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EXILE Akira’s drama “HEAT” clocks lowest ratings of the century

20 Aug

Fuji TV’s drama “HEAT” starring EXILE Akira as the male lead has clocked an average of 3.1% in ratings (Kanto area) during its 7th episode, a mere 0.3% increase from last week, which saw ratings plummeting to record-low 2.8%.

The series started at 6.6%, then fell to 3.9%(2nd episode), 4.2%(3rd episode), 3.4%(4th episode), 3.4%(5th episode), 2.8%(6th episode). The previous record holder was 2013 drama “Oto no Kanojo” at 3.0%

Lead actor EXILE Akira(33) acts as an elite businessman from a property company who infiltrates the firefighting team to gather confidential information. He starts to feel the joy of protecting people through his firefighting activities. This is a drama which is co-produced by civil defence organisations in Japan. Plans for a movie have even been made before the airing of this drama.

Co-actors in this series include Kuriyama Chiaki, Sato Ryuta, Tanaka Kei, Nanao, SMAP Inagaki Goro etc.