita Shu
50. Yoshida Akari
51. Kikuchi Ayaka
52. Sato Sumire
53. Maeda Ami
54. Ogasawara Mayu
55. Tashima Meru
56. Iwasa Misaki
57. Ichikawa Miori
58. Isohara Kyoka
59. Tomonaga Mio
60. Matsui Sakiko
61. Yamauchi Suzuran
62. Hirajima Natsumi
63. Kaneko Shiori
64. Nakanishi Yuka

Sashihara Rino defies the odds and becomes the new Queen
Despite popular opinion that Sashihara Rino is not an ideal candidate for the next center, her fans managed to pull a miracle by winning her the coveted title. When Mayuyu’s name was announced for the 3rd position, you could see the surprise and shock on the faces of Kami7, particularly Oshima Yuko, whose name was not yet announced. Yuko even stood up at some point as if to confront Sasshi for threatening her position.

Sasshi feeling the heat as Watanabe Mayu’s name was called for No.3

Yuko realising for the first time she might lose to Sashihara Rino

uko praying for her life as the results for No.2 are being announced

Yuko’s “I can’t believe it” expression when she was revealed to be No.2

Sasshi’s expression when she realised she’d won

Maeda Atsuko thought this was a prank

Her winning speech: ” It has been 1 year since i transferred to HKT48. When i was transferred, i troubled alot of people. I was also worried if members in HKT48 will accept me. But on this stage, getting 150k votes like this, thank you very much. I don’t know what to say now, but if you’re worried that i’ll destroy AKB48 by getting number 1, i promise i won’t. I will work hard!”

Still struggling to reach the top – Watanabe Mayu

“I got alot of support last year as No.2. For many days or even weeks after that, i was really happy. I also said that i would take down No.1 this year. To realise this goal, i worked very hard. Getting No.3 like this after working this hard, i feel very regretful. However, it has been a enriching year, so i am happy. I joined AKB48 when i was 12. This is my 7th year. I watched my seniors’ backs as i took part in activities and realised something. Being a center may be difficult, but getting the necessary acknowledgement from fans is even more difficult. More than any other member, i’m confident that i can support AKB48. From now on, with this rank, i will work harder. Next year, i hope that my name can be called last. Thank you.”

Losing coolly – Oshima Yuko

“What is this feeling? I can’t even shed a tear at this result! This is the first elections where i can’t help but double up with laughter. Last year, i wanted someone to takeover me. However, the person who succeeded is different from whom i had in mind. Being 2nd,1st,2nd,1st,2nd over these years, there is no other member like this. So i think this is pretty good. I am pretty excited for the new AKB48. What kind of comedic group will we become? Lets look forward with a smile. Thank you.”

Interviewer: Keeping your crown is difficult right?

“Yeah, it’s difficult. What i can’t do, i’m hoping that someone else can do it.” <– She’s probably hinting about graduating.

Shinoda Mariko to graduate in Fukuoka Dome concert next month

“Last year, i told all the juniors to crush the seniors. Over the past year, i’ve seen alot of juniors working hard. There is still room for AKB48 to grow. Seeing the faces of my juniors, i’ve made a decision. I, Shinoda Mariko, will graduate. I have no regrets left in AKB48. I want my graduation to be in my hometown. It may be sudden, but pls let me graduate in the Fukuoka Dome concert next month. It is all due to my fans that i am able to work in AKB48 these 8 years. To me, all my fans are treasures. Thank you.”

Miyazawa Sae rejects return to AKB, to move on with SNH48

“Last year was a year full of changes. My ranking, my fans, and my fans’ support was what pushed me forward. Now, there is always talk about the next generation aces. Certainly, the juniors are cute and stylish. However, what is important for the 48 group is performance skills. I don’t lose to my juniors in this aspect. Now, i have a sudden announcement. My transfer back to AKB48 was announced recently. I will only move forward with SNH48. The potential of SNH48 is still invisible to you, but i don’t want to show you a uncool image of myself, so i will put in my effort in SNH48. In the next single of AKB48, i will show you a new image of myself. Thank you.”

