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Akimoto Yasushi talks about AKB48 6th General Elections

14 Jun

AKB48 group producer Akimoto Yasushi(56) appeared on a radio show to talk about AKB48 and the recent 6th Senbatsu Sousenkyo.

When the MC Ito Terry said he likes Shimazaki Haruka(Paruru) for her “salty” yet appropriately short speech, Akimoto Yasushi could not help but agree. “You and I are producers. I think we like people who are unpredictable like her. She’s really interesting,” he said.

On Watanabe Mayu, Akimoto sensei said that it was a surprise that she won as he was expecting Sashihara to win a 2nd time. “I think fans are reminding me that AKB48 is an idol group, and that Sashihara cannot be the eternal center. Watanabe entered AKB when she was 11 or 12 and has been looking at the backs of big sisters like Acchan and Yuko. She probably didn’t want AKB to end after they graduate, so she was prepared to step up as the ace from an early age,” he said.

Regarding the future of AKB48, Akimoto sensei revealed that he is currently exploring the possibility of creating a sister group in Hokkaido.


Reactions to Watanabe Mayu’s win in AKB48 6th General Elections

10 Jun

“AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo Live Special” garners 16.2% rating, peak at 28.7% 

The 6th General Elections which was held at Ajinomoto Stadium had a 70,000 strong audience. AKB48 Watanabe Mayu(20) had surpassed the last year’s winner HKT48 Sashihara Rino(21) in a turn of events, and took the crown for the first time.

The highest rating was recorded at 9:04, when the audience reacted to Mayu’s win with a “Mayuyu” call. The ratings queen in the past 2 years was Sashihara Rino.

A look at the ratings in the past 2 years.

2013 5th General Elections – Average rating 20.3%, Peak rating 32.7% (Scene when Sashihara won No.1)
2012 4th General Elections – Average 18.7%, Peak rating 28.0% (Scene when Sashihara rose to 4th position from previous year’s 9th)



AKB48 seniors’messages to Watanabe Mayu(Twitter/Media Inteviews)

Maeda Atsuko: “Mayu chan! Congratulations! You’re worked really hard! It’s really great!”

Shinoda Mariko: “Mayuyu Senior!” (^v^)

Kojima Haruna: “Mayu chan congrats!”/ “Mayuyu getting No.1  is something all members accept, and a form of encouragement for everyone. She isn’t talented like Sasshi. She makes us understand that we can succeed if we work hard.” / “She’s probably the only member who thinks about getting No.1 through the year. I’m happy that her efforts have been rewarded.”

Sashihara Rino: “Congratulations for getting No.1!” / “Mayuyu! Please make me some karaage next time!”

Oshima Yuko: “I’ll leave AKB48 to you.”

Minegishi Minami: “I’ll also work hard in any way i can, so please take care of me. Congratulations!”

Akimoto Sayaka: “She’s perfect as an idol. She’s shining brightly now. I also hope to receive abit of her light.”


What were you feeling when you were told you are No.1?
I didn’t know what was happening at first. My mind was blank.

What is the sousenkyo to you?
It’s a once in a year event, so it’s something that measures the hard work you’ve put in for 1 year. It’s not scary, but because of it, we feel motivated to work harder each year.

Do you think of your speeches beforehand?
I do think of it whilst the rest of the rankings are being called. But as mine gets closer, i am unable to think. Usually when i stand infront of the mic, the words come out naturally.

What do you want to say about AKB48’s future?
Because the fans are around, there’s us. I want us to become a group that continues to receive such love.



What were your feelings on winning?
I was 2nd in the prelim results. I really wanted to surpass Sasshi, so when my dreams were realised i was really happy.

What kind of song do you want to sing next?
I want the next song to be something widely favoured like Oshima Yuko’s “Heavy Rotation”, or Sasshi’s “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”.

Where do you want to film the PV?

What are your aims for next year?
I want to get a straight win.


To secure Mayuyu’s win, China fans amassed 35,000 votes

Fan votes from China had become a point of focus last year after a report surfaced on the Internet, saying China fans had gathered 9,000 votes for Sasshi in last year’s elections. Sashihara said on TV that it was not only her, other members as well were receiving votes from China. To think that her words would come true.

In this year’s elections, Mayuyu’s fanclub in China reported that they had amassed 35,000 votes, whilst Sashihara’s fanclub reported 14,000 votes. The huge difference of 21,000 votes effectively closed the gap between Mayuyu and Sasshi and even gave her ample space for victory. (Final difference in votes was 17,900.)

Whilst Sashihara’s fans in China grieved over the loss, it was inevitable as many had pulled out from voting this year since she had won before. On the contrary, Mayuyu’s fans were adamant to see their idol take the throne, and so started a crowdfunding campaign as early as February. The money collected was then used to purchase voting tickets. Their efforts were not in vain.



