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Compilation of Arashi “Ai wo Sakebe” performances

9 Sep

I’ve never done a compilation post for Arashi before but this song is so worth watching 10 tens over!
And unlike 48Group, Johnny’s groups don’t really promote their songs outside Music Station so there’s not many performances i can find.

Music Station (credit to Arashi Fan Page Malaysia)

Arashi ni Shiyagare

VS Arashi

Arashi new single “Ai wo Sakebe” is cm song for Zexy

1 Sep



Arashi have provided their new song “Ai wo Sakebe” as the CM song for wedding information magazine ‘Zexy‘.

According to creative director Yanai Michihiko, this collaboration came about as he wanted “the 5 members of Arashi to sing ‘a national song of celebration’ that everyone can sing together during a wedding reception.” In response to Yanai’s request, Arashi put together a cheerful and uptempo wedding song that’s sung from the point of view of the bride’s male friends.

On the song, Arashi commented, “The lyrics are made up of words of congratulations that you are too embarrassed to say because you’ve known each other for a long time as well as feelings of slight loneliness. It would make us happy if you would love this song that will liven up weddings and celebrate a new threshold.


Purchase Arashi’s 47th single below:

Regular Edition

Limited Edition