Sister groups make great leaps forward
The most obvious change this time is the advancement of the sister groups. Just by looking at the senbatsu lineup alone, we can see huge changes. SKE48’s Matsui Rena, Matsui Jurina have successfully managed to break into Kami7 this year, ousting Kojima Haruna and Itano Tomomi. SKE48’s Suda Akari, and NMB48’s Yamamoto Sayaka, Watanabe Miyuki have also managed to break through to media senbatsu. Ex senbatsu members like Kitahara Rie, Team B captain Umeda Ayaka and Minegishi Minami have no choice but to leave the media spotlight in the next single.

Minegishi Minami shows off her real hair, drops out of media senbatsu

Still remembered for her scandal and head-shaving fiasco, Minegishi Minami has returned to the media limelight recently wearing wigs to cover her head. In a surprise move today, she appeared in her natural state, showing off her real hair styled like a boy. Despite having dropped several spots, she mentioned that she is happy and will work harder to gain the acknowledgement of everyone.

Maeda Atsuko comments on Shinoda Mariko and Sashihara Rino

Having just returned from overseas, Maeda Atsuko made time to attend the AKB48’s 5th General Elections. She was interviewed on FujiTV after the elections.

On Shinoda Mariko: I learnt about her graduation just now but i had a feeling that she’d announce it as she’d mailed me 1 week ago when i was overseas. I hope she’ll work hard.

On Sashihara Rino’s win: “My tears didn’t come.” *Bursts into laughter*

Shimazaki Haruka’s salty elections speech

Despite making it into the senbatsu this time, Shimazaki Haruka is still as salty as ever as shown in her thank you speech. After giving a short speech, she was prompted by the MC to say more, but she shook her head indicating she had nothing else to say. After thinking for a long time, she was let off the hook and allowed to return to her seat.

“I was given alot of chances last year, that’s why i was able to stand here. With this ranking, i hope to be able to give some strength and support to AKB. I love AKB48. Thank you.”

One interesting thing was the look on her face. Sad or happy? It’s hard to tell.

Election talk and predictions from AKB48 members/Aki P/Industry Veterans

30 May

From Kayou Kyoku

MC Nakai: How did Sashihara end up being No.1? Thanks to your family?
Sasshi: I put in 10 votes for myself.
MC Nakai: You can do that? What do the rest of you think?
Takamina: It’s really a great thing. Getting the top position is difficult afterall.
MC Nakai: What about Kojima?
Kojima: I’m in the 20th spot. I’m now quite anxious.
MC Nakai: What happens to the winner?
Takamina: She becomes the center for the next single.
Sasshi: What do i do? Do you think i’ll be welcomed? (She thinks she’s already won the elections.)
MC Nakai: I don’t know. I don’t want to take responsibility for my comment.
Sasshi: What do i do? I am very troubled.
MC Nakai asks Hiromi Go if he thinks Sasshi can become the face of AKB.
Hiromi Go laughs.


From Press Conference for Team Surprise’s new song

Sasshi: I’m expecting my ranking to drop, so i’m wondering to what extent it will drop until.
Mariko: I’ve always called her Sashiko, but now i’m calling her “Sashihara sama”(honorific term for someone to be respected)
Kojima: I’m in 2oth position now. I’ll work hard in order to catch up to Sashihara sama.
Reporter: Oshima san, do you think you can continue your winning streak?
Yuko: I don’t know, since Sashihara sama is making a grand entrance this time.


Paruru’s expectations (from random variety show)

Paruru: I’m okay with any position, as long as it’s not a boring position.
MC: What’s a interesting position to you?
Paruru: 1? or outside top 64.
MC: That’s very cool of you!
MC: What if you were asked to participate as a member of SKE as well?
Paruru: I’ll quit.
MC: What about SNH48?
Paruru: I’ll quit too.


From Waratte Iitomo

Tamori San: Sashihara, you’re getting arrogant now right?
Sasshi: No no! I’m only thinking how far my ranking will drop.
Tamori San: The results are weird! Kashiwagi is definitely cuter than you! Shinoda is also cuter than you!
Sasshi: This is not a kawaii ranking!
Tamori san then commented that her entrance to Music Station last week was already showing signs of arrogance, which she denied.


