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26 Sep

This is not a blank image. This is Golden Bomber’s new CD Cover.

Golden Bomber released their new single “Rola no Kizudarake” on the 1st September. With no image on the CD cover, no video, no handshake ticket nor bonus included, the single sold 43,000 copies on it’s first day, ranking 2nd on the Oricon daily chart.

Apparently, selling a CD without frills was a result of complaints which arose due to the existence of handshake events. On a recent TV show, the members of Golden Bomber posed as convenience store workers meaning to surprise customers, but fans who found out and came purposely to shake hands with the members, resulting in complaints from others who had “diligently” bought CDs in order to get that same benefit. This prompted Golden Bomber to do away with handshake events entirely, as much as it is also leader Kiryuin Sho’s wish for everyone to focus on their music.

Unfortunately,  sales this time looks set to fall far below Golden Bomber’s previous release “101 kaime no noroi”, which sold 158,000 copies in its 1st week. Seems like CDs without frills just can’t satisfy fans in this day and age.

Support Golden Bomber if you will:

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Performances from Ongaku no Hi 2014

3 Aug

This is an annual music program from TBS that brings together the greatest idols/bands/artistes. Hosted by SMAP’s Nakai Masahiro, this year’s “Ongaku no Hi” will last for as long as 13 hours, making it the longest running music program ever.

Check out the list of performing artistes here.

Highlights of the show:

  • French Kiss perform new folk song”Omoidasenai Hana”, showing off their harmony
  • Yamapi dances to “Summer Nude ’13”, ends with some fanservice
  • Special collaborations between AKB48-E-girls-Solo female artistes

Selected performances below:

Yamamoto Sayaka – Jungle Gym

Watanabe Mayu – Synchro Tokimeki

NMB48 – Nagiichi/Ibiza Girl

SKE48 – Pareo wa Emerald/Bukiyou Taiyou

AKB48 – Tenohira ga Kataru Koto

AKB48 (Shimazaki Haruka center) – Candy Candy
Paruru with twintails is the epitome of kawaii! So..this is the AKB48 without Mayuyu/Takamina/Kojiharu!

AKB48 – Kokoro no Placard/Manatsu no Sounds Good/Koisuru Fortune Cookie
In the performance of KNP, Mayuyu holds up a signboard asking Nakai(MC) if he’d sing a duet with her, which he replied with a no. The MCs then join in the fun with Nakai showing a signboard asking Oshima Yuko if she’s watching the show. These signboard gimmicks are so fun!

Nogizaka46 – Oide Shampoo/Natsu no Free & Easy

French Kiss – Omoidasenai Hana

E-girls – Gomenasai no Kissing You/E.G. Anthem ~we are venus~

EXILE Takahiro – I Love You

SID – Monochrome no Kiss/ Enamel

DAIGO – Change!!

Golden Bomber – Rola no Kizudarake

Kinki Kids – Flower / Hey Minna Genki Kai?

Yamashita Tomohisa – Summer Nude ’13

Kis-My-Ft2 – Another Future/Perfect World

Sexy Zone – Otoko never give up/Bad boys
I decided to get to know these guys after hearing so much about them but…there’s a Jin inside?! I like their songs but i’m not sure the boys are too cool for their age?!

Sekai no Owari – RPG/Honoo to Mori no Carnival

Special Collaborations

Kojima Haruna/Ami/May J – Ashita ga aru sa

Kahala Tomomi/Ami/Aya/Takamina/Mayuyu – Makenaide


[Friday Delight] Songs for the soul from Ichiban Song Show

5 Jul

New corner on AllThingsJpop!

I guess this will be the ‘anything and everything corner’ where i post random stuff just to spice up Friday nights. If you have anything that you want to share in this corner, please don’t hesitate and give me a shoutout!

This week i dug out the performances from the recent Ichiban Song Show special where artistes like AKB48, Kanjani8, Ikimonogatari, May J,Kimura Kaela, Golden Bomber etc gathered to perform their past hits.

My favourite is this song called “M” (video 18:46) performed by Princess Princess. It is the song that listeners wanted to hear the most when they go through a breakup. I simply like it for its sentimental lyrics.

Another one which i liked is called “Arigatou” (video 32:22) performed by Ikimonogatari. It is a favourite bgm for any graduation/wedding ceremony in Japan. Personally, i just like the female singer’s healing voice.


For those who usually look for AKB48 cuts, please scroll to the back of Part 1 and Part 2 above.

There was a talk segment where Mayuyu and Sasshi talked about funny memories from the recent general elections.

Watanabe Mayu said that she was seated within the tent during the announcement of results and suddenly the rain came pouring in her direction, so she actually felt like having her name called earlier so she can escape her seat.

Sashihara said it was so cold that whenever one member gets called out to receive their trophy, everyone would fight for the blanket leftover from the empty seats.


