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[Updated]Golden girls of AKB48 return in 38th single “Kibouteki Refrain” Music Video

13 Nov

AKB48 38th Single [Kibouteki Refrain] (FULL MV.) from Valen S. on Vimeo.

In what may be a very shocking but pleasant surprise, AKB48’s graduated golden girls Maeda Atsuko, Shinoda Mariko, Itano Tomomi and Oshima Yuko were featured in the music video of AKB48 38th single “Kibouteki Refrain”, set to release 26th November.
Starting with Takahashi Minami, the centers in the history of AKB48 showed up one after another, running a relay race to pass on 2 golden microphones. This action signifies the passing on of the center position. Watanabe Mayu and Miyawaki Sakura eventually receive the microphones and perform live with the rest of the senbatsu members.
There are lots of running scenes in this music video, which is also the theme for the jacket covers.
The single comes in 4 types in both regular and limited editions. Kojizaka46(centered by Kojima Haruna) will also have their first original song “Kaze no Razen” plus MV included in Type D.
Still Cuts
Jacket Covers

Itano Tomomi and EXILE Takahiro definitive dating evidence?

18 Sep

EXILE‘s TAKAHIRO (29) and former AKB48 member Tomomi Itano (23) are once again in the news after Itano posted a picture of herself in her blog recently, only to have sharp-eyed netizens identify Takahiro in her picture as well. Apparently they had gone on a river play date before summer ended.

Itano reportedly deleted the picture to prevent news from spreading, but a quick-thinking reader took a screenshot of the image:

In this picture, you can see man’s tattoo-ed arm in the corner. He is supposedly EXILE’s Takahiro. Reports of them dating stretch back to 2011, when Itano was still an AKB48 member. Both have always maintained that they are “just friends”.

A closeup of Takahiro’s tattoo(as of 12th Aug 2014).

Also, the 2 were spotted wearing love bracelets from Cartier since July. You can see Itano wearing it in every episode of her variety show “Itano Paisen”, as well as in photos posted on her Twitter. Takahiro has also been wearing it while MC-ing for FujiTV’s morning show “Viking”, as well as in music programs.The bracelets are reportedly a gift for Itano’s birthday.

These details weren’t all that eagle-eyed observers picked up on. On Girlschannel, netizens have also been discussing Itano’s sudden change in breast size, speculating that she’d secretly gone for breast implants. This was sparked by Itano’s most recent appearance in “Itano Paisen”, as well as her bikini shot above.

Some comments from GirlsChannel:

“This one hell of a barbie body..”
“But she’s a plastic girl. Nothing weird even if she changed her whole body.”
“She’s overdoing it. Is she so inconfident about her looks?”


I’ve been wanting to post about their cartier bracelets for a very long time.Then news on ItanoxTakahiro piled and it’s time to release it once and for all. About her boob job, i have to agree it’s too unnatural!

First performance of Itano Tomomi’s new song “Crush”

1 Jul

I was quite wrong in saying Itano Tomomi won’t be singing this live, what with all the auto-tuning and rapping.

She did sing a large part of it live. Alas, there is no dancing.

Song is included her debut album “S W A G” to be released August 1st.




Itano Tomomi tries rapping and autotune for “CRUSH”

25 Jun

Itano Tomomi is coming back with a new style and new look! This time, her song is a electronic dance track featuring her newfound rapping skills, which i have to say suits her so much better than the ballads.  As if to hide the flaws in her vocals, the entire song has been treated with autotune this time. At least the live performances will sound better since she won’t need to sing live anymore.

“CRUSH” is one of the new songs that will be featured in her debut album, to be released Aug 1st.




Covers for Itano Tomomi debut album “S W A G”

14 Jun

Itano Tomomi is set to release her first album, titled “S×W×A×G” on 2nd July.

The album’s tracklist consist of 15 songs, including all singles from”Dear J” to “little”, plus 4 new songs.

Itano will hold album release events across Japan starting June 1. Then, she will kick off her first live tour ‘S×W×A×G’ on August 1. Her event and tour schedule can be seen below.

