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Compilation of Back Number “Christmas Song” perfs

1 Jan

Back Number’s theme song for Ishihara Satomi and Yamapi’s “From 5 to 9” drama is a hit, so i think many will be interested in their live performances below.

Love Music

Buzz Rhythm

Music Japan


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Yasuda Rei sings theme song for “Kekkonshiki no Zenjitsu ni”

30 Oct

Yasuda Rei will be releasing her new single “Ashitairo”  on 11th Nov.

This is the theme song for TBS drama “Kekkonshiki no Zenjitsu ni” (“The day before my wedding”), where Karina(lead actress) finds herself diagnosed with a brain tumor before her wedding.

Yasuda Rei sings about the worries and loneliness of not knowing the future, and showing strength in moving forward.


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Back Number sings OST theme for drama “5-ji kara 9-ji made”

15 Oct

The song titled “Christmas Song” is a medium ballad and will be released as Back Number’s 14th single on 18th November.

The song was aired in the 12th October pilot episode of Fuji TV drama “5-ji kara 9-ji made”, which stars Ishihara Satomi and Yamashita Tomohisa.

Had high expectations for this drama given the star studded cast and it being adapted from a manga i liked, but after watching the first episode, nah. 

Watch their live performances here.

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From 5 to 9 Drama Original Soundtrack

Matsuzaka Tori talks about his experience with bad women

5 Oct

Matsuzaka Tori appeared at promotions for upcoming Fuji TV drama “Siren” (airing 20th Oct) and talked about episodes with bad women.

“Infront of men they like, they’d gush over small animals or children, but once the guy is gone they’d turn the other way.”

Co-actress Yamaguchi Sayaka questioned the identity of this person but Matsuzaka said “I can’t reveal it but she’s around…”

He also talked about his sister’s advice on women. “My sister has been warning about certain types of women for the past 27 years. If possible, i’d like to stay away them.I’m naive, there might even be times when i’m cheated without realising it.”

For Matsuzaka, this is his first time leading a drama in the prime time slot. Talking about the pressures of Fuji tv ratings, he said with a bitter smile “My manager has been motivating me. Usually, i’m not the type to initiate conversations but this time i gave the staff nicknames and actively engaged in discussions to get the tone of this drama.I trained hard for action scenes so that i won’t need stand-ins.”


Finally a drama lead for Matsuzaka but unfortunately detective dramas are not my cup of tea. 

Kis-My-Ft2 new single “AAO” is Tamamori Yuta’s drama theme song

30 Sep

Set to release on 14th October, the single “AAO” will serve as theme song for member Tamamori Yuta’s upcoming Nihon TV drama “Seishun Tantei Haruya”. The lyricist and composer is Naoto Inti Raymi.

Purchase this single here:

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Horikita Maki mentions Yamamoto Koji in promotions for new drama

30 Sep

Actress Horikita Maki will be helming the Nihon TV renzoku drama “Higanbana~Keshicho Sousa 7 ka~” airing January next year. This is her first drama after getting married to actor Yamamoto Koji in August this year.

“Renzoku drama schedules are tough but my husband is also doing it, so it isn’t harder than before.”

She acts as a detective who has the special ability to hear remaining voices from a crime scene. In the drama, she has a sharp tongued character. She said “In real life I also speak without mincing my words. If there’s something i dislike i’d grumble about it to my husband.”

“I hope people can express their thoughts happily without having to mince their words,” she appealed.


Yamapi and Ishihara Satomi to act as lovers in manga adaptation”5-ji kara 9-ji Made”

4 Sep

Actress Ishihara Satomi(28) and Yamashita Tomohisa(30) will be starring in October’s Fuji TV drama “5→9 ~The overly handsome monk who fell in love with me~”.

Ishihara will play an English teacher who welcomes the most popular period of her life after meeting a handsome monk(Yamapi). Their first meeting results in Ishihara accidentally pouring incense ashes over Yamapi’s head during a funeral service. They reunite at a blind meeting and he approaches her.


I’m really excited cos i read this manga and found it to be quite good. 

Media not offering more details but here’s some potential spoilers:

  1. Yamapi is playing a “carnivorous” type of guy 
  2. There is supposed to be a love triangle as Ishihara has a friend who’s liked her for a long time.

This story is supposed to make you go “kyun kyun” or “kya~~” provided it’s adapted well. I’m abit worried about Yamapi not living up to the character as his overall image is too stylish. Tamaki Hiroshi, on the other hand would have been a perfect fit.