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Yamapi has distanced himself from Akanishi Troop?

20 Aug

Last year, the “Akanishi Troop” consisting Akanishi Jin, Nishikido Ryo and Yamashita Tomohisa amongst others caused controversy after stealing/destroying a cellphone from someone during a night out in Roppongi. The case was settled after a large amount of settlement money was paid to the victim. However, Yamashita, who seems to have taken most responsibility for it by apologising through the media, is said to have distanced himself from the group.

According to a entertainment writer, it seems like Johnny’s jimusho has served Yamapi with the ultimatum to break off relations with Akanishi. This statement was published in the 18th Aug version of Shukan Jousei.

The Akanishi Troop takes an annual trip overseas to strengthen their unity. Last year, they went to Singapore but Yamashita did not tag along.

In June this year, the members held a birthday party but Yamapi did not show up as well.

“If it were the Yamapi before this incident, this would not happen. This is how strong his feelings for Akanishi is like,” says the entertainment writer.


In another article, Yamapi is said to be hanging out with actors Ayano Go, Sato Takeru, Miura Shohei lately.

Ayano Go and Yamapi were introduced to each other by Yamada Takayuki 4 years ago. Both hit it off and go drinking till daybreak. Miura and Yamapi were introduced by Ito Hideaki. Both have co-starred with Ito Hideaki and see him as a big brother.

“He also frequents a gay bar and goes there once a week. There was a fireworks festival along Sumida River at the end of July and he rented a boat with the regulars of that bar to see it,” says acquaintance of Yamapi.


Akanishi Troop gets in trouble with the police for stealing a cellphone in Roppongi

16 Jul

The Akanishi Troop, consisting of Akanishi Jin(30), Yamashita Tomohisa(29), Nishikido Ryo(29) and friends, have been involved in an incident with the police. Last month, they got into trouble with a group of 5 or 6 in Roppongi and were accused of stealing a cellphone.

“Nishikido hangs out frequently with the group, and he is known for being a bad drinker who forgets what happens after a night of drinking. People have seen him forcing his way into cabs. Yamashita also plays with them frequently. The Akanishi Troop usually goes clubbing to hit on foreign ladies.”

The Akanishi Troop was thought to have disbanded due to Akanishi’s marriage to actress Kuroki Meisa(26) in 2012, and the birth of their daughter in the same year. Recently though, the group seems to have revived their activities.

“Last month, this group of 5 or 6 people discovered the Akanishi Troop in the streets of Roppongi and called out to them. They were not fans of Johnny’s. I guess Akanishi and friends weren’t amused by that. It ended in a scuffle,” a person familiar with the incident said. Scuffles are not uncommon in Roppongi where nightlife is rampant.

“One of the girls in the group was recording the scene on her cellphone. Noticing that, the Akanishi Troop took her phone and ran away with it,” he continued.

The girl reported this case to the police the next day.

“Fans of Akanishi Troop have also reported about being treated coldly. I know of one who met Akanishi in the streets. She wanted to take a picture but was threatened by his outburst of ‘Hey what are you filming!’ ” said someone from the entertainment circle.

However, the incident this time is not a case of Johnny’s talents versus stalker fans. There is information that mediation is ongoing to prevent this from developing into a criminal case.


Why am i not surprised anymore?


Akanishi Jin wants fans to join his fanclub “JIP”

5 Jul


Akanishi Jin, former member of KAT-TUN and solo artiste from Johnny’s, has restarted activities after resigning from his agency in February this year.

Choosing to comeback on his birthday on the 4th July, which also happens to be Independence Day in the U.S, a teaser counting down to “Jindependence Day” has been playing on his official site 1 week back.

The first activity in store for fans is the chance to join his official fan club “JIP’s” (sounds familiar Big Bang fans?), which will allow them to purchase his new photobook titled “Work Hard Play Hard”. The membership also gives them opportunities to purchase fan goods from his web store. Unfortunately, international fans will only have the chance to look as the membership is open to Japanese residents only.


What is this Big Bang vibe that i’m getting?

Akanishi Jin returns to being a house husband?

24 May

Jin Akanishi (29) left his agency at the end of February and is currently working as a freelancer. He has had a few projects like providing songs for a Korean group, but he has practically had a lot of free time since going independent, and has reportedly been drinking with his friends until late at night and goes home to a hotel room, as his relationship with wife Meisa Kuroki (25) was seemingly on the rocks.

