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CM Kings and Queens for 1st half 2016

10 Jul

According to Nihon Monitor, the CM King and Queen so far in 2016 are Arashi’s Aiba Masaki(3rd year in a row) and Matsuko Deluxe.

In essence, Arashi continues to sweep the men’s category while AKB48 disappeared entirely.

Men’s category:
1. Aiba Masaki (12 CMs)
2. Sakurai Sho, Nishikori Kei, Ninomiya Kazunari (11 CMs)
3. Matsumoto Jun (10 CMs)
4. Ohno Satoshi, Matsuoka Shuzo (9 CMs)
5. Nishijima Hidetoshi, Yutaka Matsushige (8 CMs)
6. Abe Hiroshi, Oguri Shun, Ayumu Goromaru, Suda Masaki, Daigo, Tamaki Hiroshi, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Mukai Osamu, (7 CMs)

Women’s category:
1. Matsuko Deluxe (12 CMs)
2. Kasumi Arimura, Hirose Suzue, Yoshida Yo  (11 CMs)
3. Rola  (10 CMs)
4. Ueto Aya, Ayase Haruka, Kiritani Mirei, Matsuoka Mayu (9 CMs)
5. Ishihara Satomi, Kimura Fumino, Takei Emi, Yamomoto Mizuki (8 CMs)
6. Ann, Kanno Miho, Taira Yuna, Nanao, Honda Tsubasa, Miyazaki Aoi, Watanabe Naomi, Yoshida Saori (7 CMs)


Disappearance of 48Group from the list

In the golden years of 2011, Oshima Yuko had 19 CMs, while Maeda Atsuko and Shinoda Mariko had 17. In the Top 20, more than half would come from AKB.

“CMs are also a barometer for popularity. We can see changes in the “national idol group” which is supported by a core group of fans through this ranking.” – idol magazine writer

This change could also be felt in Fuji TV’s broadcast of the 2016 Senbatsu Sousenkyo last month. The average ratings was 8.7% in Kanto region from 7pm to 9pm. Also, there were calls for TV networks to stop broadcasting and just stream on the Internet.

“AKB has failed in its generation succession. This year, people do not know anyone below the rank of Top 6 so CM offers will probably not come in. CMs are the biggest revenue for AKB, so the management would probably work their hardest to get income from other avenues. Recently, their theaters started selling limited edition photos and also replicas of the Sousenkyo trophies.”


Artistes to lookout for in latter half 2016

Dean Fujioka
The multilingual actor rose to popularity after acting as “Godai-sama” in “Asa ga Kita”. He had zero CMs last year but clinched 6 already this year.

Atsugiri Danielson
A comedian (actually IT employee) aka American In Japan who jokes about his difficulties learning Japanese. He had 2 CMs last year, and 5 this year.

Mitsuki Takahata & Yoshine Kyoko
Both are heroines in NHK morning dramas this year. Mitsuki Takahata is currently leading “Toto Neechan” with high ratings while Yoshine Kyoko is set to takeover the same slot in October with “Beppin san”. They have 3 or 4 CMs currently.


Maeda Atsuko breaks up with Matsuya Onoe

24 Dec


Maeda Atsuko(24) has ended her relationship with Matsuya Onoe(30).

On the 20th December episode of “Bokura no Jidai”, Maeda Atsuko talked about her marriage goals. “Perhaps i was too desperate to get married at one point in my life. But now i won’t(get married)” she said.

Maeda was first reported to be in a relationship with Kabuki prince Matsuya Onoe in 2013, with talks of marriage along the way.

“Matsuya san introduced Acchan to his fanclub, people around them also gave their blessings. In the spring of 2014, the 2 of them visited a Yakiniku shop managed by one of the fanclub members, and gave their autographs.” – Kabuki insider.

She has also greeted Matsuya’s mother, and their relationship was going smoothly. Around summer of 2015, the gap between them started to widen.

“Acchan is a really systematic(?) girl. She had thoughts of marriage, and got along well with Matsuya san’s mother. She watched his butai 2 or 3 times over and showed up backstage to make her greetings. Matsuya san was also working towards marriage. But at that time, Matsuya san’s career was taking off and he became busier performing Kabuki in other prefectures….

Acchan became more involved with her butai and more serious about improving her acting to stand on stage. So they broke up at the end of June.” – showbiz insider

Matsuya did not show up for Maeda’s butai “Elisabeth”, which ended in June.

“They did not breakup because of disliking each other, so it’s possible to reconcile. It seems like they go out for meals after that too…Matsuya is only 30, so this is a time where he has to study hard if he wants to become a successful Kabuki actor. For Acchan, it’s been 3 years since she graduated from AKB48 so it’s crucial for her to progress as an actress.” says above insider.