Netizen Reactions 

“It’s finally here!!”
“The victory of the orthodox idol!”
“This must be due to China’s 35k vote missile!”
“So glad that Sashihara didn’t get No.1!”
“It’s good that a cute girl is No.1!”
“It seems like they knew the results beforehand since there wasn’t any live feed of the Oita people.”
“Yes! I’m glad my votes didn’t go to waste the past 2 years!”
“I’m a wota of Matsui Rena but congratulations!”
“I’m a wota of NMB but i’ve been waiting for Mayuyu to win!”
“The real Queen is born!”
“The real Chapter 2 is started. Mayuyu lives up to her name as ace!”
“Thanks to everyone who voted for Mayuyu!”

Watanabe Mayu surpasses Sashihara, wins AKB48 6th General Elections

8 Jun

On the 7th June, the results of AKB48 6th General Elections(6th Senbatsu Sousenkyo) were unveiled in Ajinomoto Stadium. 80 members out of the 200+ member mega franchise were selected to represent the group in their next single. Of the 80, the top 16 will be able to sing the title track and take part in various media promotions. Check out the list of winners here.

Whilst 2013 winner Sashihara Rino had her sights on defending her title, it was 3rd generation member Watanabe Mayu(20) who did the impossible. Amassing the highest amount of votes in history(~160k votes), her victory was a happy ending fans have been waiting to see for years. Read on for the Top16’s winning speeches below.

1. Watanabe Mayu – the ace who got crowned late

“I said in my speech 2 years ago, that i wanted to win. I wasn’t able to realise that dream last year, despite all the hard work i put in. For a moment, i decided to give up. But fans gave me warm words, told me to grab my next chance. That strengthened my resolve to become no.1.

I joined AKB when i was 12, today i’m already 20. To get where i am today, i experienced alot. I am happy to have walked my path, believed in my fans, worked hard and not give up. When i joined AKB, there were alot of seniors. New juniors came in, sister groups were formed. Over time, the seniors whom i respect have graduated. I often wonder..what happened to the AKB48 that i knew in the past? As one of the leftover members from the 3rd generation, i have to stay strong and look forth. In the past, i followed the seniors around. Now that I have gotten this position, i have to stop leaning on the seniors. I want to become a member whom the juniors can look up to and follow, someone who doesn’t forget her initial passion, and is full of gratitude towards the fans.

To everyone, thank you!”

When asked what she had to say to Sashihara, Mayuyu teared up at one point and said, “Sasshi has gone through alot. Seeing her lead the HKT48 members, she has worked really hard. I want to say congratulations to everyone, and thanks too.”

Exiting member Oshima Yuko also made an appearance, congratulating Mayuyu on her win. When asked to give some advice, Yuko said “This is not advice, but in many ways, please take care of AKB48 from now on.”

Mayuyu confessed, “Yuko chan had wanted to entrust the AKB48 group to me 2 years ago,but i was unable to live up to expectations. Today, i’m happy i can finally answer to her request.”


2. Sashihara Rino – hopes for a winning streak crushed

“Honestly, i’m very frustrated. Awhile back, i overheard a conversation at this bookshop. An office lady was asking her friend who might win this elections. The friend answered ‘Sashihara’, but the lady said ‘If she won, wouldn’t it be weird?’. That lady also said ‘If Sashihara can win, then i should enter AKB and live a easy life.’. If that lady is watching this now, i want to tell you that AKB is not a easy place. Alot of members worry before coming here. Even though i still don’t know who’s going to become No.1, i will support that member with all my strength. No matter how tough it may be, i will not lose. I will participate in next year’s Sousenkyo, and i will certainly become No.1!”


3. Kashiwagi Yuki – the girl who doesn’t need to aim high

Kashiwagi Yuki is one of the rare members in AKB48 who has gained high recognition amongst fans despite never voicing her desire to rank high. In 2011, she surpassed same generation teammate Watanabe Mayu to take No.3 in the 2011 Senbatsu Sousenkyo, and has since kept a consistent ranking. This year is no different.

“I am very happy to be in Top 3. This Sousenkyo is not just a place to decide the center, it’s also a place where we can fight alongside our fans. I am not good with vying for things. But I can work hard because the fans are here. At first i only wanted to be an idol, but i have now become someone who wants to support the fans through songs and live shows. Last year, i said that AKB has become an important place for me.The handshake sessions are also an important place for me.  Today, i also want to show you my gratitude up close. There may be problems, but i don’t want to lose this place where i can interact with you directly. If you guys are here, i’m sure a warm place will be created for us. This year i am in NMB48 and have gotten alot of juniors, i will work hard as AKB48’s 3rd generation and repay you. Please support me!”


4. Matsui Jurina – 17 years old and aiming for No.1

c2b3809a.jpg (1440×810)

Matsui Jurina has been really ambitious since placing 6th in Sousenkyo last year. Considering her tenure in the group and her ranking, she is ready to battle for the throne. But looking at her disappointed frame, it’d be better if she develops some mental strength before coming back as the competition will get tougher next year.

