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Music Station Halloween Special: Idols, Golden Bomber, TOKIO and more

31 Oct

I have no idea why everyday cosplay=Halloween but apparently Japanese celebrate it this way.

AKB48 –  Halloween night
They are cosplaying different professions and the concept for each member was decided by Akimoto Yasushi.

Jurina- Takarazuka
Takamina – Gyaru
Sasshi – Politician
Paruru – Nurse
Yukirin – Hostess
Tomu – Priestess
Sakura – Maiko
Sayanee – Sexy Secretary
Mayuyu – Waitress
KitaRie – Kindergarten Teacher
Yui – Cabin Attendant
Milky – Ballerina
Matsumura – Pro Wrestler
Akane – Music Station AD Intern
Shibata – Retro Idol
Yuria – Police

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku – Super Hero

Denpagumi.Inc – Eikyu Zombina

Golden Bomber – The v kei ppoi kyoku
I think Golden Bomber are the only ones who got it right. They were the creepiest of the night.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Pumpkin no Gyakushu

Nakashima Mika – Hanabata
I loved the CD version but this live is a major flop! Is this person really Nakashima Mika?!

TOKIO – Tokyo Drive
They are cosplaying as Tamori san.

Denpagumi.inc wins Best Japan Act for MTV EMA 2015,to compete for Best Asia Act

16 Oct

Idol group Dempagumi.inc has been chosen as the Best Japan Act for this year’s MTV EMA awards, based on fan votes.

They were first voted in as the wildcard group to compete against other Japanese acts like Babymetal, One Ok Rock, Sandaime J Soul Brothers and Sekai no Owari. With this win, they will move on to compete against Jay Chou(Taiwan), Jane Zhang(China),BTS(Korea),Son Tung M-TP(SE Asia) for the Best Asia Act.

Denpagumi member Yumemi Nemu expressed her delight on Twitter “Thanks to everyone, even though we’re very surprised, we’ve become the Japan representatives! Thanks very much!”

Voting continues here: http://jp.mtvema.com/vote#cat=worldwide-act-asia

The awards show will take place in Milan on 26th October.

Japan Expo in Thailand 2015 will be postponed due to Bangkok blasts

19 Aug

Japanese cultural festival “Japan Expo Thailand 2015”, which was scheduled to take place from 28th Aug~30th August in Bangkok, will be postponed due to the recent bomb explosions.  The event was supposed to showcase Japanese acts like AKB48, Denpagumi.inc, SuG etc.

“Considering the situation, the event has been postponed,” said the organiser. Details of the new schedules will be announced later at their official site.

Official sites for AKB48 and Denpagumi.inc etc have posted words of condolences for the victims of this incident.


Edit: It seems like the event has been rescheduled for Jan 2016. Image has been updated as per request from the event organisers.

Performances from Tokyo Idol Festival 2015

5 Aug

Hailed as the world’s biggest idol festival, the “Tokyo Idol Festival 2015” took place in Odaiba, Tokyo from 1st-2nd August, with 154 idol groups and 51,000 fans in attendance.

There are heaps of performances but i’ll just post perfs from whom i think are popular at the moment…

1. Escape
2. 1!2!3!4! Yoroshiku!
3. SKE48
4. Hanabi wa Owaranai
5. Gomen ne Summer
6. Mae no Meri
7. Pareo wa Emerald
8. Oki Doki
9. Aishiterabu!
SKE48 performances are always so full of enthusiasm and energy, things that are lacking in AKB48 performances nowadays. I hope this group remains strong when Rena is gone =(

1. Sakura, minna de tabeta
2. Otona ressha
3. Ibiza Girl
4. Rock da yo, Jinsei wa
5. Only you
6. Melon Juice
HKT48’s performances are just duh…….the cover of NMB48’s Ibiza Girl was so lacking!

Super Girls
1. “Max! Otomegokoro / Happy Go Lucky! Hapi Raki de Go!”
2. Icchatte Yacchatte
3. Kira Pure Power
4. Gira gira revolution
I kinda like their new summer release Icchatte Yacchatte..

1. Demparade Japan
2. Bali 3 Kyowakoku
3. Future Diver
4. Denden Passion
5. Otsukare Summer
I heard this group is popular globally but ARE YOU SERIOUS?!! O_O


Idoling!!! [Disbanding October 2015]
1. Cheering you!!!
2. Summer Lion

Passpo x Fudanjuku
1. Danso Revolution
2. Shoujo Hikou
3. Chenmen Paradise
4. La la love train
5. Taiyou na kimi ga suki

This group is kinda interesting..they are girls who dress like guys and sing from the guy’s point of view…