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Bunshun talks about celebrities and the apartments they live in, Kojiharu lives most luxuriously

14 Sep

In the 10th September issue of Bunshun, an article was published talking about the type of houses various 48Group members lived in. This topic was brought up because of the recent articles about AKS being investigated by tax authorities for undeclared expenses.

According to various media reports, members who live with their families receive a subsidy on their housing rents, in amounts from 1~2 million yen per month. Kojima Haruna in particular, seems to live most luxuriously as her monthly rent is 1.5~3million yen. Her apartment is a 3LDK spanning at least 200sq metres. It comes with 2 baths, a veranda fitted with a jacuzzi and a view of the forest. The place is close to supermarkets and taxis.

Graduated member Kasai Tomomi lives in a 1million yen high rise apartment in Roppongi. She has been spotted going to a Sushi place with a middle aged guy in the neighbourhood and no doubt continues to live a “bubbly” life. (*they’re trying to hint at her relationship with someone we all know about)

Graduated ace Maeda Atsuko used to live in a luxury apartment in Shibuya worth 500,000yen a month, but because of the famous incident where she was papp-ed drunk and crying all over Sato Takeru, male fans started hanging outside her house.She now lives in a low-level mansion in Meguro, about 1million yen a month.

A reporter comments “Celebrities love low-level luxury apartments which allows them to enter/exit easily without revealing their faces. There are lots of cases where idols,or actors in their teens or 20s will rent tower apartments which are properly managed so their agencies can fetch them easily to/from work. However, those with a lower level of income like comedians stay in normal houses.”

There are also “celebrity towers” where you can see various stars living under one roof.

“In Shibuya, there’s a luxury apartment with concierge service, rent starts from 1 million yen. KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya, Yamashita Tomohisa, Ayaka and husband Mizushima Hiro, Koda Kumi etc all live there. In Meguro area there is a tower apartment where the average rent is 500,000 yen and EXILE members amongst others live there.”




Kojiharu has so many CMs she definitely has what it takes to live luxuriously. I am more excited about the fact that Kame and Yamapi live in the same building!

Performances from CDTV Premier Live 2013-2014

10 Jan

Below are selected clips from CDTV New Year Special. Catch Itano Tomomi and Kasai Tomomi’s first live performances for their new single!

Itano Tomomi – Little
I hate to say this but she’s really exposing her flaws in singing this time. Tomochin should just stick to her dance numbers and lip sync!

Kasai Tomomi – Kietai Kurai
Much better live than Tomochin…

AKB48, SKE48, NK46, HKT48, Watarirouka Hashiritai, Kashiwagi Yuki- Medley

Golden Bomber – Dance My Generation

Yamashita Tomohisa – Medley

Perfume – Magic of Love

Kasai Tomomi performs 2nd solo single “Mine”!

20 May

Despite graduating AKB48 with a scandal on her tails, Kasai Tomomi continues promoting her 2nd solo single like nothing happened. Scandal aside, i must say that this song is better than her debut single “Masaka”. Written by Akimoto Yasushi, it is a light hearted love song that suits Kasai’s sweet image. It’s hard to explain why this song is better than “Masaka”. Maybe it’s the tune?  I find myself replaying the song without getting tired of it. Or it could be the way she sings? She clearly enjoys singing and seems to be radiating happiness. Graduating to go solo is probably the best decision she made.


If you’re interested in getting her single, click on the pics below!

Mine / Tomomi Kasai Type A (CD+DVD)

Mine / Tomomi Kasai Type B (CD+DVD)

Mine / Tomomi Kasai Type C (CD)

Shunkan Bunshun is back with exposé on Kasai Tomomi

24 Apr

This is reported by the same paparazzi who broke news about Yukirin/Miichan’s scandal.
The original article is rather lengthy, so i’ll just extract the key bits here.
Thanks to akbwrapup for the translations.

The Background Story

The man is Kubota Yasushi, the head of AKB48  group’s management company AKS, great entrepreneur who created this enormous idol group from the ground. The heroine is Kasai Tomomi of AKB48, who has kept high popularity in the fandom. She recently  made headlines with her revealing alleged child pornography gravure photo, but anyway, she announced her graduation after that fuss. She is scheduled to graduate AKB48 on May 3rd and already wrapped up her final handshake session as a member of AKB48.

A former member of AKB48 says, “The relationship between president Kubota and Kasai has been rumored for a long time. But of course, no one dares to ask them about that. It is a taboo in AKB.”

– Details about how Kubota Yasushi is married with children, rich, and influential. – 

He goes shopping, having meals with members and many of members love him.” said a former staff of AKB48.

As we previously reported in 2010, Kubota allegedly had inappropriate relationship with his favorite member Shinoda Mariko, but the rumor of his relationship with Kasai started to surface only a couple months after this previous report.

“It was around that time relation between Shinoda and Kasai started getting cold and they rarely talk to each other since then.” said the former staff.