“Even though i am very thankful, I feel frustrated not having ranked No.1. But i think it’s all my fault, i haven’t worked hard enough. Please let me make a promise with you. I will work harder than ever. Next year, when i turn 18, i will be No.1!”


5. Matsui Rena – a flourishing solo career and still flying high

As a fellow teammate of Matsui Jurina in SKE48, Matsui Rena has always been neck-to-neck with Jurina during Sousenkyo. This year she confessed to being worried about her placement, since her solo career has been impeding group activities. No wonder she was so happy when her ranking was called.

“I’m very happy to see so many of you here today, despite the heavy rain. Thanks for the support. Not only me, but alot of the other members have bet their lives by standing here, choosing a lifestyle different from that of a schoolgirl. I have the confidence to bet my life here, and work actively in the 48group, as well as in Nogizaka46. Just like how u guys have given me this present today, i will work hard to gift you the same present in future. This year, SKE will be doing a nationwide tour. Please wait for us!”


6. Yamamoto Sayaka – Osaka representative with overflowing ambitions

“This year, people have had expectations of me ever since the prelim results, some even guessed that i would win. On the other side, others have said it’s too early for me to win. I am really honored to have gotten this rank, but i’m really frustrated about not being able to refute those who said it’s impossible for me to win. When i entered senbatsu last year, i was able to work more and enjoyed every day. This time i am the only one from NMB48 to be called into senbatsu. I really love NMB48 and want to bring it to greater heights not only in Japan but also overseas.Last year, i said i wanted to be more active in my media work but i am sorry not have delivered the promise. My hopes to lead the group and become number 1 has never changed since i entered the group. I want to become someone worthy of the absolute center by next year. Please support me”


7. Shimazaki Haruka – ‘I am blunt but you will forgive me’

The member nicknamed “Ponkotsu Paruru”(Clumsy Paruru) is infamous for her blunt and less-than-friendly personality. Her army of fans continue to remain devoted by pushing her into Top 7. However, don’t expect her to contend for No.1 anytime soon. She works at her own pace.

“I don’t know what to say honestly. I am bad at this. People say i’m salty but having attained a great rank like this, i feel somehow satisfied instead. I tried to work hard at handshake sessions, but as expected i can’t do it. My fans always try to make me laugh instead. I think my fans are kinder and more forgiving than others. That’s the end! Thank you!”


8. Kojima Haruna – ‘I will graduate..’

The last beauty from the 1st generation apparently knows how to twist her fans around her finger. Talk about her graduation has been going on for months, so is it time?

“As usual, my prelim rankings isn’t good, but as usual the fans will always work hard for me towards the end. I am really happy. I don’t have any more regrets in AKB…I, Kojima Haruna, will announce my graduation here…..but i won’t! Sorry for the joke haha! I actually wanted to graduate here, but looking at the stabbing incidents recently, i think i will do what i can and stay on awhile more. I will graduate when everyone can smile from the bottom of their hearts. There is one more reason. When i looked on the internet, i was No.1 on the rankings for member most likely to graduate in the elections. I didn’t want to let that report come true, so i pulled back. I too, want the fans to be surprised when I announce my graduation. So please don’t spread rumors of graduation during big events like this. I don’t know how long i have with AKB, but i will work hard to the end.”

MC continued to asked when she started to consider graduation.

“I started to think about it when Acchan graduated. This time round, when the costume for Labrador Retriever was handed over…i am 26 but when i saw the dog prints, i thought ‘omg it’s about time’…LOL.”

MC asked her to declare her lifelong career as an AKB idol.

“That’s not going to happen! I’m just going to work abit more..”


9. Takahashi Minami – Hard work will definitely be rewarded

“This year i asked to be ranked within Top7. Even though i wasn’t able to reach that goal,i thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. As you know, recently a bad thing happened. At that moment,i thought AKB48 was over. I wasn’t unable to cheer up for days.Because of the fans my heart grew stronger. Even on such a rainy day, you guys are willing to wait for us. Because of you we are able to move on. There are people who asked me why i’m still here. I’m here because i love AKB48. AKB48 is the best! There’s a big challenge infront of us. If everyone is here, i think we can overcome this. Please let me support AKB48 a little while more.  Finally, let me say the words which i wasn’t able to say last year. Hard work will definitely be rewarded!”


10. Suda Akari – I’ll shine from any position

Suda Akari has the brightest smile amongst all the members and is so professional she smiles even when the camera is not on her. She is known for being a “fisher”, kind of derogatory for a girl but over the years I can really see the sincerity in her. Still, i’m not used to her over enthusiastic personality.

“I am not good at talking. When i googled my name, people say i’m not cute at all. I can’t imagine saying that to a person who got so many votes. Last year, i got into into Top16 due to the help of everyone. After getting  Top16, i was even able to move up front within SKE. I wonder if that was a good thing, and cried everyday. Some have questioned why i am up front. But still, i left an impression on them isn’t it? In future, in order to become the center in your eyes, i’ll work hard to shine from any position.”

