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Hata Sawako to graduate, what happens to SKE48 next?

13 Mar

SKE48’s Hata Sawako (Team KII) has announced that she’d be graduating the group by March 2013.

According to Hata, she’s decided to graduate in order to pursue her long-time dream to be a voice actress, and starting in April, she will enter voice acting school.

She said to the audience while shedding tears, “When I was 21, I almost gave up on my dream to be a voice actress, but SKE48 was like a bridge that led me all the way to here today. Because of SKE48, I can continue pursuing my dream.

This announcement makes her the 10th SKE member to graduate this spring, alongside Ogiso Shiori, Yagami Kumi, Takata Shiori, Hiramatsu Kanako, Kuwabara Mizuki, Ueno Kasumi, Kobayashi Emiri, Hara Minami, and Akaeda Ririna.

Fans worried about this string of graduations have been speculating over who’s next.  However, key members like Matsui Rena and Suda Akari have assured fans on their blogs that they’ll lead SKE in a new direction.

I don’t know about you, but out of those graduating girls, Ogiso Shirori, Yagami Kumi and Hata Sawako are the only ones whom i know well enough to find their graduations a pity. Ogiso Shirori and Yagami Kumi in particular, i feel, have yet to reach their full potential, but if their future is outside of showbiz, i truly respect their decision. Hata Sawako is already 23 so i guess it’s natural for her to move on.

As for the future of SKE48, i think their popularity won’t be affected much since majority of the senbatsu remains and there are undiscovered gems like Ishida Anna waiting to fill the spotlight. This evolution only means one thing – we can look forward to seeing fresh faces in senbatsu next!