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Aragaki Yui gets into contract marriage for new Jdrama

4 Oct

Actress Aragaki Yui(28) and actor/singer Hoshino Gen(35) will be starring in new TBS drama “Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu” (translated as “Escaping is Embarrassing but Useful”) and it starts airing on 11th October 2016.

Adapted from a manga, Aragaki will be playing a jobless and boyfriend-less girl who gets into a contract marriage with Hoshino Gen, a serious employee who hasn’t dated in his life. Aragaki said of her role “She’s one who works hard, but in the midst of it she wants to be loved.” When asked about contract marriages, she said “It’s the freedom between 2 people. This structure exists too. It’s good i feel.”

This is Aragaki Yui’s first collaboration with Hoshino Gen. When asked about his impressions of Aragaki, Hoshino Gen said “It’s fun when we’re together. She’s a normal girl outside the studio, but a star infront of the camera.”

Aragaki got embarrassed and tried to stop him from speaking further.

It was also revealed that Hoshino Gen’s new song “Koi” will be the theme for this drama. “I wanted to make it a fun love song. It’s a song which will make you dance, so pls do!”

Other actors present were Otani Ryohei and Ishida Yuriko.



Hoshino Gen’s new song