[Itano Tomomi 1st Album “S×W×A×G” Release LIVE & Handshake Event]

Sunday, June 1 – Amu Plaza Kagoshima (Kagoshima)
Saturday, June 7 – Sane Naha (Okinawa)
Saturday, June 14 – Chiba Egao Matsuri (Chiba)
Saturday, June 21 – Aeon Mall Kofu Showa (Yamanashi)
Sunday, June 22 – Park Place Oita (Oita)
Saturday, June 28 – Lazona Kawasaki Plaza (Kanagawa)
Sunday, June 29 – Aeon Mall Hanyu (Saitama)
Saturday, July 5 – Aomori ELM Hall (Aomori)
Sunday, July 6 – Aeon Mall Hiroshima Fuchu (Hiroshima)

[Itano Tomomi Live Tour “S×W×A×G”]

Friday, August 1 – DIAMOND HALL (Aichi)
Wednesday, August 6 – Rensa (Miyagi)
Saturday, August 30 – Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS (Fukuoka)
Saturday, September 13 – Dojima River Forum (Osaka)
Monday, September 15 – Zepp Tokyo (Tokyo)





I wonder who did these covers….everything is fine except for that horrible pink background and those cartoon fishes. Reminds me of the coloring books from my childhood.

Takahiro and Itano Tomomi goes on a Yakiniku date

25 Apr

On the night of 20th April, EXILE’s vocalist Takahiro(29) and ex AKB48 member Itano Tomomi(22) were seen in a Yakikinu shop frequented by many celebrities. The 2 were reported to be living in the same building in the Jan issue of “Friday”. Entering a private room in the shop, the 2 enjoyed a yakiniku date.

On the same night, a party was taking place elsewhere in a Chinese restaurant which even the imperial family visits. EXILE’s brother group “Sandaime J Soul Brothers” had just completed their national tour and was holding a celebratory party. Guests included CEO Hiro(43), Makidai(38), Akira(32) and members of E-girls, as well as Avex Group CEO.

The party continued till 2am, but Takahiro was nowhere to be seen.

“Hiro san and even the Avex CEO was there. If there is no important work schedules, the party should be of priority. However, Takahirowasn’t working and didn’t even bother to show his face. This suggests that he had other important stuff to do,” music industry personnel.

As mentioned earlier, as this party was going on, Takahiro was on a date with Itano. Itano’s agency said that both are friends, but after the meal, the 2 were seen taking a taxi together, heading back to the mansion that both live in.


FRIDAY reports on Itano Tomomi x Takahiro scandal again

18 Jan

Itano Tomomi(22), who graduated from AKB48 in August 2013, has been reported to be in a relationship with EXILE’s vocalist Takahiro(29), yet again.

The couple were first reported to be living in the same building in March 2013 by another tabloid, but this time it is FRIDAY which is exposing more details.

In the article, Tomochin and Takahiro were said to have enjoyed a dinner date. Even though there is no decisive photo, it is said both entered the same shop at different timings, and both entered the same mansion.

Rumors of their relationship were already circulating on the net 3 years ago. However, as there was no evidence, the media did not report it widely. Last year,reporters from Bunshun Shukan published an article claiming that both were living in the same mansion, and had several times spotted Itano getting on an elevator which stopped on the floor Takahiro lived on. The timing when both returned to the mansion also matched up.

In response to the allegations, Itano’s agency explained that she had a meal with Takahiro and his manager, but Takahiro’s agency denied having any meals with Itano at all.


EXILE fans infuriated with Itano Tomomi, demands she breakup with Takahiro

After news of Takahiro and Itano living in the same mansion and enjoying a date were reported in FRIDAY, Itano Tomomi remained silent and did not update her blog and twitter. However, since she has graduated from AKB48 and is now free to date, fans have congratulated her on Twitter…saying things like “I’m cheering you on!”.

On the other hand, a portion of EXILE fans have taken to Itano’s twitter to express their fury. “Break up” or “Move aside” were some of the uglier words sent to her.

However, as Takahiro’s drama is currently airing and Itano’s new single is set to be released, some are questioning if this is a ploy to create noise marketing for their individual projects.


If these 2 have really dated for 3 years, then i wholly support them…!