She cried at the last part because she thought she’d never rank in senbatsu again.


11. Sakura Miyawaki – My rival is Sashihara

Sakura is probably the only member in HKT48 who has a fanbase so strong that she doesn’t need to rely Sashihara’s help. She hailed Sasshi as her rival, but as the original ace of HKT48, she should probably challenge the beasts of sister groups Jurina and Sayanee instead.

“I’m really shocked to receive this rank. I’m always nervous, but the fans are always here for me. If you guys aren’t here, there won’t be me. Someone asked me who my rival is. I can only think of one. My rival is Sasshi. She is all-rounded. I think that if there’s no one who can surpass Sasshi in HKT, then there won’t be growth. I am still not there, but i will work hard so Sasshi can call me as her rival. I’ll show you that i can surpass Sasshi!”


12. Miyazawa Sae – A formidable presence despite zero TV appearances

“Thank you! This year has been an unforgettable year! I met alot of people…experienced alot of feelings. I’m really thankful for it. Again, i want to be a source of strength for many in AKB48. To be able to stand on this stage, i feel very happy. I want to repay everyone, and I hope to show the juniors my cool back!I am also happy to be featured on the LINE stamps!”


13. Yokoyama Yui

-Skip translation because it’s kinda boring-


14. Ikoma Rina – Shocker of the night

As the former center of rival group Nogizaka46, Ikoma was offered a concurrency with AKB48 in February. She accepted it thinking of creating more opportunities for Nogizaka46. No one thought that she’d go far in these elections, but the Nogizaka fans are obviously hungrier that we thought. Catch the priceless expression on her face when her ranking was announced. Even exiting member Oshima Yuko was amazed by it.

“Do you know me? Oh, that’s great, thank you very much! Um… I-I-I never thought, e-even a tiny bit, that I would enter senbatsu, so when I heard just there “Nogizaka’s…” I didn’t know what to think and I still don’t know what to do. But… ah… um…. um, the reason that I’m here is that my fans supported me in all sorts of places, making and handing out flyers, cycling all the way to their home towns, even to places I don’t know, they did all that hard work for me. Members… well, I’m here on a concurrency from a rival group so this surprised a lot of people and no one really knows how this is going to go. But now I feel glad I went through with it… thank you very much. There’s a lot of people I feel grateful to. But I think there’s also a lot of people in Japan who don’t know who I am. I want to take this opportunity for, well for myself as well but I’m from a group called Nogizaka46 and I want to work hard in order to get more people to know who we are! Thank you very much!”


15. Shibata Aya – Another cinderella story

Shibata Aya is one of the cinderella girls in this year’s senbatsu. She is not favored by management but moved into the limelight last year due to fan support. She placed 17th in last year’s general elections and has since been included in the senbatsu lineup for SKE48’s singles.
“Last year, i experienced alot after placing 17th in the elections.I felt very blissful becoming an idol. But seeing the difference between 16th and 17th positions, i felt frustrated realizing what entering senbatsu is all about. This year, i promised to enter senbatsu and is finally able to have that dream come true together with the help of my fans. I won’t waste the chance from the fans. I will work hard to aim higher.  I like the saying ‘If you don’t aim for No.1, you won’t become 2nd or 3rd.’,so i will become everyone’s No.1 idol.”


16. Kawaei Rina – A bounce back from adversity

The baka center had a poor placement in the preliminary results of this year’s sousenkyo despite receiving much push the past year. The recent stabbing incident threw her back into the spotlight as she was one of the 2 injured, together with Iriyama Anna. I don’t know if it helped to get her sympathy votes but the girl definitely hopes it was not the case.

“I’ve worried everyone! I am very healthy now. Honestly, when i was ranked 52 in the prelim results, i had been worrying and crying every day. When i was thinking of what to do, this incident happened. I think God was telling me to stop waiting around and to wake up. I think everyone converted my adversity into a chance for me. In this year, i will not lose no matter what happens. Thank you.”

MC asked if she was afraid during the stabbing incident. Kawaei said, ‘It’s ok! I wasn’t afraid!”

“Actually i was thinking i shouldn’t care about the results anymore. But the fans created this great position for me. Thank you!”

“This year i had done alot and had no regrets, so i was really afraid of the sousenkyo results this year. But now i am no longer afraid!”

“This time, i entered senbatsu because fans had expectations of me and were worried for me. Next year, i hope to enter senbatsu without the help of any adversities!”
And this concludes my translations for their speeches.

Join AllThingsJpop for live results of AKB48 6th General Elections!

7 Jun

Check out the other videos from this channel

D-day is Today!

In just a few hours we’ll be rejoicing/crying for our idols as they face up to the year’s toughest challenge – Senbatsu Sousenkyo!