The apartment where Kasai is living now cost 400 million yen (4 million USD) and is formerly a place where Mr.Kubota lived.

It’s equipped with private pool, sauna, gym, and concierge. It has 5 level of security locks as if it was a castle of tycoon. Her apartment is way more gorgeous than places where folks like Oshima Yuko or Takahashi Minami are living.

“She wears huge sunglasses as if she is a celebrity, and shows no sense of apology when she came late. Sometimes she cancel handshake events or lessons at the last minute. But when it’s a final rehearsal, she was practicing at a place where everybody notices her, and cried like ‘No I can’t…’ ‘What should I do….’. A sympathy beggar. Many men easily fell in her trap and found her lovely.” said a person who works closely with AKB.

Despite the fuss with her inappropriate gravure photoshoot with a caucasian kid, Kasai is still enjoying thriving career, and it seems it’ll continue.

Some people think that Kubota is behind Kasai’s success.

“Before the shoot, she suddenly said she wants to go shopping. Of course we said ‘No, you can’t’

Then she took a cellphone out of her bag and called Mr.Kubota.

‘Hi~ It’s me~ They told I can’t go out~ Can you come here to pick me up?’

After a while, Mr.Kubota showed up and said “I will take her out. But you say ‘no’?”

No one could say ‘No’ to Mr.Kubota. And Kasai walked out with him. She acted as if she was a queen. Everyone at the scene was left speechless.” said a staff of AKB.

– Journalist recalls account of Kasai saying she prefers older guys. –


The Stalkout

After we started the investigation, we soon spotted a car dropping and picking up Kasai in midnight. But they were keeping tight guard as we wrote at the beginning of this article.

On April 6th, we finally got a chance. On that day, Kasai attended a handshake event at Makuhari Messe. But she was actually staying at Mr.Kubota’s house until one hour before the event.

She was in hurry and despite trying to cover face with stole, her face was apparently recognizable.

When a former member of AKB48 saw this photo, she laughed and said “Fans are shaking hands with her, knowing nothing. I feel sorry for them LOL”

On Apirl 9th, finally our camera captured it all. A little past 10 PM, Kasai, after theater performance, briskly walked to a car and headed for Shibuya. The car turned left and right randomly, sometimes flashed hazard lights and stopped on road shoulder. It was an attempt to put reporters following them off track.

At 23:50, the president showed up in front of his house, looking around as he was talking with someone on a cellphone.

At 00:02, Kasai sneaked out from behind a power pole. She was in hoodie and talking with someone on a phone.

She looked around to make sure no one was watching her, and then walked to the president delightfully. The president carried her bag and they intimately went off to his house.

It was 11 AM when she left his house. She headed for Hiroo by taxi. She was dressed in a floral patterned skirt, which means she even keep extra clothes at his house!?

This is the thing. We figured we must ask them more details on this even thought she will graduate soon.

We talked to her as she got on a car in front of her apartment, but she pretended she can’t hear anything we’re talking.

We then called Hori Production, Kasai’s agency.

They answered “We asked Kasai on the matter. She said she had meals with him, but never visited alone nor stayed a night at Mr.Kubota’s house.

We are not in charge of arranging a car for her, and leave it to AKS, but this is something ‘can’t be true’ for us, too.”

Okay, let’s ask Mr.Kubota. When we tried interviewing to him in front of his house, he didn’t stop and went off in his Ferrari. But later, he explained us on a phone.

-Are you in relationship with Kasai?


-Have you ever let her stay at your house?

“Never. AKB members are like my children. I know them since they were only 10 or 11.

She has visited my house, but didn’t stay for a long hours. Until morning? Or sleepover? That never happened. First floor is common space, and we have a recording studio in the building, so they sometimes come to practice singing, especially before recording for CDs. Plus we have chiropractic hospital, too. Not only her but all members living nearby visit the building.”

-But you seemed to have intimate dinner with Kasai

“Again, not only her but I have meals with all Senbatsu members in turn almost everyday.

I think I have meals with members about 300 days a year.

She is right before graduation, and have lots of things that she wants to talk about and ask advises on.

I had dinner with a member who is not Kasai, yesterday.

It’s natural that they have anxiety about their future.

And I think this means I’m the only person in current AKB who can consult and listen to them.”

The article ends here with Shunkan Bunshun gloating about their scoop.

Nito Moeno, Kasai Tomomi announce their graduation dates

7 Apr

AKB48’s Nito Moeno has announced that her graduation date will be on the 28th April, right after AKB48’s performance in Nippon Budoukan. She has chosen this date as it happens to be the 5th year anniversary of her stage debut.

As for Kasai Tomomi, her graduation date will fall on 3rd May, right after Team A’s performance at AKB48 theater.

Both of them will have a last handshake session with fans on 20th April.

While Nito Moeno has previously announced her decision to pull out of this year’s AKB48 elections, it is likely that Kasai Tomomi will do the same as she as not submitted her name to the elections committee.