From Ichiban Song Show

MC: Is there a member whom you don’t want to lose to?
Takamina: Sashihara desu.
Yuko: I don’t want to lose to Sashihara too. She was 4th last year, so there’s a possibility of her winning this time.
Sasshi: But last year i was still in AKB. I don’t know about the results since i’m no longer part of AKB now.
MC: What happened last year?
Sasshi: My photos were leaked. -_- But since Minegishi is here today, please forget about my scandal for today.
MC: But people will remember it.
Sasshi: Then…pls mention it.
Minegishi: Sashihara gave me lots of advice! As a senior..(who got into trouble)
MC: What advice did she give?
Minegishi: Don’t read whats on the Internet. (lol, that’s pretty sound advice)
MC claps his hand gleefully.
Sasshi: Because her news made its way all over to England.
MC: What are the British saying about her?
Sasshi: That she’s a crazy girl.


Akimoto Yasushi talk with Takashi Okamura(Comedian from Mecha Mecha Iketeru)

Takashi: Sasshi is first now, but i think she’ll go down rapidly from here.I’m sorry, but I think she should be around 16 from the start.
Aki P: She seems to be aiming for No. 1, even though it seems like a joke. If not for her, HKT48 wouldn’t be this successful, the girls in HKT48 like her and keep calling her “sister”.
Takashi: I think Oshima and Nabe(Watanabe Mayu) will be fighting for the top spot eventually.
Aki P: Both of them are quite strong..
Takashi: Who is this No.8?
Aki P: She’s quite popular in handshake sessions. Together with Suda Akari
Takashi: I totally don’t know her sorry!
Aki P: They are totally different from Paruru, who’s the salty type. I thought maybe she would change after Mecha Ike, but her salty character is good.
Takashi: Takahashi Minami should be somewhere 3rd.
Aki P: Maybe Sashihara should be around 18, or higher.
Takashi: Itano should be higher than 14 right?
Aki P: I hope she can be in Kami7. If she can’t get in, maybe she was dragged down by her cold image from the Mecha Ike special.
Takashi: I’m sorry Itano! She’s really a great girl! So i hope she can climb higher! What about Kojima?
Aki P: I think her position should climb higher eventually, but of cos, the fans of the first generation are slower from the start.
Takashi: Yeah, maybe they don’t care about the initial results.
-Skip Minegishi Minami part since i don’t understand.-
Aki P: NMB48’s Yamamoto Sayaka and Watanabe Miyuki should also be ranked high from the sister group’s perspective.
Takashi: Akimoto san, who are the members who are really important from now on, irregardless of the results from elections?
Aki P: Now that we’re talking about the change in generations, of course, Watanabe Mayu/Jurina/Shimazaki Haruka/Kawaei Rina…
Even though Kawaei is still 33, i think she will go up further, but she probably doesn’t realise the importance of her position.
Takashi: Yeah, she probably thinks it’s a good position anyway.
-Skip part about Matsumura Kaori-
-Skip part about Umeda Ayaka-
-Skip part about Iriyama Anna-
-Skip part about Muto Tomu-
-Skip part about Takajo Aki-
Aki P: This is Yokoyama Yui. She’s probably the only girl in AKB48 who won’t cause a scandal.
Takashi: You can’t be sure about that!!!
-Skip part about Tashima Meru/Tomonaga/Kodama-
Takashi: Will Sashihara really win? No way, it should be Yuko right?
Aki P: Yuko is strong right? Matsui Rena, Kashiwagi are also strong. Mariko shouldn’t be at 15 also.
Takashi: Yeah, she told the juniors to crush her last year. But who’s the first? Maybe Nabe?(Watanabe Mayu)
Aki P: Previously when i was preparing her solo song, i thought maybe she should shed her idol image, so i wrote something and sent her. She texted me and said it wasn’t what she expected,even though she understood my intentions. In the end, i edited the song. I mean, i have no choice since she said so! But if it were Sashihara, she would have gotten angry at me.

