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Kato Kazuki releases new single “Haru Koi”

9 Apr

This is for the Kato Kazuki fan who followed me in my absence…

After switching record labels to Imperial Records, Kato Kazuki will be releasing 4 singles this year to celebrate his 10th year anniversary.

Starting with this single “Haru Koi” which is being released in Spring(20th April), the rest will be released in summer, autumn and winter. The MV of “Haru Koi” tells the story of a girl who restarts her life after a failed relationship. Fans can look forward to how her story develops as Kato’s subsequent songs are released.

As a special treat for his 10th year anniversary, Kato Kazuki will call up 100 lucky fans who purchase his CD.


Purchase his new single below:


Limited Edition
Regular Edition