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NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki finally attempts to explain her scandal using E-Girls’ song

24 May

In March this year, NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki(nickname Milky) was caught in a scandal with male model(and medical student) Fujita Tom(21).Watanabe had not officially commented on this issue, but a message to her fans have become a hot topic of discussion.

On the 22nd May, Watanabe sent a mobile mail to fans, asking them to listen to E-Girls’ song “Gomenasai no Kissing You” in full, saying it is a song that fits herself perfectly. This song was released in October 2013, and has lyrics saying “We were only having a meal. He’s just a friend, please believe me!” Other parts of the song has lyrics saying “I am reflecting anyway” and “Sorry, one more chance please”. To her fans, it seemed like she was trying to explain her scandal instead.

During last year’s AKB48 General Elections, Watanabe had placed 15th. With her “little devil” personality, she is one of the most popular members alongside captain Yamamoto Sayaka in NMB48. However, in the preliminary rankings for AKB48 General Elections this year, her position dropped to 25th and her total votes amassed was only two-thirds of last year’s.

“She had been keeping mum about the scandal up till now. But the sudden apology now means that she is panicking about 25th position. A portion of fans may think that it is already too late to apologise, but there are also many who are still supportive, even praising her unique style of apology.”

On her google+, fans have left messages telling her that her “message” is well understood and they will not disappoint her in remaining campaign period.

However, as the mobile mail can only be read by subscribers, other fans believe she should apologize to all if she was truly sincere, including fellow members who have worked hard thus far.


In another press event, Milky was asked about her feelings placing 25th in the preliminaries of this year’s AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo.

“Placing 25th, it’s a ‘HELP ME’ situation, but no matter what i wish to enter senbatsu. I will trust my fans and upload more kawaii pictures of myself on my google+,” she said.


I kinda belong to the camp who thinks she should have explained herself from the start.  Even if there’s something going on between the 2 of them, how hard is it to deny it? Her fans will probably believe whatever she says anyway, so keeping mum actually makes it worse. What’s more, the guy in this scandal is keeping a “no comment” stance as well. Now that the damage is done, coming out to explain things just looks like a desparate struggle to piece things together.

Watanaba Miyuki’s alleged boyfriend makes singer debut, gets grilled about his scandal with Milky

8 Apr

Popular reader model group “Collection” which comprises Fujita Tom(21), Takazumi Hikiti(24), Marcos Toma(20) appeared at a press event to promote their debut single “We can make our Dream! ~Niji no mukou e~”.

The Fujita here is the medical school undergraduate/model who got “popular” thanks to his sleepover scandal with NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki, reported here.

When questioned about his scandal, he looked perplexed for a second before answering “I have nothing to say.”

Reporter pressed on by asking if his girls are troubled by his good looks, but he claims there’s “no such thing”.

The idea of this boy unit was derived from fashion event Tokyo Boys Collection. The members made their stage debut last month.

Their song will be unveiled on 31st May at T2 Shibuya during the 1st anniversary of Tokyo Boys Collection.