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Dream and their beautiful seaside MV for “Darling”

30 Mar

So you know now YouTube has this new function where it’ll automatically play the next suggested video when you finish playing one? That is how I discovered this song which I had to post here.

“Dream” is the sister group of “Flower” and technically they are all known as E-girls, but “Dream” is the most senior one, having gone through much member changes since their debut in 2000. I will skip their history since you can always wiki it.

This song is a light and breezy ballad and the theme in this music video is marriage. The girls sing about the feelings of a woman waiting for a proposal from the man she loves.

Leader Nishida Shizuka shot her first on-screen kiss in this MV.

Here is a live performance:

Get their song on iTunes – ダーリン – EP – Dream