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AKB48 Kizaki Yuria to challenge stripping and kissing scenes for GTO drama

21 Jul

Fuji TV’s high school drama Great Teach Onizuka, which airs every Tuesday at 10pm, will feature AKB48’s Kizaki Yuria challenging stripping and kissing scenes next.

Acting as Satsuki, a high school student who uses guys like tools, her character will get into trouble in the 3rd episode. “There are lots of tough scenes, like getting locked in a cage, getting stripped and getting kissed.I became emotionless,” Yuria said after filming.

In the 3rd episode, the guy who gets dumped by Yuria is accused of being a stalker. AKIRA from EXILE, who is the class assistant teacher, tries to protect him but the storyline develops into a thrilling murder case.

Yuria’s character is “devilish high school girl” who dates guys for their money. She said “Satsuki is someone who can’t live without guys. I’m personally the direct opposite as I would like to live independently without relying on anyone.”

In a group like AKB48 where relationships are forbidden, she was asked how she handles roles like these. “I like shoujo mangas, so i acted with all the knowledge i got from shoujo mangas. Aside from that, i really have no experience, so the scenes were tough as it was my first time,” she said.

Will her character experience some growth in future? “In the 3rd episode, you might think that Satsuki is an irritable character. But after that, her heart and mentality will change. She will become more straightforward and the distance between her and Onizuka sensei will narrow,” she said.

GTO, short for “Great Teacher Onizuka”, is story about  22-year-old ex-Motorcycle gang member Eikichi Onizuka, who becomes a tough-as-nails high school teacher. The drama, based on the Manga series which ran from 1997 – 2002, will begin airing in July. The series celebrates its surprise return to the airwaves as the first season of the drama which first aired in 2012 was a remake of a series which saw its initial run in 1998.