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NMB48, Johnny’s WEST and Ayame Gouriki on Music Station

2 Nov

This week there is some hilarious interactions between NMB48 and Johnny’s WEST, as they talked about recommended ways of making Takoyaki. Maybe it was because of their Kansai roots, both groups (over)reacted to whatever that was being said. Enjoy their hilarious pre-show talk below.

Song performances:

Johnny’s WEST – Special Medley

NMB48 – Rashikunai

Ayama Gouriki

Gouriki Ayame to make a comeback with “racket dance”

5 Sep

Actress and singer Gouriki Ayame will be releasing her 3rd single “Kuyashii kedo Daiji na Hito” on 29th October. The highlight for this song is her “racket dance”, following in the footsteps of her previous singles which featured a “propeller dance” and a “gao gao” dance.

The lyrics for this song revolve around the theme of tennis, so the dance was also designed to incorporate the tennis racket.

The MV has quickly gotten 200k views upon release. Unfortunately, it can only be viewed by people residing in Japan here. Nevertheless, you can preview the MV in a news clip here.