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Gackt x Golden Bomber talk on Bokura no Ongaku

30 Apr

– Gackt asked them how long they could last as a band. Golden Bomber don’t think they can last that long, and Gackt tried to encourage them, saying they have maybe 10 years more. But he thought about it and backtracked, since he doesn’t even know if he’s still around 3 months later himself.

– Kiryuin Sho said they shot to fame and so they have to work hard…basically more talk about their lack of confidence in staying popular.

– Kiryuin Sho said they can disappear from TV, but if they don’t even get to hold live performances, it’d be bad. Gackt explained that is why TV appearances is like a two-bladed sword. It can make you or kill you, so he advised them to make good use of their TV appearances.

– Kiryuin Sho doesn’t contact Gackt normally, but when he did, he asked Gackt to introduce a property agent since Nishikawa(from TM Revolution) had disclosed his address on TV, so he couldn’t go home. Gackt was frustrated because he should be looking for Nishikawa instead.

– 9:00 mins : Live performance of Dance My Generation(look out for Kyan’s solo guitar skills!)

– Gackt continues to talk about the mission of all bands, which is to change the mood of the audience through their performance. He praised them for being able to do that.

– They talk about snowboarding, which Gackt also likes. He said he did’t use to think much of snowboarding but decided to challenge it because someone said he wouldn’t be able to ride it. He even went on the most difficult track, but not before doing some image training by watching others. But he found it difficult and was even belittled by some people.

-19.00 mins: Kiryuin Sho sings solo “Kimi ga inai mani” 

Golden Bomber performs Spring version of “Dance My Generation”

12 Apr

It’s been awhile since we last saw them on TV, and they finally appeared on Ichiban Song Show. Watch them get pelted by a tornado of cherry blossom petals as they welcome the spring season with “Dance My Generation”!

Summary of the talk part:

– The previous drummer quit in spring 4 years ago, saying he needed to study for national exams and become a civil servant.

– Utahiroba Jun revealed that Kiryuin Sho secretly composed a song and performed it at their last live with the ex-drummer.

– Darvish Kenji was the junior to the ex-drummer, and he was asked to takeover. Darvish Kenji was free so he attended the interview.

– In order to hire someone who could stay for a long time, Kiryuin Sho decided to lookout for someone who was more stupid. They had 5 interviewees, and he asked them if they were willing to strip naked if the performance requires it. Most of them said they would, but Darvish Kenji said he was more than confident to do it.

– MC asked about their income, and Darvish Kenji replied “I’m not joking…”, indicating his income’s really good.

Golden Bomber Special on 金スマ

27 Jan

This episode is like a documentary featuring Golden Bomber’s road to stardom.

I believe AKB48 was featured on this program after they won the Japan Record Awards with “Flying Get”. But Golden Bomber takes it to a higher level since all they’ve done so far was to top the Oricon weekly charts with “Dance My Generation”. With their exploding popularity, will we see them take one of the top spots in Oricon’s best selling singles of the year?

The documentary basically lists some fun facts about Golden Bomber.
1. Darvish Kenji was actually recruited into the group because he was not just comfortable with getting naked infront of an audience – he was actually confident! Hearing this, the other members had no other choice but him!

2. Their song “Memeshikute” was picked to be the bgm of a CM. From then it became a big hit, but when the song was first revealed, Yutaka Kyan thought it was lousy and wouldn’t sell. (But he confessed later he didn’t have any talent in music.) =)

3. They made their debut on TV by appearing on Hanamaru Market in Jan 2011 to perform Memeshikute. They were a fresh group because of their air band concept, and their ability to invoke laughter on variety shows (despite being a visual kei band) made them even more popular.

4. They have done 100+ different performances with their songs, and this was the key to their popularity. One performance in particular required Kyan to get a welding license so he could weld metal on stage. It was a meaningless stunt, but funny all the same.

5. Kiryuin Sho’s inspiration for combining music with performance came from his ex-girlfriend, who was actually deaf. Even though she couldn’t hear music, she had enjoyed it by looking at the performances instead. Kiryuin Sho also mentioned that his greatest joy comes from seeing the audience enjoy his songs and stunts that he and his bandmates have thought up, so this style would be their band’s style moving forward.

Dance My Generation on Ichiban Song Show

17 Jan

Golden Bomber performs their latest single on Ichiban Song Show!

At the start, the MCs joked around by saying they couldn’t believe Golden Bomber still exists. Golden Bomber raise their hands and tried to remind everyone of their existence LOL. The MCs then asked about their hopes for this year, and Kyan replies that they’ll think about it during their performance.

*Spoiler Below*
Their hopes, as written on the paper during Kyan’s “Guitar Solo”, was to remain active in the music industry in 2013. Don’t give up guys!