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AKB48 Iwasa Misaki to release 5th single and solo concert

23 Oct

AKB48 enka singer Iwasa Misaki(20) will be releasing her 5th single coming 6th Jan 2016.

Whilst the title is still undecided, it will be produced by Akimoto Yasushi as per previous singles. It will include covers of AKB48 song “Halloween Night” and Hibari Misora’s famous tune “Kawa no Nagare no You ni”.

Iwasa will be celebrating her 21st birthday on 30th Jan next year and she will also be holding her first solo concert.


[Poll Corner]Best idol cover of “Akai Sweet Pea” by Matsuda Seiko

28 Sep

After listening to Watanabe Mayu’s recent solo rendition of “Akai Sweet Pea” by eternal idol Matsuda Seiko, i was reminded of Kojima Haruna doing the same song years ago and decided to do a compilation of idol covers here.

Most of them did a really good job with the song, except for one(shall leave you to discover for yourself).

Anyway, i am including a poll at the bottom of this post so you can vote for the best cover. If this corner works out, i will introduce another song next week.

AKB48 Watanabe Mayu

AKB48 Iwasa Misaki

AKB48 Kojima Haruna

AKB48 Yokoyama Yui

Ex- Morning Musume Tanaka Reina (Start from 1:22)

Berryz Kobo Momoko Tsugunaga

HKT48 Miyawaki Sakura


Iwasa Misaki ponders over the value of her existence if she quits AKB48

28 Sep

This is specially for Denny Sinnoh, who seems to be a Iwasa fan.

AKB48 Team K’s Iwasa Misaki (19) recently posted on her blog, questioning the worth of her existence if she were to quit AKB48.

The post titled “Dreams” was uploaded on 24th September, where she talked about fans who came to meet her at a handshake event on the previous day. Apparently, fans had stopped her from graduating, saying “Wasamin can’t graduate! You’ll stay here forever right?”

In response to this, she wrote “There’s no such thing like not graduating! *laughs* There’s definitely no member who won’t graduate! If i weren’t part of AKB, you won’t support me? Is there no charm about me if I weren’t part of AKB?”

Reflecting further, she wrote “Once again, i realise that i have to work harder in order for fans to follow me even after i graduate.I’d be happy if everyone can support me and my dreams. ”

However, looking at the cases of graduated members, it is a fact that many are having it tough. Shinoda Mariko(28) and Itano Tomomi(23) for example, have ceased to be as active compared to when they were still in AKB. Will Iwasa Misaki be able to maintain the connection with her fans after graduation?