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BKA48 makes their debut with “Haste to Waste”, Minegishi Minami performs with a bald head!

30 May


In today’s Ichiban Song show, BKA48, the unit made up of the dumbest members in AKB,  gave their first TV performance of their song “Haste to Waste”. “Haste to Waste” is a song about the silly answers given by Kawaei Rina during atest taken in Mecha Mecha Iketeru(a variety show). In the test, Kawaei Rina was asked to translate the english phrase “Haste makes Waste”. She thought that Haste and Waste were actually names and translated it as “Haste and Waste became good friends”, drawing laughter for her silly answer. The production team then made 2 dolls (nicknamed Haste and Waste) to accompany her as she serves the center position in BKA48.

Pls watch on for the other baka members:  Minegishi Minami, Kojima Haruna, Takahashi Minami, Kashiwagi Yuki, Sashihara Rino, Shimazaki Haruka.

You must be joking
You must be joking
How could i be the dumb one?
The dumbest amongst us, is definitely not me!

You must be joking
You must be joking
How could my feet smell?
I worked hard so there’s just too much sweat.

“America is made up of 99% electricity.”
Isn’t it weird grammatically?
Edison didn’t say so!

Kawaei, someone is calling you
Like he’s given up on you.
The bad marks on your test
Are being pointed out with his finger.

Kawaei, you saved everyone.
There’s no one with marks lower than yours.
Guarding the lowest borderline of intelligence
Oh you dumb center!

Collection of Tegomass Neko Chudoku performances

26 May

Ichiban Song Show

Shounen Club Premium

Cuteness overload…to be continued.

Golden Bomber performs Spring version of “Dance My Generation”

12 Apr

It’s been awhile since we last saw them on TV, and they finally appeared on Ichiban Song Show. Watch them get pelted by a tornado of cherry blossom petals as they welcome the spring season with “Dance My Generation”!

Summary of the talk part:

– The previous drummer quit in spring 4 years ago, saying he needed to study for national exams and become a civil servant.

– Utahiroba Jun revealed that Kiryuin Sho secretly composed a song and performed it at their last live with the ex-drummer.

– Darvish Kenji was the junior to the ex-drummer, and he was asked to takeover. Darvish Kenji was free so he attended the interview.

– In order to hire someone who could stay for a long time, Kiryuin Sho decided to lookout for someone who was more stupid. They had 5 interviewees, and he asked them if they were willing to strip naked if the performance requires it. Most of them said they would, but Darvish Kenji said he was more than confident to do it.

– MC asked about their income, and Darvish Kenji replied “I’m not joking…”, indicating his income’s really good.

真夏のSounds Good! on Ichiban Song Show

17 Jan

I know this has been performed X number of times but here’s the latest version on Ichiban Song Show! My oshi Watanabe Mayu seems to have become the new face of the group as she has been replacing Acchan’s position in almost all the songs i’ve seen so far. No complains here as she’s been doing perfectly fine so far!

At the end, Shimazaki Haruka gets some airtime as the MC reminisced about the time when he gave Paruru an image makeover  previously. He mentioned he was cheering her on during her performance, and Paruru returned his favor by saying she was also looking at him to see if he would notice her. OMG the father-daughter love here!! ❤

My only complain about this performance – Watanabe Miruki. Will talk more about her next time, but just to let you know, I really DISLIKE this girl!