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Nogizaka46 scores a Samantha Thavasa CM

30 Oct

Nogizaka46 has been chosen as the endorsement models for Samantha Thavasa’s new CM.

Within Nogizaka46, only Shiraishi Mai has appeared as a CM model in the past, for Samantha Thavasa Group labels like “L’EST ROSE” and “Samantha Tiara”. This is a first time for other members.

The theme song for this CM is the gibberish edm track “PoPiPaPPaPa” mentioned previously.


I remember Samantha’s models used to be Itano Tomomi, then E-girls, and now Nogizaka! Doing well, nogi!

Nogizaka46 releases gibberish dance track for B-side of “Ima, Hanashitai dare ka ga Iru” single

16 Oct

Following the release of their MV for title track, “Ima hanashitai dare ka ga Iru”, Nogizaka46 has also released the MV for coupling track “PoPiPaPPaPa”.

I suppose the idea is to look out for how well they lip-sync to meaningless words as suggested by the title.