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Performances from The Music Day 2016

2 Jul

The Music Day is an annual music festival by Nihon TV. This year it featured some 71 acts spanning 11 hours.
Highlights include: Johnny’s shuffle medley, NEWS and Arashi’s new song.

The show was simultaneously aired on cable channel GEM throughout Asia. Hopefully those with the channel watched it!


NEWS – Koi wo Shiranai Kimi e [NEW SONG!!!!]

Hey!Say!JUMP – Weekender/Maji Sunshine

Sexy Zone – Sexy Zone

Kanjani 8 – Medley

Kinki Kids – Flower/Bara to Taiyo

Arashi – One Love/Happiness

Arashi – Power of the Paradise [NEW SONG!!!!]

Johnny’s Shuffle Medley

NMB48 – Boku wa Inai


SKE48 – Pareo wa Emerald

AKB48 – Love Trip

Nogizaka46/Keyakizaka46 – Dream Collaboration


Kobukuro – Mirai


Netizens discover signs of Shimazaki Haruka interacting with Johnny’s Junior, Sashihara dating Kisumai Senga?

3 Oct

A couple of other english sites have already translated this…

AKB48 Shimazaki Haruka x Johnny’s Junior Yasui Kentaro interactions on Instagram

Alleged Yasui Kentaro: Second shot. The height of cuteness
Paruru: I want a child
From Paruru or Yasui(?): No way..lol

Paruru: Flirt
From Paruru or Yasui(?): I have work LOL

So apparently Johnny’s wotas are angry at Paruru for “fishing” while on medical leave and ousting Yasui’s account. She has since deleted all her posts and locked up her instagram account. Yasui Kentaro on the other hand, will probably suffer some consequences for using SNS.

Source, Source

HKT48 Sashihara Rino’s couple items with Kis-My-Ft2 Senga sparks dating rumors

1. Pink Bulldog Smartphone Case
Some questioned if the phone is really hers but she’s actually seen carrying the phone in a recent photo.

2. Kirimi Smartphone Case


3. Rolex watch captured in Sashihara’s twitter pic(dated September), often seen on Senga.

4. Italian brand shirt

There are a few other allegations which didn’t look convincing enough so i didn’t post here. Netizen reactions in below links.

Source, Source

Who is next in Johnny’s Entertainment to get married?

16 Sep

“When idols reach a suitable age, they should get married without reservations,” said Johnny Kitagawa in response to Kokubun Taichi’s marriage announcement.

Kokubun was apparently surprised hearing this, saying “I didn’t think that Johnny san would say this.”

In the past, there was an unspoken rule that only 1 member per idol group may get married, but Kokubun’s marriage makes him the 2nd member in TOKIO doing so, shattering the urban legend.

So the spotlight is now on which Johnny’s idol is getting married next – V6 Okada Junichi who is rumored to be in a relationship with Miyazaki Aoi, or V6 Nagano Hiroshi with Miho Shiraishi.

Of course, SMAP and TOKIO members are all potential candidates as well, with most members of marriageable age. But it is said that chances of a 3rd TOKIO member getting married is slim.


The puzzling thing about Johnny’s Jimusho not denying Kisumai Fujigaya Taisuke’s relationship

18 Jun

Johnny’s group Kis-My-Ft2 Fujigaya Taisuke(27) and Takimoto Miori(23)’s relationship has shocked fans and the showbiz world. However, what is puzzling is the reaction of Johnny’s agency to this piece of news.

As Fujigaya is a popular member of the group, fans have declared their exit from the fandom or intentions to switch idols after news of his relationship broke. The shock from this news was reinforced by the official statement from Johnny’s agency – “No comment on private matters.”

A TV station staff said “I’m abit shocked. This was not the sort of reply i was expecting.”

So far, the standard replies from Johnny’s agencies were always “they are friends” or “they were also with others”, in a bid to deny the existence of their talents being in relationships.

“Not commenting on private matters is the same as partially admitting to the relationship. Johnny’s fans think they are in a virtual relationship with their idols. That is why they are sensitive to such news and from their perspective, they can’t follow an idol especially when his agency is partially affirming news of him having a girlfriend,” says same staff.

“Traditionally, Johnny’s has not been strict with their idols being in relationships. In fact, if they find their partners befitting for their idols, they’d even encourage it, though they wouldn’t acknowledge it in public.This could be due to the factional dispute within Johnny’s”said showbiz insider.

This factional dispute is between Johnny’s management Julie Fujishima and SMAP’s manager Iijima, reported in the media early this year. Mary Kitagawa(VP and Julie Fujishima’s mother) had an interview with Bunshun then denying of such a dispute.

“No one thinks that the dispute is over.Kisumai is also part of Iijima’s management. There may be people who don’t believe it, from Iijima’s perspective, perhaps this response(to Fujigaya’s relationship) stemmed from the decision to refrain from being mainstream?” said same showbiz insider.


Kisumai Tamamori Yuta was also interested in Miori Takimoto?

5 Jun

From left: Fujigaya Taisuke, Miori Takimoto, Tamamori Yuta, Hikaru Yaotome

The relationship news between Kis-My-Ft2 Fujigaya Taisuke and his costar Miori Takimoto from 2011 drama “Ikemen Desu Ne” has rocked the entertainment circle, sparking a huge discussion everywhere.

