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[Friday Delight] Songs for the soul from Ichiban Song Show

5 Jul

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I guess this will be the ‘anything and everything corner’ where i post random stuff just to spice up Friday nights. If you have anything that you want to share in this corner, please don’t hesitate and give me a shoutout!

This week i dug out the performances from the recent Ichiban Song Show special where artistes like AKB48, Kanjani8, Ikimonogatari, May J,Kimura Kaela, Golden Bomber etc gathered to perform their past hits.

My favourite is this song called “M” (video 18:46) performed by Princess Princess. It is the song that listeners wanted to hear the most when they go through a breakup. I simply like it for its sentimental lyrics.

Another one which i liked is called “Arigatou” (video 32:22) performed by Ikimonogatari. It is a favourite bgm for any graduation/wedding ceremony in Japan. Personally, i just like the female singer’s healing voice.


For those who usually look for AKB48 cuts, please scroll to the back of Part 1 and Part 2 above.

There was a talk segment where Mayuyu and Sasshi talked about funny memories from the recent general elections.

Watanabe Mayu said that she was seated within the tent during the announcement of results and suddenly the rain came pouring in her direction, so she actually felt like having her name called earlier so she can escape her seat.

Sashihara said it was so cold that whenever one member gets called out to receive their trophy, everyone would fight for the blanket leftover from the empty seats.


Performances from TV Tokyo Music Festival 2014

27 Jun

A music festival featuring some major jpop artistes was held yesterday to celebrate TV Tokyo’s 50th anniversary. Guests include TOKIO/V6/Kanjani8/NEWS/AKB48/SKE48/NMB48/HKT48/Nogizaka46/Morning Musume OG/Morning Musume ’14/Kahara Tomomi/Golden Bomber/Ikimonogakari/Nishino Kana/Hitoto Yo/Moriyama Naotaro/Sukima Switch/May J.

One of the highlights was Goto Maki’s return to Morning Musume OG after a hiatus of 2.5 years. Once the golden girl of Morning Musume, Goto Maki’s performance with the group brings us back to the days when Morning Musume was at its best.

AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki, who is known to be a fan of Morning Musume, posted on her Google+: “Everyone in Morning Musume OG were shining brightly. My tears are coming. I like them after all! Ishikawa Rika san too! Goto Maki san is so cute!”

Morning Musume OG – Morning Coffee/ LOVE Machine/ Renai Revolution 21
Morning Musume ’14 – Password is 0

NMB48 – Ibiza Girl
The 48-group also showed up in full force, together with official rivals Nogizaka46. The new Queen of AKB48 Watanabe Mayu took up center for past hits previously centered by Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko. The sister groups also showed off their new image after being reinforced with new members from this year’s grand reshuffle.

AKB48 – Labrador Retriever/Koisuru Fortune Cookie
HKT48 – Melon Juice
Another interesting performance was “Labrador Retriever”, as it was performed by the newly selected senbatsu members from the recent general elections.


NEWS – weeeek/ ONE -for the win-


Golden Bomber – Memeshikute
These guys are still popular for their one-hit “Memeshikute” and funny skits. Unfortunately, their skits are sometimes based on Japanese comedy so only the natives will get it.


V6 – Wa ni natte Odorou/Darling/Sexy Honey Bunny!
This is for the older Johnny’s fans. Anyone?


May J – Let it Go (Japanese version)
This globally popular song has been leading the karaoke charts in Japan for a very long time.


Kanjani8 – Zukkoke Otoko Michi/King of Otoko
Kanjani8 also went out of the studio to perform. Bringing us on a tour of TV Tokyo, they gathered a whole bunch of employees to join in on a mass dance.Even the CEO of TV Tokyo showed up.


Ikimonogatari – Arigatou/Love Song wa Tomaranai
This is for those who love pure Japanese music.