From AKBingo

This episode gathered industry professionals(people who worked with or watched the girls) to comment on their potential ranking.
Part 1: Who is likely to clinch the top position? 
Voting Results: Yuko(5votes) Mayuyu(3 votes) Paruru(1 vote)
“Oshima Yuko’s appeal video had 20,000 views more than the 2nd most watched appeal video.”
“Oshima Yuko is a representative of the fans’ wishes. If No.1 goes to Mayuyu, it’s like succumbing to Akimoto Yasushi’s plans.”
“I went to watch Team A’s theater stage. Her greatness was overwhelming. She loved all the fans, and she always smiled.”
“Oshima Yuko’s votes decreased by 20,000 while Mayuyu’s fans increased by 20,000 in last year’s elections.If this continues, Mayuyu will overtake Yuko.”
“Mayuyu is too perfect, to the point that i don’t feel the need to support her.”
“Shimazaki has alot of potential, she has been hiding her real strength all these while.”
“Shimazaki always had this sad face in the Sayonara Crawl PV.”

Part 2: Who are the members to look out for?
Voting Results: Double Matsui/NMB48 Centers/Jurina/Paruru/Sasshi/Takajo Aki/Shimada Haruka/OGs Megumi-Noro/Watanabe Miyuki

“If the NMB centers don’t get into Senbatsu, it’ll be bad for NMB”
“Miyuki is cute. I was “fished” after chatting with her, and created a talking corner just for her.” – TV Show Director
“The girls who will take over the world in 3 years are Double Matsui. You can’t hate them.”
“Paruru’s google+ followers have been increasing rapidly this year.”
“All of the votes from Jakarta will go to Akicha, the fans there can’t possibly vote for anyone else.”
” If Akicha can’t get into Senbatsu this year, JKT48 should just disband.”
“Sasshi should move up a spot from last year, she’s energized HKT48 after transferring there last year.”
“Sasshi didn’t support HKT48 at all! The group was already popular before she went in. In fact, she lucked out.”
“I would prefer Sasshi to rank at 16, the dangerous spot.”


From Music Station

MC Tamori: What did you all think of the initial results?
Takamina: Well, i laughed when Sashihara was revealed to be No.1
MC Tamori: I also burst into laughter.
Kojiharu: I was at the theater when they announced. Everyone also burst into laughter. In the history of AKB, no one has ever laughed when the initial rankings were announced. As expected of Sashihara..
Yuko: If Sashihara is No.1, i wonder what will happen to the group? Maybe we will become a comedy group?
Shinoda: I think being a comedy group will be interesting for us? I’m of the stance that her becoming No.1 is a good thing, but the results tomorrow will probably be different?
Sashihara: I had a bad feeling when i learnt of my ranking, but Yuko sent me a message to say that it’s interesting, so i was comforted. I thought Yuko will be No.1.
Yuko : Why didn’t you name yourself?
Sashihara: Because Yuko is my senior and someone i respect.



Akimoto Yasushi makes his predictions about Sasshi,Mayuyu & Yuko in the upcoming elections

26 May

The overall producer of all the 48 groups, Akimoto Yasushi, commented on Sashihara Rino topping the AKB48 5th General Elections after the initial vote count.

“It’s like putting in all your energy in the first lap of a school marathon,” suggesting that Sasshi’s votes will lose its momentum in the remaining days left.

“However, Sashihara is seriously aiming for the top. All the younger fans are gathering their votes from Hakata,” he analyzed.

Regarding the eventual winner, he said “Of course Yuko is a strong contender. Mayuyu has the potential to win it too. Takamina, Shinoda and Kojima should also be moving up.”

He also predicted that girls like Itano Tomomi, Yokohama Yui, Umeda Ayaka, Yamamoto Sayaka, Watanabe Miyuki will move up the ranks.


AKB48 5th General Elections Initial Results: Step aside Yuko, here comes the new Queen!

23 May

The preliminary results of the 5th AKB48 General Elections were unveiled at the Akihabara theater today, and shockingly, Sashihara Rino beat out hot favourites Oshima Yuko & Watanabe Mayu to clinch the first place! Although voting started only yesterday and these numbers aren’t indicative of the final results, fans expecting the usual rankings should start worrying.

