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Drama version of Heart Eleki + MVs for coupling songs

4 Nov

I didn’t want to post this drama MV because the “band” concept has been used in AKB48 songs previously, don’t think there’s anything “new” to see.But in this drama, we get to see Matsui Rena play the villain character, an ambitious member of G Fingers, jealous of Kojima Haruna who was chosen as the new vocal. As boring as the concept may be, i’ll always make time to watch Rena’s acting. I believe she’s a even better actress than Yuko/Acchan.

Of course, for the Haruna fans, you also get to see lots of her solo shots as she takes center stage for the band. Like what Yuasa Junji said, she’s a natural center and you can kinda see that she’s truly enjoying herself!

Finally, below are the coupling MVs from each team…

Team A: Kiss Made Countdown

Team K: Sasame Yuki Regret

Team B: Tiny T-shirt

Team Research Students: Kimi Dake ni Chu!Chu!Chu!

Team Undergirls: 快速と動体視力

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Compilation of AKB48 Heart Electric performances

20 Oct

As usual, compiling the performances as i see it. Please check back for future “Heart Electric” videos!

Ichiban Song Show

Music Japan

Music Dragon

Music Station


AKB48 Show

Music Fair
Comments: Check out kojiharu’s live vocals and Paruru’s cool face! I swear Paruru is growing to be a charismatic girl.

Popular Songs Festival
Comments: I love Kojiharu’s voice …..Paruru’s fierce stare…and Mayuyu, simply cos she’s been out of the limelight for so long.

Music Station

Janken Tournament 2013

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AKB48 reveals PV for Heart Electric!

16 Oct


Covers for AKB48 33rd single “Heart Electric”

7 Oct

AKB48 has revealed the jacket covers and track list for their upcoming single “Heart Ereki“.

The concept of the group’s 33rd single is “band” and the center is Kojima Haruna. Their new uniform is a GS style fashion(rock band style) with red and blue colors.

Type A

01. Heart Ereki
02. Kaisoku to Doutaishiryoku (Under Girls)
03. Kiss Made Count Down (Team A)
04. Heart Ereki off vocal ver.
05. Kaisoku to Doutaishiryoku off vocal ver.
06. Kiss Made Count Down off vocal ver.

01. Heart Ereki Music Video
02. Heart Ereki Music Video -Dance ver.-
03. Kaisoku to Doutaishiryoku Music Video
04. Kiss Made Count Down Music Video


Type K

01. Heart Ereki
02. Kaisoku to Doutaishiryoku (Under Girls)
03. Sasameyuki Regret (Team K)
04. Heart Ereki off vocal ver.
05. Kaisoku to Doutaishiryoku off vocal ver.
06. Sasameyuki Regret off vocal ver.


01. Heart Ereki Music Video
02. Heart Ereki Music Video -Dance ver.-
03. Kaisoku to Doutaishiryoku Music Video
04. Sasameyuki Regret Music Video

Type B

01. Heart Ereki
02. Kimi Dake ni Chu! Chu! Chu! (Tentoumu Chu!)
03. Tiny T-shirt (Team B)
04. Heart Ereki off vocal ver.
05. Kimi Dake ni Chu! Chu! Chu! off vocal ver.
06. Tiny T-shirt off vocal ver.


01. Heart Ereki Music Video
02. Heart Ereki Music Video -Dance ver.-
03. Kimi Dake ni Chu! Chu! Chu! Music Video
04. Tiny T-shirt Music Video


Type 4


01. Heart Ereki
02. Kaisoku to Doutaishiryoku (Under Girls)
03. Seijun Philosophy (Team 4)
04. Heart Ereki off vocal ver.
05. Kaisoku to Doutaishiryoku off vocal ver.
06. Seijun Philosophy off vocal ver.

01. Heart Ereki Music Video
02. Heart Ereki Music Video -Dance ver.-
03. Kaisoku to Doutaishiryoku Music Video
04. Seijun Philosophy off vocal ver.
05. Team 4 Kenkyuusei Audition ~Sotsugyou wo Mae ni Tsutaetai Omoi ga Aru~




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Kojiharu on being appointed center: “I just wanted to graduate peacefully”

7 Oct


A few articles about Kojiharu came out today…

Kojiharu: “My fans will be happy because i get more screen time now”
AKB48’s 33rd single “Heart Electric” was revealed on Music Station on the 27th September. During the interview, Kojiharu talked about her fans’ reactions to her newfound center position. “Because i have no wish of being center, my fans have no expectations as well. But they might be happier now that i’ve more screen time,” she laughed and said.


