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Bunshun spots Kamiki Ryunosuke and Sano Hinako on a date

4 Jun


Last year, the so called “genius child actor” Kamiki Ryunosuke(23) and actress Shida Mirai(23) were reported to be in a relationship by tabloid FRIDAY. Fast forward to May, the girl spotted visiting Kamiki’s house is now Sano Hinako.

On the 28th May, the 2 were spotted coming out from Kamiki’s house, wearing a couple look. The 2 hopped into a taxi and headed to a friend’s house in Shibuya. When they emerged the next morning, Sano headed to the convenience store while Kamiki waited outside. When questioned by reporters, Kamiki explained in a flustered manner that they were “friends”. When Sano came out of the store, she just smiled till the end. On this day too, Sano went back to Kamiki’s house.

Their agencies explained that they were good friends.

Kamiki Ryunosuke, known for his role in Rurouni Kenshin movie

Sano Hinako, acted in Death Note 2015

Sato Takeru talks about snubbing by Kamiki Ryunosuke fans during promotions for “Bakuman”

4 Oct

At first, the interviewer asked them about impressions of each other.
Kamiki: He has a mysterious atmosphere around him. When he looks at you in the eyes, it feels like he can see through you. But i realised through Bakuman that he’s just staring into space.

The 2 of you are close. What are some of the things you’d like each other to change?
Sato Takeru:Both of us love manga and went to the Shonen Jump editorial office for filming. It was a sacred place for us so our tension was high. But he was abnormally excited. When someone beside me is like that i become very quiet.

I heard that Kamiki loves photography?
Kamiki: Yes, i’d always talked about doing a photobook for Sato Takeru.
Sato Takeru: Correction! I’d want him to stop doing THIS.
Kamiki: Different corners of his eyes tell different stories. I’d like to see through it.
Sato Takeru: Who are you?!

Tell us something that you feel bitter about.
Sato Takeru: We had a “high school students” only event just now. During the finale I shook hands with fans before leaving but there were 2 who balled up their hands. It means that they wanted to shake hands with Kamiki instead.
Kamiki: That can’t be true!
Sato Takeru: Didn’t you experience it?
Kamiki: I didn’t see it.
Sato Takeru: It’s been bothering me ever since!