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Maeda Atsuko and Takamina on Domoto Brothers

16 Mar

The retired ace of AKB48 Maeda Atsuko reunites with Takahashi Minami to talk about their friendship. They also sang a nice version of “M”, a song from 1980s group Princess Princess. I personally feel that their voices match well. They should have formed a unit before Acchan went solo.

Matsuya Onoe’s mother approves of her son getting married to Atsuko Maeda

25 Nov
Over a month since Atsuko Maeda (22) and kabuki actor Matsuya Onoe’s (28) relationship was made public, people have been closely monitoring the outcome of this big couple’s romance.

As both parties maintain their silence, we went to the first day of Onoe’s stage play held last November 1. As we made our way into the staff entrance of the venue for the play Meijiza Juiichigatsu Hanagata Kabuki, we spotted a delicate woman wearing a white kimono, looking for him. This was his mother, Morie Kawai (57).

“Matsuya Mama” was also known as a shinpa actress. According to related personnel, she has been seen numerous times in the venues in order to attend to the people who come to the dressing rooms to greet her son. Matsuya Mama was initially surprised with our sudden interview, but answered our questions calmly.
What is the outlook like concerning a Matsuya-san and Maeda-san marriage?

“I have always thought that whoever marries a kabuki actor should at least know a little about the industry. If it’s someone like Atsuko Maeda, then I entirely approve of it. Even tomorrow is OK with me.”
–If they do get married, would you want Maeda-san to join your family?
“I retired from my acting career when I got married, but I want Maeda-san to continue her career without forcing herself too much.The kabuki world is not a financially stable industry, especially when you are still young. There are also times when the wife has to provide support for the husband…… It will also be difficult once they have a baby.”
–Are the two living together?
“(As she nods a little) I’m terribly sorry, I would need to be excused as I am in a hurry.”
It was a very short crash interview, but she has definitely made it clear that she would gladly welcome Atsuko Maeda as Matsuya’s wife.
It seems that no one can put a stop to the love affair of the couple. Despite the lingering aftershocks of reports about her romance, there’s no doubt that this new tremor called “marriage” will shake the public further. But there are still concerns as to how the couple have met which eventually led to their relationship…
When we tried to ask both agencies for comments, the reply we got from Matsuya’s side was: “We will not disclose any comment regarding this matter”, while Maeda’s side went: “The one in charge isn’t here so please call us again some other time”.
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Fans express frustration at Maeda Atsuko’s silence on relationship

16 Nov

Maeda Atsuko appeared at a talkshow for the premiere of  “Tamako in Moratorium” on the 12th November and continued to keep mum on her alleged relationship with kabuki prince Matsuya Onoe.

As the talkshow ended, the press started asking “Is your relationship with Matsuya Onoe doing well?”, but Maeda simply walked off with a smile.

A fan of hers who attended the event said “I want to hear the truth. The Acchan from AKB days used to treasure us. I want to believe that it’s all a lie, so i’m hoping she’d at least deny.”


I feel so sorry for this fan…if there’s really nothing, she would have denied it from the beginning. 

The reason why Maeda Atsuko is keeping quiet about her relationship

5 Oct

Maeda Atsuko headed off to the Busan International Film Festival on 3rd October to promote her new movie “Tamako in Moratorium”. However, she did not comment on rumors of her relationship with kabuki actor Matsuya Onoe, which was exposed by the Japanese media 10 days ago.

Someone who claims to know Acchan’s reactions said that she was “happy the secret is now out in the open”. She had told people around her that it would be good if she got married. This made people think that she can’t wait for news of her relationship to be out. Instead of sneaking around, she actually wanted to create an environment where she could date openly.

Up till now, she had avoided the public eye by going on driving dates with Matsuya Onoe,  late night shows in cinemas, or simply going to each other’s house to watch DVDs. This was due to her fear of causing a commotion when seen by the public.

A publisher said that Acchan had met up with Itano Tomomi back in July to play in Tokyo Disneyland. There she confessed to being in a relationship, and talked about hopes of coming to Disneyland with Matsuya Onoe.

On the other hand, Matsuya Onoe has been teased by his playboy friends in the entertainment industry, who thought that Acchan was simply another of his girlfriends. However, he seems determined to prove otherwise now.

If both of them are keen on developing this relationship, it would have been wise to talk about it in her first public appearance since the reports surfaced, but Acchan kept mum all the way.

In fact, before she headed off for Busan from Narita International Airport, she was supposed to meet the press for interviews. However, plans were halted 1hr before the scheduled time, and the press learnt that she had taken off, suggesting her side was keen to avoid/hide something.

A publisher said that Acchan herself was keen to talk about it, but considering she had lots of diehard fans from her AKB era who might not take the news well, her agency is waiting for the right timing to let her comment on it.