Join Yuna as the results are unveiled live on 7th June, 6.30pm JPT! (Video stream will be embedded on D-day)

This is the 1st year i’m covering the event live. I’m still thinking about what to commit for this. Perhaps i will do a translation of the members’ speeches, but not everyone’s of cos. Basically I just hope that this space can be a spot for international fans to share our thoughts as we gasp at the results. Sorta like watching World Cup. =)



1. Watanabe Mayu – AKB48 Team B : 159,854 votes


2. Sashihara Rino – HKT48 Team H : 141,954 votes

3. Kashiwagi Yuki – AKB48 Team B/NMB48 Team N : 104,364 votes

4. Matsui Jurina – SKE48 Team S/AKB48 Team K : 90,910 votes

5. Matsui Rena – SKE48 Team E/Nogizaka46 : 69,790 votes

6. Yamamoto Sayaka – NMB48 Team N/AKB48 Team K : 67,916 votes

7. Shimazaki Haruka – AKB48 Team A : 67,591 votes

8. Kojima Haruna – AKB48 Team A : 62,899 votes

9. Takahashi Minami – AKB48 Team A : 57,388 votes

10. Suda Akari – SKE48 Team E : 48,182 votes

11. Miyawaki Sakura – HKT48 Team KIV/AKB48 Team A : 45,538 votes

12. Miyazawa Sae – SNH48 Team SII/SKE48 Team S : 44,749 votes

13. Yokoyama Yui – AKB48 Team K : 40,232 votes

14. Ikoma Rina – Nogizaka46/AKB48 Team B : 40,089 votes

15. Shibata Aya – SKE48 Team E : 39,264 votes

16. Kawaei Rina – AKB48 Team A : 39,120 votes

[Under Girls] 

17. Matsumura Kaori – SKE48 Kenkyuusei : 37,967 votes

18. Watanabe Miyuki – NMB48 Team BII/SKE48 Team S : 36,108 votes

19. Kitahara Rie – AKB48 Team K : 34,666 votes

20. Iriyama Anna – AKB48 Team A : 34,002 votes

21. Kodama Haruka – HKT48 Team H/AKB48 Team K : 33,545 votes

22. Minegishi Minami – AKB48 Team 4 : 33,162 votes

23. Kizaki Yuria – AKB48 Team 4 : 30,154 votes

24. Muto Tomu – AKB48 Team A : 30,097 votes

25. Moriyasu Madoka – HKT48 Team KIV : 27,054 votes

26. Takajo Aki – AKB48 Team B : 24,415 votes

27. Tomonaga Mio – HKT48 Team KIV/AKB48 Team B : 23,766 votes

28. Takahashi Juri – AKB48 Team B : 23,612 votes

29. Yamada Nana – NMB48 Team M/SKE48 Team KII : 23,299 votes

30. Oya Masana – SKE48 Team S : 21,984 votes

31. Takayanagi Akane : SKE48 Team KII/NMB48 Team BII : 21,972 votes

32. Kato Rena – AKB48 Team 4 : 21,877 votes

[Next Girls] 

33. Fujie Reina – NMB48 Team M : 20,956 votes

34. Futamura Haruka – SKE48 Team S : 20,881 votes

35. Umeda Ayaka – NMB48 Team BII : 20,658 votes

36. Kojima Mako – AKB48 Team K : 20,415 votes

37. Furukawa Airi – SKE48 Team KII : 19,315 votes

38. Tashima Meru – HKT48 Team H : 18,875 votes

39. Anai Chihiro – HKT48 Team H : 18,825 votes

40. Kinoshita Yukiko – SKE48 Team KII : 18,822 votes

41. Yagura Fuuko – NMB48 Team M/AKB48 Team A : 18,596 votes

42. Ota Aika – HKT48 Team KIV : 18,143 votes

43. Shiroma Miru – NMB48 Team M : 17,745 votes

44. Isohara Kyoka – SKE48 Team E : 17,616 votes

45. Tano Yuuka – AKB48 Team K : 17,608 votes

46. Iwanaga Ami – SKE48 Team E : 17,479 votes

47. Sasaki Yukari – AKB48 Team 4 : 16,726 votes

48. Motomura Aoi – HKT48 Team KIV : 16,449 votes

[Future Girls] 

49. Iwasa Misaki – AKB48 Team K : 16,100 votes

50. Kimoto Kanon – SKE48 Team E/HKT48 Team KIV : 16,022 votes

51. Okada Nana – AKB48 Team 4 : 15,873 votes

52. Kuramochi Asuka – AKB48 Team B : 15,443 votes

53. Ichikawa Miori – NMB48 Team BII : 15,045 votes

54. Yamada Mizuho – SKE48 Team KII : 14,942 votes

55. Furuhata Nao – SKE48 Team KII/AKB48 Team A : 14,634 votes

56. Oba Mina – SKE48 Team KII : 14,555 votes

57. Ishida Haruka – AKB48 Team K : 14,358 votes

58. Jonishi Kei – NMB48 Team N : 14,194 votes

59. Yabushita Shu – NMB48 Team BII : 14,119 votes

60. Sakaguchi Riko – HKT48 Team H : 12,937 votes

61. Kotani Riho – NMB48 Team N/AKB48 Team 4 : 12,913 votes

62. Nishino Miki – AKB48 Team 4 : 12,824 votes

63. Uchiyama Natsuki – AKB48 Team B : 12,749 votes

64. Matsuoka Natsumi – HKT48 Team H : 12,569 votes

[Upcoming Girls]