“Meisa-san still had a lot of job offers even after her maternity leave, but Akanishi-san hasn’t been working, nor taking care of their baby, and just kept getting drunk day in and day out… Because of the husband acting like this, there was a time when she would let her parents back home in Okinawa take care of their baby when she would have to leave their home for an extended period of time for filming.” – (Meisa’s acquanintance)

It won’t be a surprise if the gap between a bum and a busy, in-demand working mom widens because of this, and they did seem to be heading towards that direction, but there were reports that Akanishi’s stance has changed, probably because he witnessed how cold his wife can be. This was in late March, in a studio within the city where Meisa was filming her scenes.

“It was Meisa’s shoot, but Akanishi-san was also in the studio for some reason. He was in Meisa’s dressing room the whole time, taking care of the baby. He would hold the baby up high, wipe off her drool, and even feed her baby food using a spoon… He was totally an ikumen*. (laughs)” – (Showbiz staff)
* (ikumen = man engaged in raising the child)

“They also looked like they had a lot of fun conversations during breaks from the filming.”

The two were also spotted in mid-April at Minami Aoyama.

“They must’ve been coming home from shopping, and Akanishi-san was carrying all the grocery and shopping bags. It seemed like he couldn’t go against and face Meisa-san properly anymore…” – (witness)

When Akanishi left the agency, he commented, “I want to be more active with my international career”, but it appears that he doesn’t even have a manager yet, and it can’t be said that he’s started off his new career on a fine note.

“Akanishi-san probably can’t even have a proper living right now if he breaks up with Meisa. He must’ve come to the conclusion to be a ‘house-husband’ until his own career gets back on track.” – (Meisa’s acquaintance)


Rumors of separation from Meisa, relocation to L.A, and now a reconciliation…this guy’s life is still as interesting even after so long.

Akanishi looking for new house in LA, to live separately from Meisa?

4 Apr

Akanishi Jin and actress wife Kuroki Meisa are currently living in a mansion located in a high class residential area. It is said to be a spacious, luxurious place, with rental costing about 60,000yen  a month.

“Even though Meisa wishes for Akanishi to take care of their daughter since she’s busy with work, Akanishi treasures time with friends and with himself. Seems like they quarrelled because of this.” (related entertainment rep)

In reality, Akanishi often invites friends over and plays loud music in the middle of the night, not turning it off until early morning. It doesn’t seem like a household that has a 1-year-old kid.

“Meisa is always busy with stage plays so it is not Akanishi but her mother in Okinawa who takes care of their daughter. When they quarrel she’d just go back to her parent’s place. They don’t even bother to talk it out and leave it at that.” (friend of the couple)

According to this friend, there are days when Akanishi stays over in hotels instead of going home after clubbing.

At the start of the year, Akanishi started looking for a new home in Los Angeles and has shortlisted 2 or 3 places, suggesting that he might move over eventually. When asked what are his plans for wife and kid, he said they’ll “shuffle back and forth”.

However, Meisa just announced her participation in Fuji TV’s April drama “Black President”. After that certainly there’d be other offers for dramas and movies.

“When Akanishi decides on his home in LA, that could be the time when they start to live separately..”

Yahoo News

Akanishi Jin receives love call from Hallyu idols

3 Apr

Akanishi Jin has apparently been receiving offers for various jobs after resigning from Johnny’s in February. Amongst them was the possibility of forming a unit with Tanaka Koki. The latest news however, is an offer to produce for a Hallyu idol group, considered arch rivals to Johnny’s.

An insider who had leaked news of Akanishi’s “moonlighting” in Jan gave more details.

“According to what i know, he started doing Hallyu-related business since last year. He would write songs for Korean solo/group artistes using a pseudonym. In Johnny’s, having a secondary job is taboo. When his agency asked about it, Akanishi admitted to it.”

Through Akanishi’s brother Reio’s connections, Jin has alot of Korean idol friends and goes to their lives frequently. Through these interactions, Jin has also received love calls to hold concerts with them.

“2 years ago, Akanishi was seen giving advice to Korean idols on the ways to succeed in Japan, based on what he observed so far. You will be surprised at the ‘Akanishi Believers’. For example, when Akanishi visits their restrooms backstage, a certain member of the group would call on him to become their producer. Akanishi would tell them it was impossible to take up producing activities in Japan. With Korean-Japan relations being the way they are now, Akanishi risks distancing himself from his Japanese fans if he gets closer to Hallyu. But originally his sights were set on the overseas market, so Japan might not be important to him at all…”

Which means, Akanishi may choose Korea over Japan.