Notable changes:
– Sasshi leads the pack with twice the votes of Mayuyu
– Mayuyu overtaking Queen Yuko
– Kami7 (the top 7 regulars) are sparsely distributed all the way to Rank 20
– Unfamiliar names (Shibata Aya, Kobayashi Ami) ranking in
– Despite the Paruru hate, she seems set to become Kami7

Chart comparing the rankings last year vs this year.
(The initial rankings last year were actually very predictive of the final results.)


Is this the so called 世代交代? (Change of Generation)

Ever since first generation ace Maeda Atsuko graduated last year, this term has often been used to prepare fans for the rise of the younger generation. Yes, we did see alot of girls getting new titles like the “next generation ace”, but the media lineup has never changed much so what exactly is this 世代交代? Perhaps the results this year will define this.

The Sashiko Miracle
This girl, frankly speaking, is not pretty, can’t sing and just not idol material. However,she’s a good marketer and made use of her media appearances and blog to stand out. As a result, her ranking improved by leaps and bounds every year. The miracle seemed to have dissolved after she was hit by a scandal last year and was transferred to HKT48. But she used her marketing skills to promote HKT48, earning the group a successful debut and probably more new fans from Fukuoka. Did her efforts erase all the shame from her scandal? Probably.

We’re not sure how huge her fan base is, but i hope the Sashiko Miracle ends here and now. Personally, the last thing i’d want to see is this girl winning.

Excerpt of Members’ Reactions
Sashihara Rino: Is this a dream? I’m too happy for words. Thank you!
Itano Tomomi: I saw the initial ranking. Thank you! This is just the start!
Shinoda Mariko: This is just the first day. I’ll look forward to the end!
Kojima Haruna(shocked expression): I can’t forget the faces of my fans after the report today. You don’t have to apologize. Even though i’m very worried, lets work hard together.
Kashiwagi Yuki: I’m happy!Gotta aim higher so that fans can smile from the bottom of their hearts. Pls lookout for me!
Watanabe Mayu: No.2! Thank you! Lets get going!
Matsui Jurina: I’m so shocked. Thank you! This is just the start, but i hope that my ranking doesn’t drop..

Members missing from top 20
Well, unlike Sashihara Rino, Minegishi Minami seems to have taken a fall in popularity after her sleepover scandal. Ranked 26 with 4875 votes, it’s still not a bad position because even girls like Miyazawa Sae, Kitahara Rie, Takajo Aki are missing from the list. I guess her fast return to media promotions is giving her the necessary exposure to salvage her popularity.

Netizens in shock
“No.1 is not for Sashihara.”
“This must be a joke.”
“Take a good look! Sashihara? She’s ugly ya know?”
“She must have bought 120,000 copies for herself!”
“Kojiharu is No.20?I can’t believe it.”
“Who is No.8?”
“If Sashihara takes center, this will be the end of AKB.”
“I’m gonna buy more CDs to vote.”
“All the first generation members are out of Top10. Well, doesn’t this make everyone more anxious?”



If you are interested in purchasing the elections single “Sayonara Crawl”, click on the pics below to purchase!

Sayonara Crawl / AKB48 (Type A, CD+DVD, Voting Ticket)

Sayonara Crawl / AKB48 (Type K, CD+DVD. Voting Ticket)

Sayonara Crawl / AKB48 (Type B, CD+DVD, Voting Ticket)

Members participating in AKB48 5th General Elections(Final contestant: Kuramochi Asuka)

28 Mar

I decided to start a post here to update everyone on members opting in/dropping out of the elections.
Note that only key members will be listed. For the full list, visit the OFFICIAL SITE.


1. Shinoda Mariko : “I made a big speech last year so i’m all up for it.”  (she mentioned something about wanting juniors to topple the seniors in her speech last year)

2. CinDY aka Urano Kazu: ” I’m going for the elections. When? Now!” ( 1st old girl to declare her participation. She’s a 1st generation member but graduated in 2010.)

3. Noro Kayo: “I have a chance at this too. Should i? I’ll go for it!” (2nd old girl to declare her participation. She was captain of SDN48.)