AKB48 Music Director Yuasa Junji: “Kojiharu is a solid vocalist. It’s a surprise she hasn’t been the center yet!”

Yuasa Juni admitted that he didn’t know that Kojiharu would be center for AKB48’s 33rd single. He said Kojiharu gave the song a very fresh vibe, and that he thought she was a very natural center as he watched the filming for their music video.

When it comes to solo singing parts in the song, the center traditionally gets limited lines, but Kojiharu’s solo stands out in “Heart Electric”. Not only is Kojiharu a fashion model, she is also blessed with good looks and solid singing skills.

“She’s amongst the top 3 when it comes to vocal ability in AKB48. Her voice is good and her perception is good. In this sense, it’s even more of a surprise that she hasn’t been appointed center,” said Yuasa Junji.


Kojiharu on being center: “I hated it. I just wanted to graduate peacefully.”

Q: What’s your feelings on being center for the first time?
I was always on the 2nd row or 3rd row. It’s so spacious infront i feel so awkward!

Q:When did you realise you were going to be the center?
Akimoto sensei texted me 1 or 2 weeks before the PV shooting.

Q:How did you reply?
I was like “!!” and sent him a flustered emoticon.

Q:How did you feel?
I hated it. I have no aspirations to be in a attention seeking position, and thought it’d be good to graduate peacefully. After Mariko and Tomochin graduated in summer, there was a period of time when i thought about what i should do and who will be the next center…but i didn’t think it’d be me.

Q:Have you asked Akimoto san why you were chosen?
I didn’t ask, but i want to know.

Q:But how would you explain it from your point of view?
I have no idea…it’s abit surprising.

Q: Do you think this song suits you?
I’m actually better at “idol” songs or “feminine” songs…so i thought songs of those styles will come. But i was shocked to find out that it was actually Group Sounds. ( a form of Japanese rock music)

Q: So what happened during recording?
I was asked to sing like Shuri( i think from some band).I don’t know much about Group Sounds so i practised. *smiled bitterly*

Q: As expected, being the center is tough?
I think Mayuyu or Yuko are really great. When i was shooting for the covers, i had difficulties posing in the center. In the past, because of my height i’ve never stood in the center.

Q: How are the reactions of Yuko and Takamina who stand next to you?
They are very easy on me when i make mistakes with the choreography. They laugh and get mad at me.

Q: Is the mood different as compared to other centers?
For me, the mood is different. If the younger ones saw it and think that it’s fun and they wanna do it as well,i’ll be happy.

Q: What’s your message to fans?
Pls watch my performances kindly! (laughs)




First performance of AKB48 33rd Single “Heart Electric!”

19 Sep

The next new song of AKB48 “Heart Electric” was revealed at their 4th Janken Tournament yesterday. The audience awaited with bated breath as the senbatsu lineup was announced and members walked out on stage one after another. The audience grew increasingly excited as the former centers – Watanabe Mayu, Oshima Yuko and Shimazaki Haruka etc. were all called up first, meaning the center whose supposed to come out last was someone “new”. Kojima Haruna came out last, marking the first (and what may be the last) time she’s gracing center position since joining AKB48 in 2005.

Kojiharu commented on her new status “I don’t know why it has come to this, but i’ll work hard!”

This song is the 2nd song they’ve gotten from RoopSounds(the first being their 2nd single “Skirt Hirari”). It’s not a dance song like last year’s UZA, but nevertheless portrays a tough feel judging from their expressions and military uniforms. Kojiharu gets what seems like the most amount of solo lines in the history of AKB48 centers. I totally applaud this move cos Kojiharu’s voice deserves more limelight!

The only weird part of this song is the member introductions in the middle. According to sources,the concept for this song is that the girls are part of a band, and according to band protocols, the vocalist is supposed to introduce the members sometime during their performance.

So Kojiharu shouts out her band members’ stage names in the middle of the song (alas the stage names are all in english!)…..it may be a move to speak to the international audience but i guess only Japanese are going to understand what’s happening.

Full list of senbatsu members and stage names:

Kojima Haruna – Michelle
Iriyama Anna – Veronica
Takahashi Minami – Linda
Oshima Yuko – Lucy
Kashiwagi Yuki – Catherine
Sashihara Rino – Rola (She’s naming herself after popular model Rola)
Watanabe Mayu – Elizabeth
Matsui Jurina – Caroline
Shimazaki Haruka – Angelina
Matsui Rena – Sandy
Yokoyama Yui -Mary
Yamamoto Sayaka – Rosanna
Watanabe Miyuki – Josephine
Minegishi Minami – Barbara
Oota Aika – Margaret
Kawaei Rina – Kawaei


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