Now i’m just interested which Korean group this might be…JYJ or Tohoshinki perhaps?

Akanishi Jin resigns from Johnny’s Agency

5 Mar

As announced from his twitter, Akanishi Jin has left Johnny’s, a rare move from anyone who belongs to that agency. A Tokyo Sports article analyzes the reasons for his departure.

Insider: “When he was with KAT-TUN, he really hated playing the role of an idol. He would grumble saying things like ‘What’s this’ and ‘So troublesome’ “.

The turning point came when ex-KAT-TUN member Tanaka Koki was fired last September.

“Even though Koki was fired for his scandals and moonlighting, he’s still leading a proper life. Akanishi has contacted him and is on good terms with him. This may have sparked his resignation.”

Iijima Michi, who manages SMAP, Yamapi etc, is the only higher-up in Johnny’s who appreciates Akanishi’s talent. It is said that she was the main force behind Akanishi’s comeback after he got suspended for a shotgun wedding. She has tried to retain Akanishi to no avail.

What is in store for Akanishi next?

An acquaintance of Akanishi says “He can speak English fluently, writes songs for other artistes in secret, has connections in Roppongi, manages bars, and even launched his own brands. With his connections, he can surely survive.”.


Alright, i think this is the last article i will ever write about him. 

Akanishi Jin may also be moonlighting?!

16 Jan

Akanishi Jin, who writes lyrics for his own songs, may also be writing the lyrics for other artistes as his part-time job, an insider from the entertainment circle revealed.

“The salary in return is about 200,000Yen, which is really low but he is doing it thanks to his brother Reio’s connections.”

Akanishi Reio is an actor who belongs to an agency managing talents, models, athletes, actors etc active in Japan and overseas.

Akanishi Jin got the chance to write Japanese lyrics for overseas artistes’ albums/singles through Reio.

“In order to prevent Johnny’s Entertainment from finding out, he is doing it under a pseudonym. There are few who know about it, but he babbles when he’s drunk. When he appeared in “47Ronin” he was like “I’m a Hollywood star!”..bragging to people around him. He’s spilling his own secrets,” said the insider.

KAT-TUN’s Tanaka Koki was fired from Johnny’s in September last year due to the very same act of moonlighting. However, Akanishi continues to be complacent.

If this side job that he’s doing turns out to be true, it will be interesting to see how his agency deals with him.


Akanishi Jin continues to be a diva despite film flop

11 Jan

Akanishi Jin, who acted in recently released hollywood film 47Ronin, has been relatively busy the past year. Despite his film being touted a flop, he is said to have put in his best effort in promoting for his album.

However, this is Akanishi Jin we’re talking about. “Of cos it is impossible for there to be be no problems,” said a publisher representative.

“As usual, his interviews are a pain. He isn’t into interviews and doesn’t converse enthusiastically. He says he’s bad at interviews so maybe it can’t be helped, but the number of writers who have given up on him are increasing.”

Akanishi Jin’s curt replies are also a problem. “It seems he has landed himself in the bad books of journalists ever since his KAT-TUN days, unknowingly creating enemies.”

However, refusing to butter up to the journalists seems to be his style.

“Even though he had his ups and downs, things have smoothened out and maybe he is just returning to his old self from the days when his popularity was at its highest. Whether this is a good or not is another matter.”


Unstoppable Jin riles up fans of Kis-My-Ft2 & A.B.C-Z on Shounen Club

6 Sep

One more article on Jin and his attitude after recent appearance on Shounen Club.

This incident occurred when Akanishi Jin recorded an episode for The Shounen Club, where Johnny’s groups like Hey Say Jump, Sexy Zone, A.B.C-Z and other juniors also performed. 

During a talk corner with A.B.C-Z Fumito Kawai, Akanishi Jin pronounced A.B.C-Z’s “Z” as “Zetto”, and asked why “Kis-My-Ft2” has a “2” in their name.  This angered fans of the 2 groups, who thought he should know better than to ask about the origins of his junior group’s name since he is their senior.

As Kis-My-Ft2 is a name which is made up of its members’ initials, they thought that Akanishi Jin should have guessed it since KAT-TUN was also made up of its members’ initials.

An insider revealed “The purpose of letting him go onto Shounen Club was to attract new fans, but the plan backfired. Iijima, who manages Akanshi Jin,should be having a headache now.”


There’s more to this but i’ve already posted a similar article previously. Below is the Shounen Club episode that this article is talking about…pls pardon the low quality.