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Solo live of Kojima Haruna, Watanabe Mayu and more at AKB48 Summer Festival 2014

9 Dec

Below are the performances of several members who did a mini solo live for AKB48 Summer Festival, held in August this year.

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Watanabe Mayu
M01:Rappa Renshuuchuu
M02:Zannen Shoujo
M03:Otona Jellybeans
M04: Taiyou to Sanpo
M05:Kokoro no Placard
M06:Mittsu Ami no Kimi he
M07:Shonichi ballad ver.
M08: Labrador Retriever
EN1:Koyubi no Hohoemi
EN2:Synchro no Tokimeki

Song 2 Song 3 Song 4 Song 5 Song 6 Song 7 Song 8 Song 9 Encore 1 Encore 2

Kashiwagi Yuki

1. Shonichi
2. Flying Get
3. Everyday Kachuusha
4. Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate
5. Two years later
6. Shortcake
7. Ibiza Girl
8. Enkyori Poster
9. Yokaze no Shiwaza
EN1. Temodemo no Namida
EN2. Gingnam Check


Kojima Haruna
M01 Diamonds (Princess Princess)
M02 Sekaijuu no Dare Yori Kitto (Nakayama Miho · WANDS)
M03 Kimi Shika
M04 Heart Gata Virus


Sashihara Rino
M01 Rock da yo Jinsei wa
M02 Aa Mujo (An Ruisu)
M03 Melon Juice


Yamamoto Sayaka
M01 Yume no Dead Body
M02 Dakishimetai Kedo
M03 Bokura no Eureka


Takahashi Minami
M01 Apollo (Porno Graffitti)
M02 Memeshikute (Golden Bomber) – Yuasa, Kaneko, Ozaki appears on stage with Takamina
M03 Yume Miru Shoujo ja Irarenai (Aikawa Nanase)
M04 Ai no Sonzai
M05 Maeshika Mukanee

There’s supposed to be Yukirin in this list but i couldn’t find hers so..


News roundup for AKB48 Group Summer Festival

11 Aug

There’s been a string of updates with the 48group’s activities recently. Will update this post later but first, putting up the performances from yesterday.

*For those who can’t view this, pls click on this LINK
1. Labrador Retriever(Mayuyu center)
This is quite a rare version cos it consists only of AKB members.

2. Heavy Rotation (Mayuyu center)
Mayuyu showed off a simplistic solo dance for Yuko’s iconic song. Kizaki Yuria took the place of Mayuyu’s old spot. I have no idea why she ended up in the frontline as there are definitely better performers in the back row.

3. Koisuru Fortune Cookie (Sashihara center)
No comments because i am quite sick of this song.

4. Mae Shika Mukanee (Jurina center)
Some cringe-worthy solo from Jurina, who was not only off-pitch but off-beat.The girl probably knows how bad it was as she finished with a pout. 


“AKB48 looking for part-timer idol, salary at 1000Yen/hour”

AKB48 is now looking for a part-timer idol to join their group activities, after finishing a time-limited stint with adult member Tsukamoto Mariko. This was announced at the “AKB48 Group Summer Festival” held at Chiba Makuhari Messe yesterday.

In a collaboration with Baitoru(a recruitment company), AKB48 will take on this part-timer in a similar time limited project as well. Interested candidates need not have any previous singing/dancing experience and is expected to participate in CMs, handshake events, TV and Magazine shoots. In return she will be paid a salary of 1000Yen per hour. Transport, food and costumes will also be provided for. The selected member’s contract will end Feb 2015,thereafter it is renewable for 3 months.

Interested candidates are invited to submit an application at this site, after which auditions will be held to decide on the member.