4. Yamamoto Sayaka: “I still have a long way to go, gotta work hard.” (one half of NMB48’s double center)

5. Watanabe Miyuki: “Of cos i’m participating. I wanna sing in the 32nd single!” ( the other half of NMB48’s double center)

6. Yamada Nana: “The regretful moments last year..this year i want to smile with everyone!” (3rd center after Sayanee and Miyuki in NMB48)

7. Kitahara Rie: “How do i participate?I”ll work hard.” (this confused girl needed fans to show her the registration form)

8. Abe Maria: “If i want to topple the seniors i have to appear in the elections!” (appeared in janken senbatsu last year)

9. Shimada Haruka: “I have never ranked in during the past 3 years. There may be people who think i won’t rank in this year, but it’s because of this regret that people strive to improve.” (she’s a outspoken girl who aims to become Takamina)

10. Fujie Rena: “Nothing starts if  i don’t apply to be a candidate!” (one of the lower ranked girls if i rmb correctly)

11. Matsui Rena: “Even though the elections is not a welcoming event, i still want to know what it means to be myself.” (1st SKE center to opt in)

12. Takajo Aki: “I’m not confident this year since my activities have been low key. But i want everyone in Japan to be able to see the ME in JKT48!” (she’ll probably get alot of new votes from indonesia)

13. Oba Mina: “Actually i was already thinking about my poster concept and costume for the elections. Pls give me your suggestions!”

14. Miyawaki Sakura: “I’ll update my feelings later!” (she was the only girl from HKT48 who ranked in last year i think)

15. Kodama Haruka: “If there is a chance I would like to challenge it.” (the original center of HKT48)

16. Tashima Meru: “I would like to challenge the elections. Will update my feelings again.” (she became center of HKT48’s debut single whilst still a research student)

17. Watanabe Mayu: “I decided to enter as soon as i heard about it. Of cos i want to get No.1!” (there is now an official site with live updates of members who have submitted their candidacy papers and Mayuyu is the first to do so)

18. Sashihara Rino: “It’ll be tough, but i’m entering for the sake of HKT. Everyone in HKT is looking at me. If i don’t enter, the rest can’t move on. Even though i was 4th last year, i’m sorry that the fans’ joy was short-lived. “ (transferred to HKT48 last year due to scandal which hit her right after the elections)

19. Takayanagi Akane (SKE48 team KII captain)

20. Yakata Miki (SKE48 team KII)

21. Furukawa Airi (SKE48 team KII)

22. Sato Amina: ” I want to know how much i have changed since last year’s elections. What are your suggestions for my poster concept?” (AKB48)

23. Murashige Anna (HKT48, half Russian)

24. Yokoyama Yui (AKB48/NMB48 member)

25. Kimoto Kanon (SKE48 Team E captain)

26. Oya Masana (SKE48 Team S)

27. Kizaki Yuria (SKE48 Team S)

28. Suda Akari: “This is where all my fans want me to be!”  (SKE48 Team S, legendary fisher)

29. Ishida Anna (SKE48 Team K/AKB48 Team B)

30. Kato Rena (AKB48 Team B)

31. Shimazaki Haruka (i was starting to think she’d never sign up)

32. Miyazawa Sae: “I’ll believe in everyone and myself, pls support me!” (transferred to shanghai last year)

33. Suzuki Mariya (transferred to shanghai last year)

34. Kashiwagi Yuki: “I want to run for those who’re cheering me on!” (with her participation, half of the kami7 have now signed up)

35. Ohori Megumi: “My husband said that if i didn’t have the will to compete, it would be rude to the other contestants, so he was against the idea initially. But he told me that i’d have a place to return to if i fought hard and lost, so i finally decided. I will compete bearing the dreams of all the wives and aunties in Japan!” (another OG – graduated girl who was 1st in popularity in SDN48)

36. Oshima Yuko (whew, what’s an election without the defending champion)

37. Kojima Haruna

38. Matsui Jurina

39. Nakanishi Yuka

40. Umeda Ayaka (AKB48 Team B captain)

41. Kikuchi Ayaka

42. Sato Sumire

43. Takahashi Minami

44. Minegishi Minami: “I was really hesitant because people think i don’t have the rights to participate this time. But i came to know about the fans who wanted me to appear and have a chance at supporting me. I think i will have a difficult time stepping forward if i pull away this time. Even if the results are bad, i will accept it. I handed in my applications as i want to move forward. Please look after me.” (Omg i truly don’t understand this girl. She should have stayed away like Masuda Yuka but this just means more drama for us.)

