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Watanabe Mayu fulfills her dream of performing with the Takarazuka troupe

17 Aug

TV Asahi aired a special program yesterday “Summer Premium Music Festival ~ a Dream Collaboration”, which featured AKB48 Watanabe Mayu gracing the stage together with former top stars from the Takarazuka Troupe(an all-female theater group).

Watanabe has been known to be an ardent fan of them and is often seen mimic-ing their signature moves on TV. “I’m so happy to have worked hard so far. Once again i realise that happy things await as long as i work hard. It’s like a dream and i can’t express myself further!”

Together, Watanabe Mayu and Takarazuka Troupe performed songs like “Sumire no Hana Saku Goro”(a song iconic of the Takarazuka group), “All that Jazz”(a song from their upcoming musical Chicago), and AKB48’s “Flying Get”.

Below is Watanabe’s reaction when she was informed about the chance to collaborate with her idols.

“Me? No way!”

“Their existence is like gods to me!”

The actual performance

Alternate Link


“Labrador Retriever” and “Kokoro no Placard” by AKB48

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Congrats Mayuyu! Couldn’t be happier to see her getting all these bonuses after becoming No.1..And my fav scene from the collaboration?

Kintaro attempts to register for the AKB48 General Elections

5 Apr

The popular comedian Kintaro made her way to the AKB48 theater in Akihabara today to register herself as a candidate for the upcoming elections, in place of Acchan. In an attempt to express her enthusiasm, she even danced her infamous version of “Flying Get” on the spot while streaming the music from a player. Unfortunately, staff had to explain that she was not eligible for the elections and she walked off, saying “Even if you hate me, don’t hate Maeda Atsuko!”.


If you don’t know her, check out her impersonations of Acchan below.

Kiryuin Sho parodies Kintaro with his version of “Flying Get”

15 Mar

If you don’t know who Kintaro is, she’s a comedian talent who made her mark in Japanese showbiz recently by imitating Maeda Atsuko. One of her trademark performances is a cover of “Flying Get”, which is so funny cos of her size and overly enthusiastic energy.

Now Golden Bomber’s Kiryuin Sho has created his own video of “Flying Get”, complete with costume, explosive energy and even a voiceover for the lyrics. Now we know why he has no time to attend award giving ceremonies heh.

In response to his parody, Kintaro shared a link to the video and tweeted “Everyone, i’ve gotten a sister called Kiri-taro! Her dance is really awesome! Please support! I especially love the NANANA part!”

Fans all over the world are squealing at how cute he is.