The 2 started dating 3.5 years ago, and Miori Takimoto has been spotted frequenting Fujigaya’s mansion, with the latest pictures published in Bunshun Shukan. However, it seems like Fujigaya’s fellow Kis-My-Ft2 member Tamamori Yuta was also smitten with Miori, having worked on the same drama years ago.

According to the drama, Tamamori was the one who ended as Miori’s lover. It reality, he actually liked her.

“Miori does not have the airs of an actress and is known for her civil manners. Tamamori fell for this side of her. People would think that they would date according to the drama script, but because Fujigaya wooed her aggressively, Miori chose him over Tamamori,” said insider.

Even though this might make things awkward for the 2 Kis-my-ft2 members, it did not turn out that way. Tamamori was sad for sometime, but it seems like there are no grudges between them.


Very lucky girl indeed. If Tamamori is the one dating then the internet will probably explode, judging by the viewership of my previous article. My stats have never seen such heights, not even Sousenkyo….

Kisumai Fujigaya Taisuke revealed to be dating Miori Takimoto for years

3 Jun

Johnny’s idol group Kis-My-Ft2 Fujigaya Taisuke(27) is reported to be in a relationship with Miori Takimoto(23).

According to Sponichi, the two co-stars hit it off when they were working in the same drama “Ikemen desu ne” in 2011 and started dating. Takimoto has been spotted going into Fujigaya’s mansion. The two have also visited music events in Kanagawa prefecture. As they were wearing couple rings of the same design, rumors of their relationship started to be known amongst fans.

Pictures of Takimoto visiting Fujigaya has been published in Bunshun this week.


Agencies: “No comments on their private lives.”


Rare that a Johnny’s relationship goes open like this.

Performances from The Music Day Ongaku no Chikara

13 Jul

NTV just finished airing their annual music festival “THE MUSIC DAY Ongaku no Chikara”. For this event, Arashi member, Sakurai Sho, once again served as the main host.

“THE MUSIC DAY Ongaku no Chikara” aims to connect people through time and space with the power of music. Broadcasted live from Makuhari Messe in Chiba, 60 or more groups of artistes gathered to present 11 hours worth of live music. Checkout the lineup here.

Highlights of the festival include special medleys from TOKIO and Arashi in celebration of their 20th and 15th anniversaries. Johnny’s fans can also look forward to seeing their idols in a group shuffle.

Johnny’s Family Group Shuffle Medley

Arashi – 15th Anniversary Medley

NEWS – Chankapana/ One -for the win-

Hey!Say!JUMP – Ride with me/Weekender

KAT-TUN – Birth/ In Fact

EXILE TRIBE – The Revolution

E-girls – E.G.Anthem -WE ARE VENUS-

AKB48 – Everyday Kachuusha/Sayonara Crawl

AKB48/SKE48/NMB48/HKT48 – Group Medley

Nogizaka46 – Natsu no Free & Easy

Perfume – Cling Cling ~love the world~

Kame comments on Koki’s dismissal from KAT-TUN

12 Oct



Kame appeared on NihonTV’s “Zukkiri!” on 11th October and talked about Koki’s departure from KAT-TUN.

He confessed that he came to know about Koki’s dismissal from the agency 2 days after his contract was cancelled. Koki then contacted the members directly and they sat down to talk about it. It was decided that they would draw the line once and for all.

The reasons for Koki’s dismissal was due a variety of reasons like running a bar, conducting a live concert without agency consent, dj-ing at a club, trouble involving women, tattoo etc.

Kame said ” There are rules from our agency which we have to abide by. Even from our point of view, his actions were already over the top.”
When asked about the sidelines which Koki runs, Kame said “As reported, things like running a shop. We also came to notice it.”

On the future of KAT-TUN, Kame said “There’s no other way but to continue as KAT-TUN. There’s no way we will cause trouble like this again. I promise to protect the group moving forward.”


Not a fan of KAT-TUN but it’s sad that this group is breaking up like NEWS. And poor Kame has to shoulder the responsibilities of explaining this to the media! 

Tanaka Koki fired from Johnny’s, KAT-TUN to become 4-member group

12 Oct


On October 9th, Johnny & Associates, Inc. announced the cancellation of their exclusive contract with KAT-TUN‘s Tanaka Koki as of September 30. Therefore, KAT-TUN is now a 4-member group.

Below is the translation for the announcement posted on Johnny’s net website.

“We have decided to cancel our exclusive contract with KAT-TUN’s Tanaka Koki as of September 30th, due to his repeated violation of the company rules. KAT-TUN will continue their activities with 4 members after Tanaka’s withdrawal, so we would like to ask the fans for your support as you have done until now. – 2013.10.9 Johnny & Associates, Inc.”

“It is what the company’s announcement says. I told the members my gratitude for being in the group with me though I have caused so many troubles until now, and my feeling of apology that I am sorry. I am planning to continue my activities, so I will make further announcement when the details are set. – 2013.10.9 Tanaka Koki”

“To our fans and people concerned, we are terribly sorry for causing trouble this time. In order for us to raise the group’s consciousness, we have had many talks, but we are very disappointed that it ended up like this for our member who we have been together for over 10 years. From now on, KAT-TUN’s activities will continue with 4 members, so please continue to support us. – 2013.10.9 KAT-TUN”