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SKE48 performs Choco no Dorei on Music Japan

11 Feb

Although i don’t think this song matches up to their previous singles, SKE48 is steadily proving themselves to be the next formidable group with first week sales of over 500,000 copies for their valentine’s single  “Choco no Dorei”. This is their best selling single so far and at this rate, they might even overtake Arashi this year!

The song talks about a guy being a slave to chocolates on Valentine’s Day, as he fervishly awaits chocolates from the girl he likes. Check out the cheerful tune and energetic dance below.

I would really like to intro SKE girls in a next post, but it’d take time since there are so many pretty/cute ones!

SKE48 performs Choco no Dorei live on Music Fair

3 Feb

SKE48 performed their latest single on 2 music programs yesterday! What a treat for fans…

They’re giving Kitahara Rie too much airtime! Poor SKE members…
Rena seems to be pushed back to 2nd row now, whereas in the past she could stand alongside Jurina to be double center. I want Rena in the front!

SKE48 performs latest single Choco no Dorei on 火曜曲!

23 Jan

On the 22nd Jan episode of 火曜曲!, SKE48 reveals their first live of Choco no Dorei.

This song is meant for Valentine’s Day and is as usual very upbeat, a style fit for SKE. The song is about a guy waiting fervently for the girl he likes to give him chocolates on V-day. His anticipation sorta makes him a slave to chocolates and he’s willing to be a slave in order to get the love he wants.

Hmm, it’s quite unfair to see Kitahara Rie replacing Takayanagi Akane’s position next to Jurina.
I have no idea how putting KitaRie in SKE will help her and the group overall, vice versa.
But i have the feeling that this will benefit KitaRie more in the long term in terms of exposure and new fans.
All i have to say is, i’d rather see Takayanagi Akane getting a push instead of KitaRie!