65. Nagao Mariya -AKB48 Team K : 12,448 votes

66. Iwatate Saho : AKB48 Team 4 : 11,873 votes

67. Murashige Anna – HKT48 Team KIV/NMB48 Team N : 11,586 votes

68. Umemoto Madoka – SKE48 Team E : 11,538 votes

69. Yamauchi Suzuran – SKE48 Team S : 11,510 votes

70. Maeda Ami – AKB48 Team A : 11,117 votes

71. Tanabe Miku – AKB48 Team B : 11,041 votes

72. Yoshida Akari : NMB48 Team N : 10,982 votes

73. Yakata Miki – SKE48 Team S : 10,733 votes

74. Abiru Riho – SKE48 Team KII : 10,092 votes

75. Saito Makiko – SKE48 Team E : 10,089 votes

76. Ogasawara Mayu – AKB48 Team B : 9,946 votes

77. Kobayashi Ami – SKE48 Team E : 9,931 votes

78. Miyazaki Miho – AKB48 Team K : 9,674 votes

79. Komada Hiroka – HKT48 Team H : 9,609 votes

80. Oshima Ryoka – AKB48 Team B : 9,561 votes


Shinoda Mariko wants Jurina/Mayuyu to win Sousenkyo

7 Jun

Ex AKB48 member and model Shinoda Mariko revealed her preferences for the new AKB48 Queen at a press event on 6th June. She named Matsui Jurina and Watanabe Mayu as the contenders to win the annual AKB48 popularity contest, which takes place on 7th June this year. The winner of last year’s event was HKT48 member Sashihara Rino, who hopes to defend her title this year.

“Sashihara is good for the position so pls work hard,” said Shinoda as she tried her best to pay compliments when asked about Sasshi.

“I hope everyone’s ranking goes up, but my Oshimen is Matsui Jurina,” she added.

“The ones who can topple Sashihara are probably Mayuyu and Jurina. They are conscious of being the next generation aces, and they are improving rapidly. Mayuyu was very frustrated having lost out to Sashihara last year, so she should betting her all this year. I met Jurina last week and she told me she wanted to get No.1 no matter what.”

When asked about her good friend Kojima Haruna, Shinoda said, “It’d be interesting if Kojiharu got no.1. She might show her some determination to word hard…”

Source: http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20140606-00000041-dal-ent



AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo 2014 Special

4 Jun

Sashihara Rino

Do you feel an atmosphere where everyone wants to dethrone Sashihara?
Yes. Even though i’m not sure if they really feel this way, i realised i’ve become this kinda presence in the group.

Have you ever felt lonely after becoming the center?
Eh?! I shall say yes, because it’s cool to say that.
But honestly i was only center for 3 months, so i didn’t feel lonely. In fact, i felt fans’ support for me.

Do you want to win the elections this year?
I haven’t thought alot about that alot in the past. But as No.1 has become an achievable feat for me, i’ve started to think about winning it this year.

[Takamina] Do you think she’s going to win the elections?
That’s definitely going to happen. In the media, everyone thinks that Sashihara winning No.1 is going to be interesting, but personally i prefer someone else to win it. If she continues to win, it won’t be interesting! Like if Mayuyu becomes the dark horse and changes the results, then it’d be interesting.


Watanabe Mayu

If you think back on the elections last year?
Last year, i concentrated only on getting No.1. That became too much for me…and if i reflect on it, it wasn’t good for me and made me a less interesting person.

Did you break down after Sasshi surpassed you to win No.1?
After the elections, for awhile i did break down because i worked seriously for a year so i was thinking what the results meant for me.

What did it mean when you said u’re more confident that other members to support AKB48?
I had that feeling that i did not want to lose to anyone. I lived a life different from normal high school girls so it’s like i’ve bet my life on AKB.

[Kashiwagi Yuki] What do you think of Mayuyu’s dedication towards AKB?
For Mayuyu, AKB48’s work is always of priority. For example, when we invite her for meals after work, she’d decline saying there’s filming early next morning. When i see that, i can see that she’d sacrificing her freedom for AKB.

[Matsui Rena] What do you think of Mayuyu’s dedication towards AKB?
She works the hardest and thinks most about AKB, so if she wins the elections, i think i’d be able to see a different Mayuyu.

What’s your reason for aiming for No.1?
Yuko-chan once said she hoped for me to win No.1. I want to become someone of that presence.

[Takamina] What was Mayuyu like when the preliminary results for this year’s elections were announced?
She had a very complicated look on her face. On the surface, she might have been like “Sasshi is formidable! Unbeatable!” but i think she really wanted to win inside. When i saw that, i felt really bad and wanted her to win instead.

