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First peek at Watanabe Mayu’s drama debut “Tatakau Shoten Girl”

28 Mar

AKB48 Watanabe Mayu turned 21 a couple days back and apparently the cast of her drama “Tatakau Shoten Girl” were kind enough to celebrate her birthday! Footage of the celebration and sneak peaks of her drama are in the news video above.

In the teaser, you can also hear a snippet of the theme song Watanabe will be singing for this drama, titled “Deai no tsuzuki”. Penned by Akimoto Yasushi, it differs from idol songs that Watanabe used to sing. With love as the theme, it will be a mature song complemented by an upbeat tune, composed by a music student who just graduated in March. His tune was apparently picked from amongst 1000 over entries.

Her song will be released as a single, date to be decided.


Glad Mayuyu moved on from jelly beans and trumpets! As for the drama, i am looking forward to seeing Chiba Yudai, who should be on every girl’s radar since his role in “Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu”.

Watanabe Mayu lands lead role in upcoming Fuji drama “Tatakau! Shoten Girl”

13 Mar

Watanabe Mayu will be starring in her very first drama(that’s not linked to Akimoto Yasushi in any way) titled “Tatakau! Shoten Girl” or “Fight! Bookshop Girl” as one of the leads alongside Riko Nishioka. She will be acting as a strong willed and free-spirited girl who is not afraid of speaking her mind. Riko Nishioka will be acting as the vice manager of the bookshop. As a 40-year old single woman, she takes so much pride in her work that marriage has taken a backseat in her priorities. The drama will follow these 2 contrasting characters as they overcome problems in love and work in life.

The drama will also feature young ikemen actors Shunsuke Daito, Chiba Yudai and Hey! Say! JUMP’s Inoo Kei.


I think it’s incredibly lucky that Mayuyu gets to work with Shunsuke Daito and Chiba Yudai(esp him cos he’s practically a breakout star in Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu last year).  I know they aeroplaned Mayuyu into this spot cos the airtime is during sousenkyo period and that’s when she gets all the attention and media coverage! I hope she does well so we can continue to see her on the small screen.