Performances from TV Tokyo Music Festival 2014

27 Jun

A music festival featuring some major jpop artistes was held yesterday to celebrate TV Tokyo’s 50th anniversary. Guests include TOKIO/V6/Kanjani8/NEWS/AKB48/SKE48/NMB48/HKT48/Nogizaka46/Morning Musume OG/Morning Musume ’14/Kahara Tomomi/Golden Bomber/Ikimonogakari/Nishino Kana/Hitoto Yo/Moriyama Naotaro/Sukima Switch/May J.

One of the highlights was Goto Maki’s return to Morning Musume OG after a hiatus of 2.5 years. Once the golden girl of Morning Musume, Goto Maki’s performance with the group brings us back to the days when Morning Musume was at its best.

AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki, who is known to be a fan of Morning Musume, posted on her Google+: “Everyone in Morning Musume OG were shining brightly. My tears are coming. I like them after all! Ishikawa Rika san too! Goto Maki san is so cute!”

Morning Musume OG – Morning Coffee/ LOVE Machine/ Renai Revolution 21
Morning Musume ’14 – Password is 0

NMB48 – Ibiza Girl
The 48-group also showed up in full force, together with official rivals Nogizaka46. The new Queen of AKB48 Watanabe Mayu took up center for past hits previously centered by Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko. The sister groups also showed off their new image after being reinforced with new members from this year’s grand reshuffle.

AKB48 – Labrador Retriever/Koisuru Fortune Cookie
HKT48 – Melon Juice
Another interesting performance was “Labrador Retriever”, as it was performed by the newly selected senbatsu members from the recent general elections.


NEWS – weeeek/ ONE -for the win-


Golden Bomber – Memeshikute
These guys are still popular for their one-hit “Memeshikute” and funny skits. Unfortunately, their skits are sometimes based on Japanese comedy so only the natives will get it.


V6 – Wa ni natte Odorou/Darling/Sexy Honey Bunny!
This is for the older Johnny’s fans. Anyone?


May J – Let it Go (Japanese version)
This globally popular song has been leading the karaoke charts in Japan for a very long time.


Kanjani8 – Zukkoke Otoko Michi/King of Otoko
Kanjani8 also went out of the studio to perform. Bringing us on a tour of TV Tokyo, they gathered a whole bunch of employees to join in on a mass dance.Even the CEO of TV Tokyo showed up.


Ikimonogatari – Arigatou/Love Song wa Tomaranai
This is for those who love pure Japanese music.


Golden Bomber’s Kyan hugs and kisses a guy during live performance

13 Jan


No one can ever predict what these guys will do.
They are known for doing crazy things like chopping up vegetables on the guitar in the middle of their performance, or even dipping their heads in black ink so they can do calligraphy upside down.
But kissing a guy for an awkwardly lengthy period of time….?
I wonder how the cameraman was able to do his job.

Below is a compilation new performances from Golden Bomber’s new single “101 Kaime no Noroi”.

Countdown TV: 12th Jan 2014

Countdown TV: New Year Special

Music Video


Purchase Links below:

Golden Bomber’s new single “101 Kaime no Noroi” tops Oricon

13 Jan

4-man visual-kei air band Golden Bomber released their new song “101-kai me no noroi” on the 1st day of the new year and sold 158,000 copies, debuting at #1 on the weekly singles ranking dated January 13. This is their follow-up to last year’s “Dance my Generation” (also released on new year’s day). Their first week sales are up by over 30,000 units from last year’s 125,000. The last indie label artist to rank 1st on Oricon was Mongol800 with “Yorokobi no uta” (2003, 12/22-12/29), and Golden Bomber are the first indie artists to have 2 consecutive singles rank 1st.

Singer, songwriter, and composer Sho Kiryuuin comments: “Thank you very much for purchasing our CD m(_ _)m I truly feel how lucky and blessed we are for having people reach out and buy our CD”.

Their song “Memeshikute” (released October 2009) which they performed at the 64th Kouhaku also broke into the top 100 once again since May 27 of last year (76th) as it ranked in at 58th for the week.

Purchase Links below:

Performances from CDTV Premier Live 2013-2014

10 Jan

Below are selected clips from CDTV New Year Special. Catch Itano Tomomi and Kasai Tomomi’s first live performances for their new single!

Itano Tomomi – Little
I hate to say this but she’s really exposing her flaws in singing this time. Tomochin should just stick to her dance numbers and lip sync!

Kasai Tomomi – Kietai Kurai
Much better live than Tomochin…

AKB48, SKE48, NK46, HKT48, Watarirouka Hashiritai, Kashiwagi Yuki- Medley

Golden Bomber – Dance My Generation

Yamashita Tomohisa – Medley

Perfume – Magic of Love