Besides, it is understood that there is someone behind the scene who is helping Acchan to deal with all these. The no-show with Japanese media at Narita International Airport was actually devised by this person. At first, Acchan was supposed to arrive at the airport wearing a mask, but as this seemed like she was trying to run away and therefore bad for her image, she was told to wear a cap and smile instead. This person had known about their relationship way earlier, but had kept quiet. He or she probably also knows what Acchan is feeling now.

“Even though Acchan has succeeded as an idol, she does not have much ambitions. She wants to get married and have children by 30. She doesn’t have to be a lead female actress. She wants to act in supporting roles. In other words, she wants to have a long career (even if it means acting in plain roles) and still juggle a love life. ”


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Maeda Atsuko and Matsuya Onoe dating with marriage in mind

1 Oct

According to Tokyo Sports, Acchan and Matsuya Onoe have been revealed to be dating with marriage in sight. It seems that Acchan is really serious about this relationship, as her conversations with friends have evolved from “relationships” to “marriage”. She’s even talked about her ideal wedding ceremony.

Acchan and Matsuya Onoe met last year and exchanged contacts. In March this year, the 2 met again at a mutual friend’s birthday party/drinking session. “Those who saw what happened were shocked. Acchan approached Matsuya aggressively,” said a young actor who worked with Acchan.

At that time, Matsuya Onoe had a lover who was in her 20s. The girl, nicknamed “N”, was a model for some magazine. She often visited Matsuya’s room backstage and the 2 were publicly acknowledged to be on good terms, said a kabuki insider.

Friends of Matsuya think that Acchan is simply one of his girlfriends. S, a popular actor, apparently told others that “Matsuya has caught a big fish.”

However, Matsuya seems to have started dating Acchan seriously 2 months after the birthday party. This could be due to Acchan’s serious attitude about relationships, which she showed by asking to date with marriage in sight.

“She can’t stand it if she can’t get in contact with Matsuya. On the other hand, Matsuya also wants to date with marriage as a possible option in future, and doesn’t want to play around anymore,” said a related personnel.

At this rate, it seems possible that a lightning marriage is on the cards. What kind of expression will she show when she makes her next public appearance at the Busan International Film Festival on the 4th Octobers?


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Will Maeda Atsuko successfully marry into the world of Kabuki?

28 Sep

The new-born couple are popular artistes in their own fields. Maeda Atsuko is a former national idol who had her heart broken by ikemen actor Sato Takeru the night she graduated from AKB48. Her partner Onoe Matsuya, dubbed the Prince of Kabuki,is a young man expected to lead the Kabuki world in future.

Ichikawa Ebizo XI, a famous Kabuki actor and heir to the prestigious Ichikawa clan of kabuki actors in Japan, suggested that this relationship is perhaps not a chance for Onoe Matsuya to shine. “Is this ok? His partner is afterall the national idol,” he wrote on his blog.

However, staff for TV stations seem to think that dating a Kabuki actor is actually good for Maeda. “By appearing in NHK’s period drama “Asaki Yumemishi ~Yaoya Oshichi Ibun“, she has actually stepped up her game as an actress, but the ratings for the first episode is only 5.8%. She is still not used to acting in period dramas, but she’ll have more chances to hone her skills by dating Onoe.”

Both Maeda and Onoe will have plenty of merits by dating each other. For Maeda, she will have a chance to marry into the Kabuki world, which is fairly common amongst actresses. Kobayashi Mao was a television announcer and actress before she married Ichikawa Ebizo XI. “Japanese actresses find Kabuki actors appealing. By marrying them, they are assured of a stable life since Kabuki actors earn a stable income, unlike working in the entertainment industry. Also, the status of a traditional arts performer makes them more appealing marriage partners,” a representative from the Kabuki industry said.

So what are the hardships to becoming a Kabuki actor’s wife?

“Firstly, can she withstand being a “temporary” wife? To continue the family lineage, can she work hard until she bears her husband a son? Will she be able to get along well with fellow members of the kabuki world? Is her kimono fashion sense good enough? Is she a person who knows how to say the right words? If she’s of a higher level than the husband in the acting world, can she step back? Can she overlook if her husband cheats on her?” said the representative.

How will the leader of Japan’s pop culture Maeda Atsuko and traditional arts performer Onoe Matsuya overcome their differences and how far can this relationship go?


I thought it was interesting that they are commenting on her marriage prospects when Acchan is only 22 years old and 7 months into her relationship. Anyways, marrying a Kabuki actor sounds like getting locked up in a cage.

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Compilation of Maeda Atsuko’s “Time Machine Nan Te Iranai” Performances + Bonus footage from Sapporo Dome Comeback Concert

27 Sep

I don’t think i’ve posted these before….here’s the various lives from her new single “Time Machine Nan Te Iranai”, plus the AKB48 Sapporo Dome 2013 version, from when she first made her comeback.

Music Station

Music Dragon

Music Japan

AKB48 Sapporo Dome Concert 2013

You can really tell how juniors lookup to Acchan from this video. Even Miichan and Tomochin are singing along as Acchan rehearsed for the concert.


If you’re interested in getting Acchan’s 3rd solo single, pls click below: