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CM Kings and Queens for 1st half 2016

10 Jul

According to Nihon Monitor, the CM King and Queen so far in 2016 are Arashi’s Aiba Masaki(3rd year in a row) and Matsuko Deluxe.

In essence, Arashi continues to sweep the men’s category while AKB48 disappeared entirely.

Men’s category:
1. Aiba Masaki (12 CMs)
2. Sakurai Sho, Nishikori Kei, Ninomiya Kazunari (11 CMs)
3. Matsumoto Jun (10 CMs)
4. Ohno Satoshi, Matsuoka Shuzo (9 CMs)
5. Nishijima Hidetoshi, Yutaka Matsushige (8 CMs)
6. Abe Hiroshi, Oguri Shun, Ayumu Goromaru, Suda Masaki, Daigo, Tamaki Hiroshi, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Mukai Osamu, (7 CMs)

Women’s category:
1. Matsuko Deluxe (12 CMs)
2. Kasumi Arimura, Hirose Suzue, Yoshida Yo  (11 CMs)
3. Rola  (10 CMs)
4. Ueto Aya, Ayase Haruka, Kiritani Mirei, Matsuoka Mayu (9 CMs)
5. Ishihara Satomi, Kimura Fumino, Takei Emi, Yamomoto Mizuki (8 CMs)
6. Ann, Kanno Miho, Taira Yuna, Nanao, Honda Tsubasa, Miyazaki Aoi, Watanabe Naomi, Yoshida Saori (7 CMs)


Disappearance of 48Group from the list

In the golden years of 2011, Oshima Yuko had 19 CMs, while Maeda Atsuko and Shinoda Mariko had 17. In the Top 20, more than half would come from AKB.

“CMs are also a barometer for popularity. We can see changes in the “national idol group” which is supported by a core group of fans through this ranking.” – idol magazine writer

This change could also be felt in Fuji TV’s broadcast of the 2016 Senbatsu Sousenkyo last month. The average ratings was 8.7% in Kanto region from 7pm to 9pm. Also, there were calls for TV networks to stop broadcasting and just stream on the Internet.

“AKB has failed in its generation succession. This year, people do not know anyone below the rank of Top 6 so CM offers will probably not come in. CMs are the biggest revenue for AKB, so the management would probably work their hardest to get income from other avenues. Recently, their theaters started selling limited edition photos and also replicas of the Sousenkyo trophies.”


Artistes to lookout for in latter half 2016

Dean Fujioka
The multilingual actor rose to popularity after acting as “Godai-sama” in “Asa ga Kita”. He had zero CMs last year but clinched 6 already this year.

Atsugiri Danielson
A comedian (actually IT employee) aka American In Japan who jokes about his difficulties learning Japanese. He had 2 CMs last year, and 5 this year.

Mitsuki Takahata & Yoshine Kyoko
Both are heroines in NHK morning dramas this year. Mitsuki Takahata is currently leading “Toto Neechan” with high ratings while Yoshine Kyoko is set to takeover the same slot in October with “Beppin san”. They have 3 or 4 CMs currently.


Nogizaka46 scores a Samantha Thavasa CM

30 Oct

Nogizaka46 has been chosen as the endorsement models for Samantha Thavasa’s new CM.

Within Nogizaka46, only Shiraishi Mai has appeared as a CM model in the past, for Samantha Thavasa Group labels like “L’EST ROSE” and “Samantha Tiara”. This is a first time for other members.

The theme song for this CM is the gibberish edm track “PoPiPaPPaPa” mentioned previously.


I remember Samantha’s models used to be Itano Tomomi, then E-girls, and now Nogizaka! Doing well, nogi!

FLOWER sings “Blue Sky Blue” for FASIO advertisement

24 Apr

FLOWER will soon be releasing their newest song “Blue Sky Blue” to welcome the arrival of spring. The lyrics emphasize the excitement of a fresh start in life and the loneliness of having to part with loved ones at this point.

The song is being used in FASIO’s CM for mascara and will be released officially on 29 April 2015.


Purchase their CD here:

Limited Edition


Regular Edition



Takahiro reunites with Miranda Kerr for Samantha Thavasa/Kingz CM

22 Aug

EXILE’s Takahiro(29) appeared at a press event on 21st Aug to promote his new CM with Miranda Kerr. Takahiro first worked with Miranda Kerr in this series of CMs, so this makes it their 2nd collaboration.

The 2nd collaboration was filmed in New York, and Takahiro described his scenes as one where he wanted to hug a beautiful lady crazily(?).

As the theme for this CM was ‘reunited’, Takahiro was asked about past loves. “When i was in elementary school, i dated my first love for quite a long time. When she moved away i wrote her a letter asking her to take care, on KeroKeroKeropi paper.”

After that, they were reunited through mutual friends. However, they had lost mutual affections for each other.

When asked about his ideal date plan, he said “It doesn’t have to be special as long as we spend fruitful time together. Compared to crowded restaurants, i prefer izakayas where the atmosphere is relaxed. It’s fine as long as the 2 of us have similar interests.”


I wonder how many people are interested in him/tomochin’s story?

CM Kings and Queens for first half of 2014

13 Jul

Nihon Monitor has revealed the ranking for the number of CM contracts for the first half of 2014. Last year, pro golfer Ishikawa Ryo and actress Takei Emi topped the male and female celebrity ranking, respectively.

