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Highlights from FNS Kayousai 2015(Part 1)

3 Dec

The 4hour show last night featured some nostalgic songs which brings us back to the days of classic Jpop. This is just Part 1 of the show, and Part 2 airs 2 weeks later on 16th December 2015.


Selected classics

Boa & Tomomi Kahala – Meri Kuri
It’s been quite awhile since Boa appeared on Japanese TV. In terms of vocals, no one is better than Boa! Some netizens thought Tomomi Kahala’s singing was better but i think her vocal style is too old school.

Motohiro Hata x AI – Story

EXILE Vocalists – Last Christmas

Yamamoto Sayaka x Leo Ieiri – Kimi ga kureta natsu

Nakayama Miho – Sekai chuu no dare yori kitto

Ayumi Hamasaki – Seasons


46/48 Group

Nogizaka46 – Ima, hanashitai dare ka ga iru

AKB48 – 365nichi no kami hikouki/Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby
I’m glad AKB48 is ending the year promoting 2 great songs. I didn’t like Kuchibiru as much as 365nichi earlier on. However, the cute choreography,costumes and perhaps the members’ enthusiasm for this song is making it shine. Takamina looks cute now with her slanted pigtails. Jurina looks gaunt in Love Crescendo but in this song she’s just 18 like she should be.

AKB48 x Shinji Tanimura- Rudolph the red nosed reindeer


Johnny’s Family

SMAP – Yuki ga Futte kita/Otherside

Kis-my-ft2 – Everybody Go/Saigo wa Yappari Kimi
It might be the stage setting or their glittering suits, but i think they look especially cool today on skates.

TOKIO – Tokyo Drive

Hey!Say!JUMP – Christmas Song

Hey!Say!JUMP – Ultra Music Power/Kimi Attraction

Arashi – Wish/GUTS!/Ai wo Sakebe
I’ve never seen collaborations of Arashi with girl groups so this is a first! Momoiro Clover Z did a great job dancing for Arashi.


SKE48, Kis-my-ft2 and more on Music Station

8 Aug

SKE48 – Bukiyou Taiyou

Kis-my-ft2 – Another Future

Nishino Kana – Darling

Hata Motohiro – Himawari no Yakusoku

Leo Ieiri – Junjou


Maeda Atsuko wants Hata Motohiro to sing for her wedding ceremony

18 Sep

On the latest episode of Domoto Kyoudai, Maeda Atsuko and Hata Motohiro served as guests. Maeda Atsuko revealed that she’s been a fan of Hata Motohiro since young, and even requested him to sing for her when she gets married. Of cos, Hata Motohiro had to agree …..

Check out a collaboration stage between the 2 of them below!

The song they sang is Hata Motohiro’s “Ai” (or “Love”). Despite the acoustic arrangement, Acchan did really well by being on pitch with the high notes. Netizens are praising her for getting better at singing. Some also said she should move away from Akimoto Yasushi songs and release a song cover album!


Interview Section from Domoto Kyoudai

Qn: What were you like when you were young?
I was the opposite of me now. I liked to ride the bicycle and run around..i was very active!

Qn: What was something you treasured when you were young?
Tomato Juice. It had a very luxurious image back then.

Qn: Maeda went to New York for 2 months last year. What was something that made you anxious?
I couldn’t ride the taxis there. Isn’t it dangerous? Also, the drivers refuse to take you if it’s not on their way.

Qn: What “heart-thumping” words do you want guys to say to you?
“Don’t go!” I want an older person to say that to me. (Tsuyoshi then said “Don’t go!” in Kansai Ben, which made Acchan smile.)

Qn: What makes you shine the most?
When i’m eating. (Takamina then revealed that she eats alot. Acchan said she stays slim by not eating after 6pm, but she starts to stuff herself with food in the morning.)

Qn: What makes you think that you’re womanly?
When i eat sweets. I like sweets…

Qn: When do you think you’re the dorkiest?
When i go for discounted items in supermarkets.

Qn: What kind of woman is popular to you?
Someone who follows a man from 3 steps behind.