Do you want to against Sasshi?
Yes, afterall i’ve been an orthodox idol for 7 years…There’s only 1 life, i want to do what can be done.


Matsui Jurina

[Mayuyu] What are your thoughts of Matsui Jurina?
She came in when she was in elementary school, and now she’s in high school. How big she’s gotten…i’m looking at her like a parent…lol

Why are you aiming for No.1?
I was center for “Oogoe Diamond” and “UZA” and i was always worried if i’d be accepted by the fans. For elections, becoming No.1 would signify becing accepted by the fans.

Matsui Rena

What has changed for you after breaking into Kami 7?
My individual activities have been very fruitful, but that’s at the expense of my group activities.

Why are you aiming for No.1?
The juniors are coming up fast, so if i don’t achieve greater heights, i’d be worried about my future when i leave this group. By aiming for No.1, it’s not because i’m of No.1 calibre. It’s because  i’m not satisfied yet and still have something to show. I want to work harder.

[Sashihara] What do you think of Matsui Rena?
Rena is the only one whom i don’t want to lose to. Despite that we are close and go out for meals.

Yamamoto Sayaka

[Mayuyu] What do you think about Yamamoto Sayaka?
Sayanee is someone who is able to do everything. When i went to NMB48’s concert, your performance skills were outstanding. She’s someone i can learn from despite her being my junior.

[Takamina] She can do anything. She’s an ace like Atsuko. Plus captain. It can be tiring because she does everything.It’s weird not to expect her to rise higher.

What did you think of the prelim results for NMB48?
I panicked. The other groups did well but for us, we can do better.

Your aim for this year’s elections is also No.1?
I said that i’d become someone who leads the group so i’m not going to run away from it.

AKB48 6th General Elections: Theater managers emerge and urge fans to unite

25 May

With the announcement of the prelim rankings for the AKB48 6th General Elections, theater managers of the 48 groups are now stepping forth to lobby for their teams. First up was the theater manager of NMB48, who expressed regret at the group’s poor performance this year.

NMB48 Theater Manager Kaneko Takeshi : “This is not the power of Namba!”

“Frankly, when i received the prelim results for Sousenkyo, i was really frustrated. There’s alot to learn from the combined powers of HKT48’s 2 managers. The feeling after confirming NMB48’s status is painful. I feel a responsibility even though the members have worked hard. Seeing some of them cry backstage, i can’t help but feel sorry, regretful..

Nothing will change if i don’t greet the fans today. This is not the true power of Namba! From now, lets work together with the members and staff and show everyone the power of Namba! Lets reach the top!

(NMB only managed to rank in 11 spots out of the 80 available, with Sayanee being the only one in senbatsu. HKT in comparison, had 14 spots, with 3 girls ranking in senbatsu. In terms of number of votes, NMB is way behind the sister groups, as SKE had 150,482 votes and HKT 111,847 votes but NMB only had 58,367 votes.)


AKB48 Theater Manager Yuasa Hiroshi : “Lets snatch the crown away from HKT48”

Yesterday,the NMB theater manager talked about the prelim rankings. As the representative for AKB, i must also say that we are not satisfied with the results. There are still many members in AKB48 who are unranked. Have they been forgotten?

On the 8th December 2005, AKB48 started its activities and have overcome many obstacles since. Personally, i’d like AKB48 to win this battle again. As the theater manager, i definitely wish to snatch the crown away from Hakata.

I really like AKB48 and its members. We might not be able to repay you, but we would definitely like to receive your love.

Do you guys love AKB48? We will take this power and turn it into tears of happiness on the 7th June, so lets take back the No. 1 position from Hakata!


HKT48 Theater Manager Ozaki Mitsuru: “We need everyone’s power.”

When i saw the speech from NMB48’s theater manager, i too felt pain in my heart. HKT48 got this far because everyone here gifted us for working hard the past year. Because of you, 15 members(including Kimoto Kanon from SKE) ranked in.

However, we will not sit and do nothing. Even though there are members who ranked in, there are also members who feel frustrated. There’s still some days to vote, so we need everyone’s power. As the 47 members have worked hard and bet their lives on this the past year, please let them enjoy this festival to the end.


SKE48 Theater Manager Etsuro Imamura: “SKE48 is a group with the most passionate hako-oshis”

Yesterday, NMB48’s theater manager talked to the fans and and lighted up their fighting spirit. Therefore, i would also like to put in a word myself.

When Akimoto Yasushi entrusted SKE48 to me, i quit everything and left for Nagoya. I too, can’t lose.

Even though its just been about 2 months since i became theater manager, every member in SKE48 is a diamond to me. They will shine from now. Therefore, we will not lose to the sister groups.

I am still studying SKE48, but it is a group with the most passionate hako-oshis(i think this means the fans don’t have oshimen and are supportive of every member).  The members are just praying for good results now,but i’d like them to receive  your warm protection.