45. Itano Tomomi  ( According to a news article, she appeared at the special counter set up at the Chiba Handshake Session on Sunday, filled up a form, smiled coolly and left. Even the staff was surprised and said “I don’t think anyone expected that.”.)

46. Kawaei Rina

47. Iriyama Anna: “I’m looking forward to seeing a different scenery on that day!”

48. Hirajima Natsumi (She was forced to quit when a dating/underage drinking scandal tainted her career, none of the fans were prepared for this comeback.)

49. Kuramochi Asuka: “I was the last, sorry for worrying everyone.” (she must have been too busy betting on horses!)

Not Participating:

1. Masuda Yuka: “General Elections. It’s interesting and i’m interested. But i quit AKB to take responsibility for my actions. Talking about entering the elections is still too early. I will work hard to gain back the trust from fans. So i’m not taking part this time. Pls support me from now on!” (girl was involved in a scandal with ISSA last year)

2. Erena Ono: “I can understand all your feelings. But i wanted to strive for my dreams in a new environment with a new me.Alone. So i can only walk forward and this feeling will not change.” (graduated AKB48 years ago to pursue a solo career)

3. Yonezawa Rumi: “I’m not doing it, sorry. I’m already walking on a new path, i’ll work hard from here.” (left AKB48 last year after a scandal)

4. Maeda Atsuko: “I’m not participating. I’m going overseas for a shoot in June. But i’ll be cheering on everyone from the bottom of my heart.” (her participation in this would really make headlines, so it’s rather disappointing for those waiting for some drama)

5. Nakaya Sayaka: “I’ve already made up my mind. I’m not participating!” (graduated this year to be a seiyuu)

6. Nito Moeno : ” I have decided to stay away from AKB48 activities and have no intentions of returning.” (announced graduation this year)

7. Nakagawa Haruka: “Because i’m useless, i don’t think i can juggle activities from both the elections and JKT48. I will only cause further confusion for everyone. Please let me concentrate on my activites in JKT48! I will grow to become someone worthy of the elections. Until then, please wait for me!”

8. Matsubara Natsumi (she was the only one from Team A who didn’t rank in last year)

9. Akimoto Sayaka : “It has been 8 years with the group and I would like to step up. My dream is to be an actress.I have been thinking about the timing to announce my graduation and this is the best time to do it. ”

10. Mukaida Manatsu: “I enjoy talking to my fans through handshake sessions. Do come and see me then!” ( SKE next generation ace, is she graduating or what!?)

11. Mika Komori: “I have been troubling over this decision.Sorry for not being able to fulfill your expectations.” (she barely made it into top 64 last year)

On the fence:

1. Takajo Aki: “What should i do about the elections?” (transferred to jakarta after dropping out of TOP16 last year)

2. Haruka Nakagawa: “About the elections..let me think about it for abit.” (transferred to jakarta last year)

3. Ohori Megumi: “If it was the past me, i would have jumped at the chance. But the environment for me is different now. As a wife, i can’t make this decision easily. Please let me think about it.” (one of the old girls, graduated in 2010 and got married this year)

4. Miyazawa Sae: “About the elections, let me think about it from now on!” (transferred to shanghai last year)

5. Takahashi Minami: “Don’t you think it’s weird for the General Manager to take part in elections? My position makes it difficult. I’ll be troubling over this for the remaining 4 days.”

6. Nakanishi Yuka (basically she’s worried about the financial burden on her fans since she barely made it last year)

Alright, the deadline to submit candidacy papers is over so the list above is the final contenders for this year’s elections. The past week has been rather exciting, with Mayuyu charging ahead to declare her participation, Minegishi Minami and Sashihara Rino submitting their papers despite the big hoo-ha surrounding their scandals, but what made my day was really Itano Tomomi’s face popping up on the last day despite her graduation announcement. 

I still have loads to say so stay tuned for my next post!