Who reigned this year? Find out below.

The results are based on the following survey:

  • No. of companies that appointed each talent and has appeared in TV CMs.
  • Study period: January 1- June 30, 2014
  • Target station: NTV / TV Asahi / TBS / TV Tokyo / Fuji TV (Tokyo district terrestrial on-air content)

CM Ranking(Male Category)

  1. Aiba Masaki / Abe Hiroshi / Shuzo Matsuoka (10 companies)
  2. Sakurai Sho / Ninomiya Kazunari (9 companies)
  3. Ohno Satoshi / Matsumoto Jun/ Shinji Kagawa / Keisuke Honda / Mukai Osamu / Nishijima Hidetoshi (8 companies)
  4. Ryo Ishikawa / Kamenashi Kazuya/ Kimura Takuya / Kokubun Taichi / Shofukutei Tsurube (7 companies)

CM Ranking(Female Category)

  1. Arimura Kasumi / Kiritani Mirei (12 companies)
  2. Takei Emi / Horikita Maki (11 companies)
  3. Ueto Aya / Becky (10 companies)
  4. Ishihara Satomi / Honda Tsubasa/ Kojima Haruna (9 companies)
  5. Amami Yuki / Ayase Haruka / Shimazaki Haruka / Miho Kanno / Gouriki Ayame / Sasaki Nozomi / Matsuko Deluxe/Rola / Yamamoto Mizuki


Mariko and Tomochin are no long CM Queens! Leaving AKB48 does have its impact huh?

Itano Tomomi to release 4th solo single, 1%

22 Apr


AKB48’s  Itano Tomomi(21) is set to release her 4th solo single titled “1%” on June 12th. This is long awaited news for many fans since her previous solo release was 1 year and 2 months ago. The music video for this single was shot on the rooftop of a skyscraper in New York, with the night view of NYC as the backdrop. The song is a dance number which talks about the love you’ll go for even with only 1% of success.

“I’ve always wanted to shoot in New York. I had many meetings for the clothes and PV, so it should have turned out well. Pls look forward to it!” she said.

During her stay in New York, Tomochin also co-starred with Taylor Momsen in Samantha Vega’s new CM, attracting lots of paparazzi. The CM will air in end May.


Itano Tomomi’s Twitter

I’m glad she’s coming back with a dance song! Dear J really defined her so she should continue with that style. Her 2nd/3rd singles were practically career suicidal!

Shimazaki Haruka on a roll with 2 new CMs

20 Mar

Paruru is moving up the charts to be the next CM Queen!

This is an advertisement for Gree’s mobile game – AKB4­8の野望, which features all the members role-playing as witches, fighting to save a country. The game is available on Android and iPhone, but probably only available in the Japanese market. Anyway, i love how Japanese game companies spend loads of $$ just to shoot an ad to promote a mobile game.

Paruru and Kikuchi Ayaka have been chosen as image models for Disney’s Marie Collection, a new fashion line under Disney. For one, i’m puzzled as to why they chose Kikuchi Ayaka. Wouldn’t Mayuyu be a better choice if they want kawaii girls? But the CM seems focused on Paruru so maybe Kikuchi is there to complement her. Anyway, if you’re interested in their clothes, official website for Disney’s Marie Collection is here. I’m quite shocked at the prices of the dresses they are wearing, it’s almost $300!

Itano Tomomi in Samantha Tiara’s Spring 2013 CM

9 Mar

As the CM queen in AKB48, Itano Tomomi never ceases to surprise us with what she’s endorsing next. One brand which she’s been endorsing for a long time is Samantha Thavasa, well known for their pastel colored handbags aimed at working females in their 20s. Recently, Tomochin has branched out to endorsing their jewellery line – Samantha Tiara.

This CM totally fits her since she always wears rings on her fingers during AKB48’s performances. (Or was that a ploy to promote Samantha Tiara?) Anyways, i like this brand because their designs are original, feminine and eye-catching. However, just checked out their online store and couldn’t help but gulp at the prices. Anyone knows if Samantha Tiara is selling in Singapore?

Acchan teams up with Yamapi for Hada Labo CM

6 Mar


Maeda Atsuko has been reunited with Yamashita Tomohisa to endorse Hada Labo’s cosmetics in their latest CM. Yamapi, who played Acchan’s elder brother in last year’s drama “Saikou no Jinsei no Owaikata”, is seen wearing a clean cut white shirt alongside Acchan, patting his face to show off the moisturizing effects of Hada Labo. However,other than saying the boring lines of “Change your skin!” together, there was zero interaction between the 2 popular stars. So disappointing for fans of the 2 camps!

Check out footage from their CM shoot below.


Kojima Haruna stuns in lingerie CM for Peach John

23 Feb

I really like the solo CMs that Kojiharu gets because they are so classic.
Although this Peach John CM is quite daring for an idol, I think it was done in a sophisticated manner to show how high-end the brand could be. I hope Kojiharu gets more endorsement offers for brand names after this!

Below is a hair CM she did with Shisheido previously. I am quite a fan of Shiseido as well, so i was quite happy to see Kojiharu clinching a spot with them.