Fuji TV airs epic promotional trailer for AKB48 6th General Elections

24 May

It has been announced that Fuji TV will be airing AKB48 6th General Elections live on June 7, starting from 5pm. They will air footage of the vote counting, but actual ranking will only be revealed from 6.30pm onwards.
To promote the event, a series of trailers have been released depicting a battle for the top spot between “warlords” from different provinces in Japan – Watanabe Mayu of Tokyo, Yamamoto Sayaka of Osaka, Matsui Jurina of Nagoya and Sashihara Rino of Fukuoka. If you once thought the idea in having sister groups is just to duplicate the success formula of AKB48, then this trailer certainly gives whole new meaning and excitement to this mega franchise. Watch the trailers below for yourself below!

Short Version

Long Version(with Matsui Rena)

In addition, FujiTV also announced that they will be broadcasting Oshima Yuko’s graduation performance 2 days later on 9 June.


Preliminary results of AKB48’s 6th General Election

23 May

On May 21, the preliminary results of “The 6th AKB48 Senbatsu General Election” were revealed at AKB48 Theater in Akihabara, Tokyo.

For the election, a total of 296 girls from AKB48 and its sister groups stand as candidates, and the top 80 girls will be able to participate in AKB48’s 37th single.

On the day, the preliminary results showed HKT48 member Sashihara Rino placed first, followed by Watanabe Mayu, and Matsui Jurina.

In the past 5 years, Maeda Atsuko came first for the 1st and 3rd elections,Oshima Yuko placed first for the 2nd and 4th elections, and last year, Sashihara ranked number 1. 

It will attract the fans’ attention if Sashihara would be able to win the election for the second consecutive time.

The voting for the election will end on June 6 at 3:00 pm, and the final results will be revealed at Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo on June 7.

Below is the top 16 members from the preliminary results.

1. Sashihara Rino – 37, 582 votes
2. Watanabe Mayu – 25,283 votes
3. Matsui Jurina – 23,012 votes
4. Kashiwagi Yuki – 17,266 votes
5. Shimazaki Haruka – 15,514 votes
6. Matsui Rena – 14,897 votes
7. Yamamoto Sayaka – 14,798 votes
8. Shibata Aya – 12,340 votes
9. Matsumura Kaori – 12,190 votes
10. Kodama Haruka – 9,879 votes
11. Moriyasu Madoka – 9,562 votes
12. Yokoyama Yui – 9,505 votes
13. Takahashi Minami – 9,005 votes
14. Futamura Haruka – 8,755 votes
15. Kitahara Rie – 8,584 votes
16. Miyazawa Sae – 8,273 votes


Even though i was hoping for Mayuyu to win this time, seems like overtaking Sasshi is as difficult as ever. It is certainly depressing to see her struggling so hard, but hopefully Mayuyu fans will unite in the remaining days and help Mayuyu achieve her dreams! 

Details announced for AKB48 6th Sousenkyo General Elections

25 Mar

It was announced that AKB48 will be holding their annual popularity contest aka General Elections.

As usual, the top 16 members from AKB48/NMB48/SKE48/HKT48 will form the lineup for the title track of the group’s 37th single (to be released in August), and appear on TV, magazines etc for promotions. Those interested in participating will have to nominate themselves in order become an official candidate.

However, there are a few changes to the election rules this year.

1. Instead of 64 senbatsu spots ,80 spots will be open this year. Those ranked 17th and below will sing the coupling songs for the 37th single.

• 1st ~ 16th : 37th single Senbatsu members
• 17th ~ 32nd : Under Girls
• 33rd ~ 48th : Next Girls
• 49th ~ 64th : Future Girls
• 65th ~ 80th : Upcoming Girls

2. Graduated members will no longer be allowed to participate.

•  Tomochin, Mariko sama, Acchan, Yuko etc.

3. Special members who are qualified to participate:
•  Nakagawa Haruka (JKT48)
•  Chikano Rika (JKT48)
•  Ikoma Rina (NGK46/AKB48)
The reception desk period for the candidacy will be from March 31 at 4:30 pm ~ April 6 at 11:00 pm.  Until then, we can expect to see the girls declaring their intentions to run/withdraw/even graduate via google+ announcements.

Fans can vote for the members after that by purchasing AKB48’s 36th single (currently untitled) which will go on sale on May 21. The voting for the election will begin on May 20 at 10:00 am, until on June 6 at 3:00 pm (JST).

The results of the voting will be unveiled at Ajinomoto Stadium on June 7.


It has only been a few days, but some members have already declared their ambitions to run for elections, including Yamamoto Sayaka and Sashihara Rino (who seems to be contradicting her words from last year). SKE48 member Tomoko Kato is pulling out to concentrate on solo activities whilst Takayanagi Akane is sitting on the fence, probably waiting for a big push from her fans.

If you’re wondering who Yuna is rooting for, of cos it’s Mayuyu! I am actually visiting Tokyo in some months, hopefully i can see drop by their theater and catch their live show!

Who are you rooting for and will you be voting?