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Matsui Jurina wins AKB48 Jankan Tournament, becomes center of 34th single!

19 Sep

SKE48/AKB48 next generation ace Matsui Jurina clinched her first Janken Tournament title yesterday, making her the face of AKB48’s 34th single (to be released towards the end of this year).

The annual Janken Tournament is an event organised by the management of AKB48 to give an equal chance to all members to earn a spot in the single senbatsu. Rounds after rounds of “scissors, paper, stone” is played until the eventual winner is crowned. This year, Matsui Jurina faced off against NMB48’s Team B captain Emika Kameida, AKB48 Muto Tomu, NMB48 Yagura Fuuko, AKB48 Shimada Haruka, NMB48 KKS Uno Mizuki, AKB48 Tano Yuka and AKB48 Hirata Rina, winning all of them with simply “paper”. This is unbelievably similar to how Shimazaki Haruka won the Jankan Tournament last year, simply with “scissors”.

After realising she’d won, Jurina collapsed to the floor in happiness and cried.

“I can’t believe i actually won the center position!”
“I’ll work hard to be recognised as a true center, not just the janken center.”

Graduated members Shinoda Mariko and Maeda Atsuko also took to twitter to convey their congratulations.

Shinoda Mariko: “I received a call from Acchan. Congratulations Jurina! Because i couldn’t go, i gave you my janken power!”
Maeda Atsuko seems to have watched it live and tweeted “Good luck Jurina!” before congratulating her after she won.

Who says that Acchan and Jurina weren’t on good terms?!

Anyways, the rest of the senbatsu members are:

Uno Mizuki, Tano Yuka, Furuhata Nao, Abe Maria, Kitahara Rie, Tsuchiyasu Mizuki, Hirata Rina, Oya Shizuka, Oba Mina, Yumoto Ami, Sasaki Yukari, Natori Wakana, Kikuchi Ayaka, Fujie Reina,Kameida Emika

This lineup has several up-and-coming faces but i’m doubting how well the single can sell, since Jurina is the only “famous” face fronting the whole lineup. However, this is the chance for Jurina to shine and if she does well..lets just say that the top 3 of AKB48 will face another shakeup next year. I have high hopes for Jurina and i hope she shows Sasshi what a true center is all about!


And here’s the last portion of the Janken tournament with Jurina’s win.