Flashback to the past scandals of 48 Group Members

2 Feb

Kikuchi Ayaka

Was originally a 3rd generation member in 2006, was forced to leave the group when she was caught dating a fan in 2008. Reauditioned and became a research student of the 7th generation in the same year. Promoted to Team K in 2009, climbed back to popularity and has been ranking in elections these years. In 2014, she denied a transfer to NMB48 and subsequently announced her graduation.

Akimoto Sayaka
Was embroiled in a scandal with director Oji Hiroi in 2010, who stayed overnight in her apartment. She later explained that she simply gave him a place to sleep as he had dozed off after watching a movie. She resigned as captain of Team K, but was reinstated later. She graduated from AKB48 in August 2013 and is active as an actress.

Watanabe Miyuki
Rumoured to have invited some male fans to hotel room for a dating party in 2011. Some other girls in NMB48 were involved and they were suspended. Miyuki was removed from Senbatsu for one of their singles but bounced back quickly later.

In 2014, Shunkan Bunshun exposed her sleepover with male model Fujita Tom. There was no official reply from Miyuki or her agency on this matter. She lost fan votes and dropped out of Top16 during the 6th General Elections, but returned to senbatsu in 7th General Elections.

Hirajima Natsumi, Yonezawa Rumi
Pictures of them with guys were leaked from their private Twitter accounts in early 2012. They resigned and have moved on with their solo careers. Hirajima Natsumi made a return to AKB48’s 2013 General Elections by participating as a graduated member, and managed to rank in at 62.

Sashihara Rino
Shunkan Bunshun exposed her alleged relationship with a fan. She was at the height of her popularity when this scandal occurred, and was transferred to HKT48. One year later, she placed first in the 2013 AKB48 General Elections. In 2015, netizens discovered signs of a relationship with Kis-My-Ft2 member Senga Kento.

Oba Mina & Mori Anna

Pictures of Oba Mina’s blog revealed possible evidence of underage drinking and dating. She resigned from being captain of Team 4 and went through a period of suspension. Her teammate, Mori Anna, also had an episode with an ex-boyfriend exposed. She left the group in 2011 but announced her comeback to the entertainment industry in 2013.

Masuda Yuka
Shunkan Bunshun exposed her alleged relationship with Da Pump singer ISSA in November 2012. She was caught spending the night at his place. She announced her resignation and continues to be active as an actress/singer/talent.

Minegishi Minami
Following the footsteps of Masuda Yuka, she was also caught sleeping over at idol group member Shirahama Alan’s apartment. She shaved her head in an attempt to express her remorse and was reverted to a research student. Later she was restored as captain of Team 4.

Kashiwagi Yuki

Joined a dating party with Minegishi Minami, an av star and some soccer players which lasted overnight. She explained that she thought it was going to be an all-girls party. In 2015, pictures of her with NEWS Tegoshi Yuya were published by Bunshun days after the 2015 General Elections, in which she placed 2nd. No official response was ever given.

Kasai Tomomi
Reported to have been in a relationship with a management of AKB48 for some time. The secret was exposed when paparazzi caught her entering the guy’s place after midnight and leaving the next morning. She was about to graduate anyway.

Itano Tomomi
Rumored to be in a relationship with EXILE’s vocalist Takahiro back in early 2012. They are said to be living in the same apartment building and have been spotted having dinner dates together. However, both their agencies denied their relationship and she graduated in 2013. After that, netizens spotted both of them wearing Cartier love bracelets on various TV shows. However, they “broke up” after Takahiro was rumored with Takei Emi.

Miyazawa Sae
Rumored to be in a relationship with Johnny’s Fukusawa Tatsuya(from unit Snow Man) because paparazzi caught the guy staying overnight at her family home. Both sides’ agencies have denied their relationship, and reasons like Fukusawa is a friend of Sae’s brother was given.

Yamamoto Sayaka
Reported to be in a relationship with ONE OK ROCK vocalist Takahiro.  She denied the rumors on her blog, saying she’s never met Takahiro.

Kito Momona

Identified to be the girl kissing Johnny’s Tegoshi after a drinking party late at night. Incident died away and she eventually graduated from SKE48 in 2014.

Murashige Anna
In mid 2014, paparazzi caught her sneaking out of her hotel after curfew hours to join Johnny’s Junior Abe Aran for a midnight walk, which lasted till 3am. No explanations were given although she had initially posted a SNS message apologising to fans. The message was later deleted.

Murashige was dropped from HKT48’s 4th single lineup in Aug 2014 and fell out of Sousenkyo in 2015.

Shimazaki Haruka
Not really a scandal but she was captured interacting with Johnny’s Junior member Yasui Kentaro on her instagram account. Deleted all posts from her IG the next day and kept it on private mode.

Takajo Aki
Bunshun discovered her sleepover date at J-league soccer coach’s house. No official response from management.

Kinoshita Haruka
Embroiled in an extramarital affair with CEO some 10+ years older than her. No response from management.