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AKB48 members get their fortune told on Hey!Hey!Hey! special, performs “Labrador Retriever”

8 Apr

In this year’s Spring special for “Hey!Hey!Hey”, AKB48 returned to perform their upcoming single “Labrador Retriever”. During the talk segment, graduating member Oshima Yuko appeared to talk about whom she thinks can become the new center.

“The members who have been around a long time have probably used up all their luck, so i’m placing my hopes on the younger generation. I have high expectations for the ‘3 Musketeers'(Owada Nana, Nishino Miki, Kojima Mako). They are close to each other on the surface but you don’t know how they really think of each other, since they’re girls.”

“Everyone wants to be a center, but between the younger and older generations, the one who really wants to become a center is Sashihara. I think she’s aiming to get a 2nd straight win! She’ll definitely deny this, but she’s definitely hoping to accomplish what me and Maeda Acchan couldn’t do.”

Takamina then introduced the MCs to the 3 Musketeers – Kojima Mako(L), Owada Nana(M) and Nishino Miki(R) of the 15th generation, who have been heavily pushed over the past year. MCs commented that they don’t look like they could stand out, except for maybe Owada Nana, and that the other 2 girls look like country girls, causing them to burst out laughing.

Takamina explained that the reason for promoting these younger members was to extend the lifetime of AKB48 as a group. MCs then pointed at the older generations and said they must be jealous of all their limelight, which Watanabe Mayu had to vehemently deny. MCs then turned to Minegishi Minami, chiding her for her “scandal” and told her to stop fooling around and work hard. Minegishi tried to justify her potential in AKB48 using Sashihara’s turnaround from her scandal as an example.

“She was in a bad situation but your situation was even worse than hers!” The MCs couldn’t help highlighting the impact of her scandal last year. Then came the powerful dig.

To Minegishi Minami: You still have a boyfriend now right?

To Sashihara Rino: You too must be in a relationship now right?

To everyone: You guys don’t have a boyfriend?
Everyone denied but MC claims some of them are getting teary.

They were then asked what happens when you get to be a center. The MC asked if their salaries would increase, which Sashihara Rino denied.

Fortune Telling Corner

Members with good luck: Mayuyu, Paruru, Yukirin, Minegishi, Kojima Mako, ??

“Mayuyu is a person with great luck. To be precise, she’s number 2 wherever she goes. She’ll never be first. Even if she leaves AKB, she’ll still be number 2. She doesn’t even have to work hard from now on. She’s a woman who will never become number 1.”

“If Watanabe Mayu is the kind who feels pressured by her inability to become number 1, Shimazaki is the kind to feel no pressure. She doesn’t even have to work hard to defend a position in the 3rd place. ” When staff asked if she has potential to become number 1, the fortune teller said no and predicted she’ll always rank between 2nd to 5th positions.

Normal Luck: Takahashi Minami, Kawaei Rina, Yokohama Yui, Nishino Miki
“Takahashi is the type to question her efforts if she has no presence in the group. She’ll feel really happy if you let her do something, so let her do things that are troublesome, even things like cleaning. She should just get married as early as possible. She’s just normal in AKB48 but she’ll be a good wife.”

Bad Luck: Iriyama Anna, Owada Nana, Yamamoto Sayaka, Watanabe Miyuki
“For Owada Nana, i don’t know what’s wrong but her luck is just bad. But there’s a way to solve this. Her luck will improve if she changes the Kanji in her name to Hiragana.”

Member with best luck: Sashihara Rino
“She’s got alot of passion,luck and energy. She may not be liked by everyone… because she has a bad personality. If she’s bullied she’ll fight back. She’ll be able to lead the team in future and continue to maintain her position as number 1.”

Member with worst luck: Kojima Haruna
“This person will never be able to succeed whatever she does. How do i explain it….she chose the wrong job?”


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Compilation of SKE48 12th single “Uzukushii Inazuma” performances

18 Aug

I haven’t done a proper review of SKE48’s new song so here it is.

Major Upgrade
Following the wild and sexy preview from their MV, we finally got to see the song performed live on Japan’s music shows. I would say this song is a major upgrade from their previous singles because of the fierce dance choreography. I always enjoy watching SKE48’s dances – full of energy and precision. Thankfully, their management decided to take advantage of this strength so we can see what SKE48 is all about.

Power combo Jurina-Rena
Aside from the dance, i’m finding the Jurina-Rena(JR) combo particularly eye-catching this time. In one of the performances, Jurina was absent and Yuria paired with Rena to center the song. I was kinda disappointed because Yuria has the “cute” look and was unable to give off a fierce gaze, so my attention was on Rena the whole time. When Jurina came back, the whole perf became more enjoyable to watch, particularly the interplay part in the middle where JR exchanged solo lines. So the question is, can SKE48 do without any of these pillars? I really doubt so. In the past, Takayanagi Akane used to sub for Jurina when she couldn’t perform and she really did a good job. But times have changed and management’s focus seem to be on the younger generation now.

Rise of the next-generation aces
After the mass graduation of 10 members this year, including senbatsu members Hata Sawako, Ogiso Shiori and Yagami Kumi, the management seems to be pushing the younger generation now. Looking at the lineup in these performances, the next generation aces seem to be Kimoto Kanon, Kizaki Yuria, Furuhata Nao and of cos Oba Mina(AKB48). Poor Akane has to give up her 3rd spot to someone else who can’t perform as well as her!

Music Fair (live singing)

Music Dragon (Yuria and Manatsu as centers)


The Music Day Ongaku no Chikara

Hey!Hey!Hey! Comeback Special

Ongaku no Hi


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